Show Your Red, White & Blue

June 15, 2016
Today we are going to add some red, white and blue to either our dining room or kitchen 

and we are going to use the ever popular mason jar.

Decorating, galvanized container, polka dot daisies, faux flowers, easy Patriotic themed decor

Did you know that the existence of  the mason jar began a very, very long time ago, and 

that these popular jars have been the go-to vessel for many projects for many generations.

Americana, Patriotic, table setting, mason jars, ribbon, stars, stripes

In fact ,you might be surprised to know that they have been around since the early 1800's. 

Not only are they used for canning, although that was their intended use, they are also 

used for flower arrangements for many, many folks, which included my Mother.

Patriotism, decorating, Holiday, Americana, festive, red, white and blue

You see, Mom had her "good," canning jars which had no nicks in the top edge of the jar.

This was very important because if you had a nick in the jar, you would not get a good seal 

when you put the jar lid on and pressured cooked your veggies, meats or even fruits.

You see my friends, if there is not a good seal on those jars you now have a recipe 

for Botulism food poisoning.

DIY, Daisy, blue, white, vignette, table, decorating, festive 4th of July

So those jars became the castaways and were used for picking raspberries, floral 

arrangements, buttons, sea shell collections, rock collections, gasoline, paint, turpentine 

and even arrangements that were taken to the cemetery on Memorial day.

placemat, blue, chargers, white plates, blue milk bottle, galvanized tub

So mason jars it seems have many uses, then and now.

Since I had high hopes of canning my tomatoes (before we had torrential downpours and 

the tomatoes are rotting) I bought mason jars.

While it rained, I decided to decorate economically and Patriotically with mason jars.

If you can't can, you might as well decorate, my new motto in life.

red ribbon, blue, flag, stars, flowers, mason jars, painted

Showing your red, white and blue spirit is easy and fun.

You might be surprised to find that you have many of these items in your home already.

If you don't and you must purchase a few, please save them for next year.

Just put them in a plastic bag then in a plastic container and stow them away.

Supplies For Creating Patriotic/ Americana Dining Room Flair

(Use more or less depending on your decorating style)

1.   4 clear pint size or painted mason jars
2.   3 Flags
3.   4 Red daisies
4.   4 White daisies
5.   4 Polka-dot daisies
6.   4-8 red, white & blue foil spray
7.   Patriotic ribbon
8.   Wooden stars
9.   Galvanized tin container
10. 3 Sparkling water bottles (labels removed)
11. 1 large tin star
12. Blue place mats
13. Silver chargers
14. White dishes
15. Blue milk bottles
16. Yellow cutlery
17.  Clothes pin & magnet foodie notion
18.  Patriotic Bandannas for napkins

napkin, Americana, plate, table setting, red, white and blue

Another way to easily accent a table setting is by including interesting or theme 

type napkins to the scene, and throwing in a little whimsy whenever possible.

Love these little magnet piggies, they stick so well to the metal in the clothes pin.

A perfect little 4th of July napkin ring!

milk bottles, mason jars, galvanized tin, blue place mats, stars, straws

But you know napkins are so pricey, so I think a neat little tip is to use a bandanna.

I always iron mine to spruce them up.

star, red, blue, white , flowers, silver, flags, white plates, napkins

What is your favorite way to add Americana to your table?

Looking forward to seeing what you will be sharing with us at 

Thoughts of Home On Thursday!


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  1. Cute ideas! I've got my red, white and blue started already too.

  2. I haven't decorated for July 4th in years. It was my brother's birthday and was always a huge event growing up. After he passed I started to do less with the exception of a flag and fireworks. I like this idea of mason jars with small flags, simple and festive. Growing up we also used mason jars for button and rock collections, everything had a purpose. I think you'll get another batch of tomatoes to can too, it's still early in the season. Mine are green waiting for sunshine so they can turn red. It's always fun to stop by and see what you're doing you really enjoy life, hope you have a great Wednesday.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. I just posted my red, white, and blue yesterday! I'll link it up with Thoughts of Home, tomorrow!

    Your table looks great!

