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Growing Celosia Pampas Plume

September 08, 2021

Welcome to Sunnydell Flower Farm, Sunnydell is my fledgling flower farm and an extension of  At Home With Jemma.

Naturally I am still in the conceptual/infantile stages of developing Sunnydell.

 However where there is a will there is a way!

Between the hubby and I, we managed to grow four good crops of blossoms this year.

Between weather and relocation I got a late start in planting. In Southern regions of the U.S. seeding too late in the season means that germination is fast (big bonus) but heat will set in and take a toll on the amount of blooms and sustainability.  

However I discovered that Celosia loves heat and tolerates erratic weather and less than perfect soil extremely well.

Let me introduce you to the extraordinary qualities of  Celosia and with over 21 varieties to choose from you might want to consider adding this lovley bouquet filler to your list of must haves in your garden.


Back in January of 2021 while still in Florida, I ordered 100 dollars worth of seeds from a variety of resources.

When we moved to Mississippi I not only packed up our home. I packed up my seeds! 


Interesting enough I got quite a return on my not-so-big investment as you can see in these photos!

Not in revenue but in pure flower enjoyment.


Among the packets of sunflowers, zinnias, basil, coneflower, and a variety of vegetable seeds, were a few packets of celosia.

This was my first year in a lifetime of growing flowers and vegetable gardens to grow Celosia and I am hooked.



Celosia Growing Information

Days to germination Direct Seed Method:

  • Sowing directly into the soil.
  • Sow 1/8" deep, after last frost.
  • 8-14 day 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bottom water (I plant my gardens in furrows.)
  • Light preference full Sun.

Plant Height and Width:

  • 6 inches to 3 feet Tall.
  • 6-18 inches wide.

Plant Spacing:

  • 6-12"

Plant Hardiness:

  • Annual.

Harvesting Celosia

Vase Life

  • 7-14 Days.


  • Flowers can also be dried and used later.
  • Hang freshly cut stems upside down in a warm dark spot for just about 3 weeks or until they are firm to the touch.



Celosia Flower Colors

Celosia Foliage Color

  • Blue/Green
  • Purple/Burgundy
  • Chartreuse/Gold


With most of my Summer flowers dwindling down I will be drying Celosia Pampas Plume.
I will be sharing that process with you once they have dried and I have some photos to share.
Happy Fall gardening to one and all.

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