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July 07, 2017
Thank you for joining me today!
I love sharing craft ideas and projects with you and when they are crafts for any age and any skill level well that makes them all the sweeter!
My love for making something out of nothing began at an early age and I will always believe that it had something to do with the mountain air, my Dad who repaired all of his own machinery and my Mom that made just nearly everything from scratch.
What a glorious time of frugal meets creative.
The things that I love most about this project which I am sharing with you today is the ease with which anyone can make it, the joy of the process and then it turns out pretty too!
No technical measurements!

As you can tell I am pretty much obsessed with this Paris themed fabric, today's project is the third in a series of using this gorgeous fabric. 
If you'd like to catch up with the earlier posts you can find the table runner here
and the fabric covered French plates here.
I designed this little ensemble for a garden party, Ladies luncheon, shower or Birthday and you can too, if you so desire!
Remember the plates can go home with your guests too!

Jars, Jars and more Jars!

Supplies For Modge Podge Vases

  • Assorted shapes and sizes of clean, dry jars with labels removed  
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glitter (optional) 
  • Paint Brushes for paint and modge podge 
  • Fabric
  • Dishwasher safe Mod-Podge  
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper plates for paint 
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments I used pearls (optional)

Well you can just imagine the possibilities of this project, they truly are endless and purposeful.
Jars can be turned into just about anything that you can think of and when you make them as vases you can give the gift of flowers and the vase too!
So my suggestion is just to enjoy crafting and maybe do a project or two this Summer with some friends too.
If you are looking for another Summer project your might enjoy this necklace project too.

When our  children were younger we were pretty much crafting several times a week.
Many times it was nothing more than paper dolls, snowflakes, or paper chains out of construction paper, and then there was the glitter...always, always glitter, no matter the mess glitter made we had to have glitter.
Glitter makes us sparkle and sparkling is good!

How To Make Modge Podge Vases

The big chunk of time is spent in the drying of the paint and the mod podge, so just allow yourself the better part of the day for the process to take place and you'll be good.
Always cover your work area before beginning.

  • Take those clean and dry jars and start painting them with your favorite colors.
  • Dry completely, no sticky paint.
  • While paint dries cut out your fabric, I layered my fabric on these jars to create depth and interest.
  • Once paint is dry take a clean paint brush and brush mod podge on jar, place fabric on jar and brush more mod-podge on top of fabric. 
  • Work all air bubbles out of mod podge, add another layer of fabric if desired and repeat previous process. This is very important and must not be skipped, bubbles are not a good thing under fabric!
  • Add embellishments if desired and another coat of mod podge.
  • If mod podge is cloudy it is not dry.
  • Dry overnight.
Thank you for joining me today and have a beautiful and bright weekend!
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  1. I'm thinking someone has to take a trip to Paris soon? Maybe open up a little shop, call it 'Bon Jour' (hey, I never said I was original) and stock it with table runners, plates and vases decorated in cheerful and sophisticated fabrics. And don't forget the's the finishing touch to what I'm sure will be a pretty outfit ;).


    1. Yes, yes and yes!!! Oh how I love this idea...I am dreaming away right now.
      Going to be like the little engine that could and keep trying!

  2. Your lovely flower filled jars are just perfect with the painted sign! Summer has definitely arrived in your beautiful home.

  3. These are so sweet! Love the color scheme.

  4. Bonjour! Your vases are tres jolie! And now I've exhausted most of my French, lol! But they are very pretty! Love each one. If you have a luncheon, I want to be there! 😊
    Happy Friday, sweet Jemma!

  5. You have gotten a lot of mileage out of that pretty fabric. Cute vases and the flowers are beautiful. I like the different jar sizes adds character and an often overlooked detail. Enjoy a Happy, Joyful weekend.

