How To Style Two Natural Thanksgiving Centerpieces

November 12, 2021

Do you enjoy styling a Thanksgiving centerpiece? I didn't always enjoy making centerpieces. Years ago I was intimated by the thought of making one, my thoughts dashed around like dancing leaves. But once I found my groove of using a vessel; dough bowl, tobacco basket even a soup tureen... to set a clear cut perimeter for my design I began enjoying the process. Having a way to corral the elements together gave me the freedom to experiment with different styles. Today I am sharing some creative and easy styling tips that work for me and I hope they work for you too,  so you can enjoy styling your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece with confidence.

Tobacco Basket Filled With Assorted Pumpkins, Antlers, Pinecones

Since setting a pretty Holiday or Sunday table for my friends and loved ones has always been very important to me, it was essential for me to get over my apprehension of styling a centerpiece. Traveling this homemaking journey I also discovered that I personally enjoy natural and earthy elements to build my tablescape around.  

Fresh Carnations in White Vessels, Fresh Ferns, Terracotta Pots and Faux Succulents

Enjoying this homemaking skill of setting pretty tables all began with my Mom.  In Mom's homemaking repertoire  having freshly ironed lines, best China, water goblets, polished silver and a vase of fresh flowers was a must! She used her creativity and thrifty mindset to style simple and wonderful table settings for our tiny family and for various friends too. Her country girl essence served her well and thankfully she passed that mindset on to me!


Fond memories of Mother's homemaking style have never been forgotten. They were instilled deeply into my values. I actually could hardly wait to have my own home and begin putting into practice what I had observed and learned from Mom.


When our four children were youngsters we did not have extra dollars to spend on themed table settings, in fact we probably didn't even know there were such things! We had our everyday dishes and our china, tablecloths, napkins, and silverware. We added a centerpiece, made good food and gave thanks for the food, the hands that prepared it and admired the freshly ironed tablecloth! Aw... the good old days! 

Fresh ferns, roses, carnations and alstroemeria.

Now a days there are so many creative, charming and beautiful options for festive themed table settings and centerpieces too. In fact, my daughter, Samantha, sent me a link to the Olympics of Table Setting. This piqued my interest and it might be of interest to you too!

Varying style and heights of candles creates a warm and welcoming glow.

Create A Holiday Glow


Natural Elements For Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Decorating Tip~ Many of these natural elements may be found in your own backyard, a park or even on a lovely walk.
Creative Vessels For Corralling the Grouping Of Elements 

Creative Vessels For Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

*My life saving decorating tip on creating beautiful and interesting centerpieces is this-Corral all of these gorgeous element together in a creative vessel!*


Don't Forget the size and shape of your table:

  • Round table suits a single centerpiece and it can be tall.
  • Square tables have more space than other tables so make the centerpiece substantial, to avoid a sparse looking table.
  • Rectangular table can look lonely, aim for multiple centerpieces or one larger centerpiece with smaller centerpieces to the side or lanterns and candles. Also keep the centerpiece narrow.

Assembling the Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

  • Choose a well lit work space with plenty of room.
  • Choose Vessel or vessels according to the size and shape of your table.
  • Gather all of the elements together.
  • If using florist foam place in bottom of vessel as a filler. (You won't use as many natural elements this way.)
  • Cut elements to desired shape.
  • Place vases in vessel if using live flowers.
  • Add candles.
  • Working from side to side begin to add natural elements, layering as you go.
  • Full and abundant is our goal.

Fresh Carnations in White Vase, Faux Succulents Tucked into a Wooden Dough Bowl

Thank you for joining me today and I am wishing you a beautiful Fall weekend!
More Fall Decorating Inspiration Below!

Fall and Floral Dough Bowl and Galvanized Decor.

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  1. Jemma these are so pretty. Your table settings looks so bright and beautiful. Light and airy. I love your sweet plates too. Everything is so nice. Happy Sunday. xoxo Kris

  2. Good morning beloved Jemma! OHHHHHH how I remember the special Thanksgivings at my parents' home, the home of my aunties and various other family members. We had a different experience around the table; my brother-in-law (my half sister was 35 years older than me and married when I was a child!) used to make Mexican style turkey with "molé" a wonderful sauce made with ground peanuts, chili, chocolate and other spices. Or we'd go to my auntie's house and there would be turkey but always accompanied by tamales. Our "centerpieces" so to speak were always large bowls of various designs and sizes, large enough for all the family member's reach for seconds. What a great memory you have once again inspired.

  3. So very pretty, Jemma. Cozy and yet formal. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!


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