DIY Sea Glass Necklaces On The Tenth

February 10, 2017
Welcome to 10 on the Tenth, a happy place where you might just find something to bake, make, take or purchase.
A group of us have gathered together to bring you the best of what we found this month and the nifty thing is-it's all under $10!
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A few weeks ago I shared with you the relocation of our middle daughter and her family. They recently moved to Puerto Rico. This sweet girl sent me some gorgeous tumbled sea glass that she collected herself.
Well, when you receive such a fantastic gift as this you have some decisions to make.
One is how to showcase these treasures from the sea and two how to share the goodness with some sweet girlfriends. 
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The decision was quickly made to have a morning jewelry making class.
Supplies were assembled, a few jewelry making basic were purchased at Hobby Lobby and the rest was basically all collected from what we had in our homes.
I made a batch of my Holiday Cinnamon Rolls and a big pot of coffee and we went to work.
All crafty girls need food and coffee...


They will vary depending on your choice of materials.
To Keep Cost Under $10.00 plan ahead on the style of jewelry you will be making.

  • 1. Florist wire cutters 
  • 2. Flat nose pliers
  • 3. Scissors
  • 4. Floral Wire
  • 5. Copper Wire
  • 6. Artistic Wire
  • 7. Cord
  • 8. Leather cord
  • 9. Beads 
  • 10. Lobster clasp or springring clasp
  • 11. Chain
  • 12. Charms
  • 13. Sea Glass
  • 14. Paper
  • 15. Pencil

Deciding on the design of the necklace was the most difficult step for me.
I searched for all sorts of images and then I ended up drawing a simple design on some computer paper.
We all watched a you-tube video or two for some extra instruction and after a short tutorial we all felt pretty comfortable proceeding.
Jewelry making is very relaxing and enjoyable.


  • 1. Design your jewelry using paper and a pencil.
  • 2. Experiment with different designs and placement of sea glass or beads before cutting your wire or cording.
  • 3. Once you have decided upon a design decided the length of your necklace.
  • 4. Cut the cord to the desired length
  • 5. Decide on how much wire you will be using for each bead or sea glass before cutting the length.
  • 6. Cut wire and begin wrapping the sea glass.
  • 7. Add small beads etc... to the wire as you are wrapping the sea glass
  • 8. After wrapping the sea glass attach the sea glass to the cording of the necklace.
  • 9. Attach clasp.
  • 10. Wear necklace.


And there you have it, your own fashionable diy sea glass jewelry. 

Sort of looks like they came right out of a Sundance Catalog!


Have a beautiful weekend!!

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  1. This was so much fun!! I haven't had the opportunity to wear my necklace yet but plan to very soon. Just love it and thank you so much for sharing your sea glass.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. This was a sweet morning! You are such a gem in my life. :)

  3. Looks like a delightful morning, dear Jemma. Still trying to remember the book that talked about sea glass. It's not easy getting old. Have a good weekend.

  4. Oh had me at Sea! I have sea glass jewelry and wear it often here in Florida! But I've never tried to make it. We found 16 pieces of sea glass a couple of weeks ago when we went to Canaveral. Now I'm anxious to try! The 2 necklaces on the left are my favs...simple and understated! Hugs, Diane

  5. You'r talents amaze me! Sounds like you had a wonderful morning full of fun. What a wonderful way to use an amazing gift...

  6. Sea glass is beautiful and so are your jewelry creations.

  7. What a fun project. And how great to gather your friends together for conversation and an activity to do together. Pinned

  8. What a wonderful idea. The pieces are lovely, and so unique.

  9. I love this! The jewelry turned out beautiful, and I really love how you gathered some friends and made a party of it - so fun!
    I'm sure your daughter is proud of how you used her lovely gifts.

  10. These are lovely, Jemma. I love them all and your instructions are very clear indeed. Nice!

  11. Jemma,
    What a fun morning for a winter's day. I can just imagine it now. Munching sweet rolls while watching youtube videos and trying out the instructions.


  12. Thanks for the fun morning! Girlfriends, coffee, cinnamon rolls, and jewelry...what more could you ask for?

  13. I have a beautiful one that my cousin gave me that her DIL made. It is just gorgeous and I wear it often. What a fun thing to do with girlfriends, Jemma. xo Diana

  14. Those necklaces are so beautiful!! What a great way to display those wonderful treasures!!

  15. Jemma, what a fun morning you planned with friends.. the necklaces are beautiful! Happy weekend!

  16. How pretty and fun Jemma. These are gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Hi Jemma, what a wonderful craft designing beautiful necklaces with your seaglass. They are gorgeous and the colors are stunning. Best wishes to your daughter and her family in their recent move. Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear friend. xo

  18. Oh, that sea glass is so pretty, Jemma. I like it because it has a soft finish. Your necklaces are lovely, especially the bright green one. Oh, those cinnamon rolls sure do look good. Keep creating, dear Jemma. You're so good at it.....creative, clever, and wonderful.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. What a lovely way to share your treasure!

  20. You are so talented! I love the colors of sea glass. How creative.

  21. Sounds like a fun project, Jemma, and the necklaces are lovely.

  22. Those are pretty! Looks like a fun project - especially sharing with friends! :)


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