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Growing French Hydrangeas For The Home and Garden|Gardening Series 2

February 14, 2020
Well here we are friends, it is Valentine's Day 2020 and I am wondering how you will be celebrating

this day of whimsy, appreciation, love and flowers?

I thought that since it was Valentine's Day and with Spring being just around the corner it might be

the right time to explore the stunning and timeless French Hydrangea for our homes and gardens.

Just a little reminder, I am writing these garden posts for all garden levels and regions.

In some regions the French Hydrangea will be a perennial and in others it will be an annual.

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It is pretty apparent that the Japanese really knew what they were doing when they began exporting

the hydrangea throughout Asia and the Americas in the 1750's.

These bloomin' beauties really truly do grow everywhere, including here in Colorado!

I suppose with about 70 species it is no wonder they grow here too.

Last Spring all of the garden centers were loaded with French Hydrangeas in brilliant colors.

Of course here in the land of mountains, snow and deer, French Hydrangeas truly are annuals.


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Town and Country Photo

The color of the bloom depends on the PH ( aluminum ions) of the soil.

If you would like a pink hydrangea add lime to the soil.

If you would like a blue hydrangea add .Aluminum Sulfate

The amount of lime or aluminum sulfate that is needed will depend on the PH of the soil.

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I have adored the French Hydrangea for a very long time and it wouldn't surprise me if you have too.

Seriously, who can resist the darling of all darlings; the pink, blue or white Mophead Hydrangea.

I had 4 French Hydrangea plants in Texas and they bloomed beautifully in the Spring, however when

Summer hit, it was just too much for these darlings and they succumbed to the heat and not enough


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Goodness, I have so much more to learn about the Hydrangea. Gardening is so much trial and error

and can sometimes be well, frustrating. Howerver, gardening is also a fantastic journey in science and

of course blooms!

My placement of them was totally off.

Little did I know that the spot I chose to plant them in would be hit with relentless afternoon sun and

that the soil needed much more amending.

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Town and Country Photo

 Did you know that Hydrangea comes from the Greek word hydro meaning water and angeion meaning " a vessel." 

1.Hydrangeas are very thirsty flowers and need to stay hydrated.

2.Choosing the placement of all plants is vital to successful growth and longevity.

3.It is possible that it might take a few growing seasons to fully know where any plant will 


4. Keeping an eye on where the sun is during the course of day will definitely help in 

determining final placement of all species of plants.

Thank you for joining me today as we walk through the garden of life together!

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Calling all Flower lovers here is an event that you and I have been waiting for!

I am seriously interested in this for next year.

If anyone feels the same way leave me a message and we can begin planning for 2021!

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

You will find more Flower Gardening Resources for us all below:

The Flower Farmer by Lynn Bycznski.

 "Lynn is the founding editor and publisher of Growing for Market, a national periodical 

featuring how-to articles about growing and selling produce. She is also the author of The 

Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut FlowersMarket 

Farming Success and The Hoophouse Handbook. She has grown cut flowers commercially 

for more than 20 years." - Mother Earth News.

Growing For Market- "GFM keeps you informed about the business of growing and selling 

vegetables, fruits, cut flowers, plants, herbs, and other food products. If you are market 

gardening or farming, whatever your scale, we guarantee you'll find valuable information..."

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For more Gardening Inspiration take a peek at the gardens of Life and Linda, her Wisteria is gloriously beautiful! Spring is coming!!

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  1. Good Morning Jemma. Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day. Hydrangea's are my favorites. I hope to plant some in the garden this year of our new home. This little cottage home and my white picket fence scream put in some hydrangeas. May you have a wonderful day and great evening. Happy Valentine's Day.

    1. Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Kris!
      I have a visual of your beautiful garden and a mass of cascading Hydrangeas in a variety of colors adorning your white picket fence! Bring on Spring!

  2. Happy Valentines day! - Great information and will check out those links because I may be interested in going to a flower show next year.

    I've never attempted to grow hydrangeas in Texas but when we were in Louisiana I ran into some neat varieties that sparked my interest. I love the blooms for drying because they're beautiful in wreaths. Spring is on the brain thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Hey Carole,
      Happy Valentines Day to you!
      I'd love for you to check into the Philadelphia Flower Show for next year, it may be an ambitious goal, but we can always scale it back to something closer to one of us.

  3. I loved my hydrangeas in my landscape, Jemma. I started out with seven, and over the course of 15 years, I ended up having to pull 4 out - not because of disease, but because they grew SO large and encumbered an entire section of the landscape. But, oh, they were beautiful come June and July! My soil was naturally on the acidic side, so my blooms were most always blue. I loved hanging the US flag among them!

  4. Well, I think I learned a lot here, Jemma, like -- water the darned things (!) and that it may take a few growing seasons to know if they plant will thrive.

    Yours are gorgeous!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day Jemma. Hydrangeas are so pretty. I wish I had more shade so I can grow them. Enjoy your flowers and enjoy your today. xo

  6. Hydrangeas are one of my (many) favorites! Might be used for a wedding bouquet soon... 🥰

  7. Good morning, SUNSHINE!

    This is another flower that I adore. As much as I love what we can grow here in Minnesota (peonies, dahlias and other wondrous plans), this is one flower that only can be showcased in it's AnnaBelle variety. I love them, those white puffy pom poms that can survive the harshest winter as dried beauties, but how I wish we could grow that sensational pinks and BLUES. Whatever flowers we can grow, I think it's just a great idea to celebrate them all. Hugs to you and a belated Valentine's Day wish to you and your beloved!

  8. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine, especially the mopheads. They grow beautifully in the South, but our resident deer really like to munch on them. They destroyed six that I had planted. It do have two very close to the house that I have been able to grow for over thirteen years. Thank you for this beautiful post sweet friend!


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