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Inspiring Quotes For Women On Mother's Day

Let's get inspired by some good quotes for all women on this Mother's Day 2021. You know Mother's Day has always meant so much to me. It was and still is an official day for me to honor my Mom. She has been in heaven for 18 years now and not much of any day goes by without me thinking of her. You see I continue to adore my Mother. Her wit, sarcasm, capabilities, unconditional love and desire to uplift up other women. 

Our Southern Style Mississippi Home

Hello friends and thanks for the well wishes on this next segment of life!  Over the next few months I'll be sharing Summer recipes (with a Southern spin) and Homemaking tips as our journey in the South continues. Sadie and I loaded up our Florida lives and arrived in Mississippi last Thursday around 4:00 p.m. Sadie and I were both happy to see the hubby and he was happy to see us too. Sadie jumped out of the vehicle and I crawled out ( I was stiff from 6 + hours of driving­čśé) Seriously though, at this stage of life I am just not going to take myself or life too serious. I am embracing change, it keeps me on my toes.  I am here and by golly I am going to make the most of it, I really just don't have the time to get old. I am just going to share a few photos today. We really do love our new Southern Style home and I love the Kitchen most of all. Perhaps Dave does too, because he has been waiting for some cooking and baking from this gal. He has eaten a heap of pot pies while I w