  6. Oh, how pretty! LOVE this idea! You have such a gift and are so creative. God bless you, my friend. :)

  7. Good morning sweetest Jemma!
    Once again, I have learned how much you and I have in common. I grew up with very creative parents whose creativity was born from poverty. My dad lived through the depression as a young widowed father, my mother grew up in a home where there was a zest for the arts, but low on budget. So together, they showed me how to use what we had. To this day, I prefer a DIY approach UNLESS I absolutely need to have an authentic piece in my décor.

    What could be more simple yet satisfying than to take an ordinary jar and decorate it with whatever fabric or paper you want! EASY PEASY!!!!!!!! Love it all. These are such fun items to make for that special tea party or shower, or just because.

    Keep those gentle hands busy my dear! It keeps us young, doesn't it!

  8. What a cute idea Jemma, I didn't imagine they were plain clean glass before you enhanced them! I learned to sew as a youngster but we didn't so much do crafts. It's good for the mind to kee busy one way or another!

  9. You are aces with jars, paint and mod podge and they always turn out so well. Love all of these. And yes, that fabric got a workout and it was all good!

  10. Very sweet idea. I have played with decoupage on numerous projects. Love the label choice and designs. Have a fabulous weekend. xo

  11. I collect jars of all kinds just for such projects as this when they come along! Pinning this for a future craft day.

  12. I really like this one, Jemma, would brighten any party.

  13. These are so cute.... I just adore projects like this!

  14. These are the cutest jars turned into vases, Jemma. Love the gold and the pink and the Paris and Yes, the glitter! Gotta have glitter. : ) These would make such nice gifts for the dear ones in our life. When you mentioned paper dolls, I smiled, as the girls used to love paper dolls, and I still do hehehehe. You are always making something creative and wonderful for your home. Thanks for this great idea, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  15. Jemma,
    You know you had me at "Bonjour." The fabric was icing on the cake, and what did we do before mod podge glue? I remember making homemade glue using flour.


  16. Miss Jemma, I just love that you teach us pretty crafts but mix them with life lessons. :)

  17. Awe, how cute and you are too crafty. I wish I had of been the ones that invented modge podge! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. Hi Jemma,

    You vases are so pretty and I love that they all coordinate together with gold bases and that beautiful fabric. They would make a great favor for any gathering.

  19. Decoupaging has always been so hard for me but your tutorial makes it so easy Jemma. The vases are lovely and if there is anything we can upcylce or repurpose I am all for it.

  20. Oui, so much pretty one can make out of sure gave these lifeless jars a new lease on life! I love this fabric too and have some almost like it! Such happy colors and when filled with flowers....such joy! What a fun project! Oh, and glitter was big in this household ended up everywhere! Miss those days! xo

  21. Jemma, those vases are as beautiful as those vibrant flowers! Wow...of to pin and plan so I can make!

  22. Jemma, these are darling!!! I can't wait to make a few... I just posted this over on G+ so others can find your tutorial, and to my Crafts to Make board on Pinterest. Soooo cute! I have a bunch of leftover fabric from last fall when I was making going-away presents for all the ladies I worked with at school and for the people we worked with at the campground we were camp hosting at. {bad grammar aside... :)}

    I was making these toile pumpkins out of all the really cute French Waverly fabrics that were available at Wal-Mart. I can't wait to pull them out and figure out what to Modge Podge on a few jars!!!

    Thank you for a fabulous idea, and if you are okay with it, I'll link your tutorial over and work it into a post. I'm finally going back and writing about the garden signs we made at the mini bloggers conference of yours ~ up for next week. :)

    xoxo Barb :)

  23. How beautiful. I have been saving interesting bottles and will need to try this idea.

  24. Hello Jemma,

    These flower filled jars are so pretty and what a great idea. I love your Parisian theme. Summer has definitely arrived in your beautiful home. I can imagine these beauties decorating a table for so many occasions and the possibilities are endless.

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous craft with us.


  25. This is so pretty! love the idea! I have seen this in Italy done with similar look in Tuscany shop. Maria


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