Tips on Flower Arranging and How to Make a Bouquet Last Longer

September 13, 2021

It is no surprise that I LOVE flowers!

Which brings us to floral arrangements and the sad truth that they don't last forever. The good news is this, we must not dispair! Over the course of many years of growing flowers for arrangements, I have discovered a few guidelines and tips on how to extend the life of Floral Arrangements. So whether you are gifted a bouquet (lucky you!) purchase one for yourself or pick one from your garden these seven tips are a promise that your bouquets will last longer!


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Years ago when I received a bouquet of flowers I would plop them in a vessel of water and to my dismay they lasted a very short time.
Once I began making bouquets for businesses and gift giving I knew I had to elevate my game and increase my knowledge on the tricks of the trade.


This flower arrangement is a combination of purchased and homegrown flowers.

Flowers and Greenery for Hydrangea and Celosia Bouquet


How To Make Floral Arrangements Last Longer

Cut Stems Of Flowers

  • Using sharp scissors or garden shears cut the stems at an angle.
  • Cut one to two inches off of stem.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 every few days.

Remove Leaves Below Water Line

  • Prevents bacterial growth.
  • Promotes flower buds opening up fully.

Clean Vase

  • Washed vase insures that there is no residual bacteria growth from previous arrangement.
  • Wash vase every few days.

Refresh Water 

  • Fill Vase with room temperature water.
  • Use packet of flower food if flowers are purchased.
  • Mix water and packet thoroughly.
  • Change water at a minimum of every other day.
  • Remove any debris from flower stems.


Tips On How To Extend The Life Of Floral Arrangements

Place Arrangements In Cool and Dry Space

  • Avoid direct sunlight and warm spaces.
  • Avoid heaters or air vents.


  • Place floral arrangements in the fridge every night before bed.
  • Minimum of 8 hours.


  • Add 1/4 cup of soda in a vase full of water with fresh flowers.
  • Sugar in soda helps the longevity of the arrangement. 


Thank you for joining me today!
May flowers bring you joy and refresh your spirit!

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