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We Are Home

Through the hustle and bustle of this Christmas Season we celebrated Christmas with gusto and zest, as my husband and I moved into our forever home.
We embraced all of our dear family who live in the DFW area, and they embraced us.
In fact, they all made the journey out of their comfort zones, to visit us in our new home.
We gently savoured the miracle of the season with several Christmas celebrations, which included making gingerbread houses, sleepovers with cousins and Christmas carols.

A few of my dear friends, and you know who you are, predicted  that my paperwhites would bloom just in time for Christmas and they did!
These paperwhites traveled from the apartment to the Hotel to the House and seemed to thrive through it all.
Truly, this is the season for all types of miracles, they really do exist, they are all around us and they come in all shapes, sizes and scenarios.

I would like to share a little Christmas story with you, which happened this year on 
Christmas Eve, for us it was a little miracle in the Church parking lot.

Rebecca, Molly and I were driving to the Christmas Eve services back in our home town of
Southlake Texas. 
Naturally we were running about 10 minutes behind schedule and there was really no way to make up the time.
Christmas music was playing in our SUV as we drove down the turnpike and we were all keeping track of the time, and the fact that we were probably not going to be on time for 4:00 o'clock Christmas Eve service.

We arrived at the Church around five minutes to four and there was not a single parking
space to be found.

All of the grassy areas were filled to the brim and things began to look very hopeless.
In fact Rebecca and I were beginning to think that we would just have to go have a cup
of coffee and a slice of pie to soothe our souls.

I decided to make one last circle around the far corner of the parking lot.
Low and behold a short little man with a limp, a crinkled but kind face, plump nose and checkered shirt climbed out of a very old rumbled pickup truck with a rusted and worn camper.
He began waving his hands at us, I let up on the accelerator and slowed way down.

Rolling down my window, I was about to ask him if he was alright, but he spoke before I could.
He spoke softly, "are you going to the 4:00 o'clock service?"
I replied, "why yes we are."
"Well, then, you can have my parking place, I am going to the later service."
He said nonchalantly.
I think I put up a little argument, but even with a limp he moved so quickly that in no time
at all, he was in his worn and weary pickup driving out of sight. 

We did not have to have coffee and pie this Christmas Eve in lieu of a Christmas Eve service, because of a very kind little man who gave us a very big Christmas gift.

Do you have a special Christmas story to share?

I will be back on New Year's Day sharing my thoughts on embracing 2016.
Some recipes I'd like to share, gardening, a new potting shed...
I hope to see you here too.

Thank you so much for all of your support and sweet emails these past few weeks, I have so enjoyed hearing from you sweet friends, your friendship means so very much.


Was it the Painter

I had seriously told myself that I was not going to write another post until I had real news to share.
Well, who would have thought that I would already have some.
My husband has been telling me that I talk non-stop so I guess I really do have something to say.
I will leave it up to you if it is worth reading or replying to...if not delete and disregard.
I truly will understand.
Moving and Christmas may have altered my rational state...

They power washed the front and garages of our new home today, it is so dusty and has all the residue of leftover mortar and such, and mud. 
Yes, we did get more rain.
Honestly, it is such a mess and I just know that we are going to be cleaning and recleaning for months and months.

Then the painters began to touch up the inside, the baseboards, cabinets, crown moulding and all marks on the walls.
Well, I had been washing the kitchen cupboards and noticed some spots in the cabinet drawers that I felt needed some touch up.
I went to one of the nice painter men and showed him my concerns.
He looked at me a little skiwampus and told me this.
I can touch it up for you, but it won't do any good, because it is the grain of the wood that your are seeing. 

So, he painted the areas of concern very reluctantly, with a big ho hum and rolling of his eyes, while I genuinely smiled and thanked him.
Tomorrow will tell the tale...was it really the grain of the wood, a neurotic new homeowner, or a lackadaisical mindset.

What would you have done??


Christmas Present

Christmas present, is a time to rejoice in the moments that surround us, and this past Saturday my Christmas present was bursting with them.
I wrote a little post this past Sunday on Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas where I shared with you how my heart was a little heavy and melancholy as I thought about Christmases past.
You know those misty memories of what was and missing those who are no longer physically with us, even though I know in my heart they are spiritually.

However, as I reflected on Saturday, I embraced the enchanting afternoon we had as we attended the performance of the Nutcracker.
The Nutcracker is a tradition for us and although we usually watch this classic at the
Bass Hall in Fort Worth Texas, this year we attended the performance in Irving.

The reason for the change of venue was for watching our little granddaughter perform in this marvelous classic.
Maisy Lou is one of the baby clowns and you can see her in the far left of this photo, leaping in the air.
This little clown really got herself way up in the air-whew!

And here Maisy is again with me, after her outstanding performance.
I just love her little smile and her great big heart.

Good things kept coming my way on Saturday.
Our new mail lady, Theresa ( who has already welcomed us to our new neighborhood) delivered this delightful Mason Jar Snow Globe straight from a dear friend who you might just know.
AnnMarie From Musings of a Vintage Junkie.
AnnMarie is a gentle, talented and creative friend who made and sent this keepsake decoration just for me.
You may not know this AnnMarie, but I collect snowglobes.
Thank you again SO much, dear friend.

Snow globes, The Nutcracker and Christmas go together in a priceless and timeless way.
It was a memorable and special Saturday filled with joy.

Did you have a good Christmas Present this weekend?


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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

It is a rainy morning here in Rockwall Texas and as I sip on my coffee and look out the Hotel room window I find myself  feeling a little merry and a little melancholy all at the same time.
Christmas has a way of bundling up all of those feelings in one neatly wrapped package, and it seems the cloaked sky, and droplets of rain pitter pattering on the window jar many memories of Merry Little Christmases of long ago.

