Our Family Thanksgiving and Holiday Meal Ideas

November 30, 2021

Hello Friends and welcome to our Family Thanksgiving 2021 and some Holiday Meal ideas that were a real hit with all eleven of us! 

When my two youngest daughter's told me in March of 2021 that they both planned on visiting us for Thanksgiving in Mississippi I smiled joyfully but pretty much wondered how. Amanda lives in Tahoe California and Rebecca lives in Panama City Florida. The likelihood of Rebecca making it here was 50/50 the likelihood of Amanda was about 10 %. 

Thanksgiving, Mississippi, 2021, Jemma, Family
Cooking and Baking With Amanda and Rebecca

It really was an extra special and memorable Thanksgiving because both of the girls and their most precious families made it here for Thanksgiving 2021 despite my doubts!  Goodness gracious it made this Mama's heart nearly leap out of her chest! Our home and hearts were full of good conversations, delicious homemade food and the giggles and energy of five grandchildren! You can just imagine the kinetic energy that flowed throughout the hallways and byways of Thanksgiving of 2021. Amazing and Wonderful!

Honey Butter Rolls, Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread, Turkey Charcuterie Board

From Scratch Cooking 

Where do I begin to describe our homemade Thanksgiving meal and the clucking of us three gals in the Kitchen, while grandchildren made desserts of their own at the kitchen table.

Brine The Turkey!

This was also my first time to brine a Turkey and I am sold! Seemed to me that this was the most tender and moist turkey we have ever had. It did take the Turkey a little longer to brown and I do believe it was because of the brine.

Honey Butter Rolls, Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread, Turkey Charcuterie Board

This was the first year I have ever made honey butter rolls using my basic roll recipe. They were melt in your mouth goodness. I most definitely will be sharing this sweet roll recipe in the very near future.  Amanda made a cinnamon infused pull apart homemade bread wreath and Rebecca put together such a creative Turkey Charcuterie board using a pomegranate for the head and kale for the tail feathers.

Traditional Holiday Side dishes Served Family Style

Traditional Holiday Side Dishes Served Family Style/Buffet

There were a total of 11 people at our our Family Thanksgiving Table so we chose to serve our meal Buffet Style.

To keep the meal preparation flowing we made a list of our dishes and assigned each one of us gals several dishes and tasks. 

Easy Homemade Turkey Cupcakes

Easy Homemade Turkey Cupcakes

I have always enjoyed including my children in cooking, crafting and homemaking and now I get to include my grands!! Prior to the arrival of everyone I had been searching on Pinterest on how to make easy Turkey pumpkins. I decided on this simple style that would please everyone and be suitable for the youngest grandchild to the oldest.

Supplies For Making Easy Homemade Turkey Cupcakes


How To Make Easy Homemade Turkey Cupcakes

  • Bake cupcakes and let cool an hour before decorating. I used a mix but you can also use my Chocolate Cake Recipe.
  • Spread Frosting on top of cupcake.
  • Place Mini Peanut Butter Cup on top of cupcake.
  • Place a small dab of frosting on top of peanut butter cup.
  • Add Edible Eye Candy.
  • Arrange M & M's around the back of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for Tail Feathers.

Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie and Assorted Cookies For Dessert

We had an assortment of pies and cookies for dessert. Little people tend to like cookies more than pie!

Family time Outdoors

We were blessed to have both of the girls and their families for 4 days which allowed for lots of great outdoor adventures, afternoon walks, lots of exploring and adventures in town and along the countryside too. There was still a little Fall color left too and it made for magical afternoons.

Thanksgiving, Family, Jemma-Grandchildren-2021-Gramps
Lots of Cousin Giggles

Our Family Thanksgiving in Mississippi

Daughter's, Grandchildren and one happy Mama Mia!


We had a beautiful Family Thanksgiving and we hope that you did too!
Let the Festivities of Christmas Begin!

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  1. What wonderful and special times spent with your daughters and their families, Jemma. I remember Amanda's sweet smile, and tell her she reminds me of the beautiful actress Hilarie Burton who plays in the movie "Christmas on the Bayou" (now Amanda is the one on the far left, right?) How can I forget that smile? And your other daughter is so pretty too. So many delicious foods you all made to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I think my favorite picture was the one of you all holding hands and giving thanks. That is precious and must be framed. We have so much to be thankful for. Your grandchildren are darling, Jemma.

    Enjoy the Christmas season!



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