Patriotic Bouquets and Colorful Jars

June 29, 2022

Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining me in a homemaking post on decorating with fresh flowers from the garden and  using simple colorful jars as vases.

In honor of  Independence day I am adding some simple homegrown patriotic bouquets to various spots in our home.

Naturally my favorite flowers to use in these bouquets are the blooms that I pick from our sunny southern gardens. 

Growing a cutting garden is one of the sweetest joys in life.

You may recall that I ordered quite a nice collection of seeds from Floret Flowers earlier in the season. 

I sowed all of my seeds directly in the soil this year. 

Warmth and humidity make for quick sprouting and fortunately I am fully embracing their colorful blossoms and incorporating them into Patriotic Bouquets.


Floret Flower Farm Zinnia Seeds

I am quite smitten with the subtle shades of these zinnias.
Zinnia Oklahoma Salmon and Zinnia Bright Pink (Truthfully I feel as though the pink zinnia faded in our long and hot Mississippi Sun filled days.)
However I love them all still the same and find the combination of Salmon and Pink Zinnias rather appealing in a bouquet.

Simple Patriotic Bouquets

Limelight Hydrangea, Oklahoma Rose, Sunflower and Zinnia Bouquet

These bouquets are simple and joyful.
My limelight hydrangeas are loaded with blooms so I am able to add them to a variety of bouquets through our home daily.
I included one vibrant Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Red rose to this bouquet along with a sunny sunflower.


Patriotic Red Table Runner With Stars + Three Bouquets

I am keeping my Independence Day decorating simple and to a minimum this year by using this quilted red patriotic table runner with white stars accented with three garden bouquets.
I made one big bouquet and placed it in my Copper Pitcher.
I then placed two small bouquets in pink bottles on each side.
Seems I like grouping fresh garden bouquets together. I enjoy the whimsy, textures and colors combined together in one spot.


Colorful Jars

While I have many fancy vases and other vessels for bouquets, I decided that for the 4th of July I was looking for a casual, colorful and celebratory vibe.
The blue jars also provide me with the blue element that I am missing in my bouquets. 


Salmon Drift Roses

One of my favorite, most ambitious and hardy rose is the drift rose.
The drift rose is a combination of ground cover and ornamental rose, at least that is my opinion.
Naturally it is in a completely different league of roses than a Hybrid-Tea or David Austin Rose.
But it does the trick and the cuttings are quite lovely and perfect for small vases or as a filler for a larger bouquet.

jars-Patriotic-decorating-bouquets-4th -of-July

I have enjoyed sharing this simple ode to Independence Day by using homegrown flowers in shades of red, white, pink and yellow.
By incorporating blue jars to the theme I was able to give a nod to the red, white and blue!

Thank you for joining me today!

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  1. Oh, that red table runner with stars is so pretty, and I love that copper vase! The colored jars are very nice to put all your flower bouquets in. Those pink jars are very cool. What a beautiful photo of you holding the bouquet. That should be in a magazine, dear Jemma.



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