Today I am thinking of my sweet parents and envisioning my Mother standing on a makeshift scaffolding in the snow hanging up Christmas lights on the eaves of our
red brick house.
I don't know how she did, but she was always one of the most capable people I have ever know.
Oh, she was such a wonderful woman, full of sugar a little sassy spice and truly everything

Hope you have sweet memories today and if they are laced with a little melancholy, that is alright too. 

So today I am sharing with you one of my favorite Instrumental Christmas Songs.
A touching video accompanies the music.


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House From Sticks~Christmas

Welcome to our French Country Home Christmas.
We haven't quite moved in, there are still many last minute touches, but all in all this new home of ours is taking shape.

This Christmas Tale began about 2 months ago when Stacey from
Poofing The Pillows extended her warm and caring Texas hand of friendship, and invited twenty plus Texas bloggers to come together to share their Christmas cheer.
I was thrilled when she issued the invite and in my mind's eye I have been preparing for this
Blog Hop for quite some time.

I recall envisioning myself in our new French Country Style Home sitting by a perfectly
dressed Christmas Tree, a roaring fire, boxwood wreaths on each window and maybe even a hot cocoa station nestled among greenery on the Butlers Pantry. 

Well, that is not going to happen this week, so we have moved on to~
"Keep Calm and Go To Plan B." 

So right this minute we are in a Hotel Room, with all of the things from our apartment in the
garage of our new home.

We do have some stockings hung with care though...and there are very Merry Elves
which are up to all types of mischief.

It seems fitting for this Texas Christmas post to include a patriotic Flag of our great state.
This flag will be replaced with other decor when our household goods are delivered on Friday, scratch that, Monday...oh not yet, but Tuesday.

We do not have our Christmas Tree yet, but what we do have, are many Cedar Trees in the
backyard and they are serving as Mother Nature's Christmas Tree.

While our kitchen appears to be complete we have cabinets without glass or knobs and yet we have fully operable microwave, and built in oven,  but no stove or refrigerator.

The strangest things happen when building a new home.
Partial deliveries are made, a few windows are washed at a time, some doors are painted and some are not.

Sometimes this has all seemed like a dream.

We may be short on a home to live in, but we still have joy in our hearts.

Even a fully functional Master bathroom waits for us...whoo hoo!
Including a window with a view.

Even my paperwhites survived the move and are thriving.

Keeping mindful for the reason for the season, and wishing each one of you

a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much for joining me today!


Please Join Me~

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Christmas In Texas

You know you are celebrating Christmas in Texas when you see a Suburban with 

a set of longhorns on their grill, and a colorful wreath on those horns.

As much as my heart will always love Idaho, the place of my birth, and where I spent twenty

years of my life.

My heart also loves Texas where my youngest child was born, and where most of my family

now lives

I fondly remember when we moved to Texas 25 years ago to an Oak filled neighborhood,

where I embraced the Texas landscape and friendly folks.

I was immediately welcomed by a native Texan, she eventually became a loyal and caring


To this day I can see her pulling up to my front door in her blue "Texas Cadillac," also

known as a Suburban.

We loaded our little girls into her Texas Cadillac ( Jessica and Amanda) and I can still recall

looking over my shoulder into the back seat of that looooong vehicle.

I believe I might I have even commented to Tracey that our two youngsters seemed lost 

among all of those seats and in the vast space.

Tracey introduced me into my first sampling of Tex-Mex and for the last 25 years I have

eaten it at least once a week.

I can now tell you what a chili relleno is, I have made my own tamales, I chop up a fresh 

jalapeno to add to most of my casseroles and my daughter bakes a wonderful sopapilla 


For the most part Texans are warm, welcoming and happy folks.

We will open the door for you at the grocery, we smile alot and some of us still say


Please join us for day two and three as we continue to celebrate a Texas Christmas.

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Happy December

Happy December dear friends!

Goodness, I cannot believe that this month is well on it's way and here we are, moved out 

of our apartment into a lovely Hotel in Rockwall Texas.

We are just days away from totally moving into our new French Style home, where I will

be sharing some Christmas photos of our home on Friday.

I am participating in Christmas In Texas, hosted by my  Rockwall neighbor Stacey @ 

Poofing The Pillows.

When I think of Christmas I think of family, decorating, baking, singing and rejoicing in the

Birth of our sweet Jesus who was born on that starry night in Bethlehem.

So today I am sharing some special photos of our dear family with you. 

All of these photos are all from our Three event Thanksgiving, beginning in Keller Texas 

with our son and his family.

We began Thanksgiving Day with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and cookies.

My son and his wife hosted this gathering and as you can see it was filled with much joy.

P.J's and tiny tots are a winning mix any time of the day.

All of these girls know how to have a great time, as you can tell by their smiles.

We always look forward to spending the middle part of Thanksgiving day with our daughter, 

her family and her husband's family in Aledo Texas.

We have been celebrating Thanksgiving with this sweet family for years and years.

The Coulson's always welcome us with good food, great conversation and good country 


These two cuties are sporting braces and missing teeth!

Our family is my heart, they are the final thoughts in my day, my last prayer at night and

they are all the first thoughts in my mornings.

They are my Happiness.

Our final stop was Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter and her husband's family.

(Father and Daughter and Grandson)

These are the foodies in our clan, and their meal was over the top goodness, including

homemade, handmade ravioli!

Donna ( Ryan's) Mom has handed down her traditional Italian recipes, and they are the 

highlight of the meal.

Now it is time to Party-Texas Style, just click on the links below for day One!


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