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November 19, 2022

Good Afternoon my Friends,

Goodness gracious this month is really just about over, I personally feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle (without the alcohol induced sleep) who woke up 20 years later and it was time decorate and cook a Turkey!

The month has sort of slipped by me as I have had a very stubborn infection, but this past week I made a turn for the better and I am ready to share a dash of Christmas in the Dining room and get my Turkey popped in the oven! 


Remembering Thanksgiving 2021 and 2020

Last  year we were very blessed to have some of the children drop in for Thanksgiving and oh we had the best of times! ( If you click on the Thanksgiving link you will find my menu)
Amanda, Preston and the children came from California and Rebecca and her crew drove up from Panama City.
In 2020 we spent Thanksgiving with Rebecca, Samantha and both of their families in Florida!
This year Samantha and her family have begun an exciting new tradition of traveling with their two lovely daughters to interesting places during the Holiday.
This year they are going to New York City and they will be seeing The Radio City Rockettes! (So exciting!)
My son, his wife and children enjoy preparing their own traditional meal and staying at home.
So this year it will be Dave, Sadie girl and I eating turkey and pumpkin pie.

My Dog Sadie!



Thanksgiving Eve Church Service

Our Church is having a special Thanksgiving Eve service with pie and coffee following afterwards.

I am so looking forward to gathering together and giving thanks for the blessings of the season.

These past few years have been challenging for us all and it is important to me to stay as close as I can to the Lord. I am always comforted by His presence and love.


Christmas Crystal

I began collecting crystal years and years and years ago. Now that is a ton of years!

I just adore the way that hand cut crystal exudes elegance. 

Truly crystal does glisten and glow.

I usually stow my crystal away, but not this Christmas-no way, it is going to be displayed and enjoyed.

Some of you may remember how fancy we all felt when we collected Waterford crystal.

This makes me wonder if collecting crystal is a "thing," anymore?

One of the gifts that I gave my oldest two when they married was a set of Waterford Crystal Toasting Flutes.

I wanted my kids and their new spouses to feel fancy too!!


Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

In my opinion and my lifestyle Thanksgiving is the corridor that leads us to the season of wonder and faith filled days as we prepare for the Birth of sweet Jesus.

I enjoy including affirmations of positivity and faith in my home décor-some are subtle some are scriptures.
But all of them are gentle reminders of God's love, understanding and blessings that He has planned just for us and our unique situations.


Thank you for joining me today.

Jemma 💞

How To Style a Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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  1. I’m so glad you are back & are anxious for all of the beautiful holidays ahead! I’m thankful you are feeling better too! Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend! ❤️

    1. Ahh...thank you, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you my dearest Laura!

  2. Jemma, I really did love this post today. You have shared so many wonderful things, and how can I forget your special words to go along with them? First, I'm sorry you were feeling poorly, but glad to hear you are better, just in time for Thanksgiving. I absolutely love that plaque and what it says.....always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Your hutch gets to me every time. All the detail in the wood and the glass windows and all the pretty things you have in there. It's beautiful. Yes, the crystal glasses I believe are coming back! Your set is lovely. Jess was passed down Brian's grandmother's crystal glasses, and they are very sturdy and nice. I hope your daughter has an amazing time in New York City. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Jemma, and hello there Sadie. You are just soooo cute. Here's a big hug from Sheri. : )

    1. Good Morning Dearest Sheri, Oh this is such a sweet and caring note. You made my day! I could feel your friendship being sent across the miles. Happy Thanksgiving to you sweet friend!

  3. Good morning beloved Jemma! It is so good to see SADIE girl in these photos! Yes, all of the above about remembering the good things in life that our Lord Jesus has brought into our world. How grateful I am that there is a "way out" of the madness of uncertainty, though faith is a difficult companion for our earth-bound minds. But where else are we to go? May this season be one of peace, healing and abundant blessings for you, Dave and Miss Sadie! We are staying home and I'm going to spend a few minutes on a video Thanksgiving chat with a very dear friend.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you dearest Anita! What a special friendship we have. Our faith in the Lord and remembering to focus on His blessings sure helps to guide our paths. Thinking of you with love and joy!

  4. Your home and decor is just so amazingly beautiful! I would love to see a tour of your whole house! May God bless you richly this Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

  5. Good Morning Dearest Cheryl, your blessings of friendship and online Bible Study warm my heart and give me joy. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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