  4. Good morning Jemma! Love that saying 'if you can't can, decorate'. lol I can tomatoes usually in September but I get them at a farm. They come in a small bushel and are around $10. Not super cheap but less than buying ready made.

    Your table looks so festive! I don't decorate for July 4th, but I have tons of mason jars so maybe I should ;)


  5. GOod morning Jemma! Getting ready already for the 4th of July? I am not even ready emotionally to think of July. I want June to last a bit longer so I can savor the freedom!!! But your decorations are beautiful, and sure enough, you will be ready! Having family over? I bet your celebration will be delicious for the eyes and all the senses!

    Missing your shares on IG!

  6. Hello Jemma, your red, white and blue decorations are so pretty and patriotic. You will have a wonderful 4th of July. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  7. Oh I do love me a mason jar. They are so versatile. Loving your red, white and blues today. The little milk bottles are adorable too and the napkin ring is too cute. I actually have already done my July 4th tablescape. I wanted to enjoy it a little longer so whipped it together. Simple but patriotic. I hope to be showing it soon. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. I love those little piggies, Jemma! I still can't believe that it's June much less think of July...the summer is rolling by at a fast pace. Your 4th of July celebration will look wonderful with your table full of goodies. The daisies are my favorite! xoxo, T.

  9. Love the magnet & bandana ideas! You are so clever! I love the red,white & blue patriotic theme! My parents were married on the 4th of July so, maybe that is part of it! You are so amazing!! ❤️🇺🇸

  10. Girl, you are READY for the 4th of July! Funny, my post today involves the canning jars of yesteryear too.

  11. Love it all - flags, mason jars, daisies etc. I just can't help but smile. :-)

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  12. Great collection of patriotic decor and of course mason jars.

  13. This is all so fun and festive, Jemma. And I just love your motto, "if you can't can, you might as well decorate." :)

  14. Now I like that bandanna idea!! Sorry about your tomatoes !!

  15. Now I like that bandanna idea!! Sorry about your tomatoes !!

  16. Fabulous!! We usually head to our beach for the actual 4th, but you have me wanting to make something festive and bring it along to celebrate the day. Hmmm. Red, White and Blue umbrella anyone??

  17. Wow, those are great! Somehow, I haven't ever decorated much for the 4th. Might have to "borrow" some of your ideas. The mason jars are my favorite! Boo about the tomatoes.

  18. So cute. I love Mason jars. We drink out of ours every day. I love the blue of your jars. Such a fun tablescape.

  19. Jemma, your patriotic tables are so festive! You have so many good ideas. Yes, I knew the canning jars went way back, but I didn't realize they went as far back as the 1800's, how interesting. My mom and sister used to can, so I'm familiar with the canning process. And there's nothing like homemade canned goodies, is there? Your blue mason jars with the pops of red look spectacular for the fourth of July.

    Oh, I wanted to let you know I got my print in the mail, and do you know that it looks even prettier in real life? It has little diamonds on the edges of the picture and also in the middle of the perfume bottle. Thank you very much, Jemma. I know just where I'm going to put it. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  20. Very eye catching patriotic table. Clever ideas and thanks for the tips.
    I haven't started thinking about decorating for the 4th yet. I need to get going!

  21. Love your table Jemma! I also love canning jars. The blue ball are my favorite, but really love them all. They are so universal. My son's soon to be bride has chose to use painted ones on her serving tables. I've seen a lot of them used at weddings, but if that's what she wants, it's fine with me.

  22. I love to use jars for everything and they always look great on the table in my book! I love the happy way you've styled everything Jemma, you are 4th of July ready!

  23. Wow you are really thinking ahead! Jemma all your patriotic touches are fun and creative. I love mason jars they are as American as apple pie with the tradition of mason jars being used for everything under the sun not just canning. I enjoy making a dessert for the 4th in red, white and blue. We were at a dinner on the 4th and at night they brought out cupcakes with sparklers that set a festive mood.
    Fun and happy post.

  24. So colourful, it all looks perfect and you are ready for your celebrations on the 4th July ... the way these weeks go it will soon be here!

    All the best Jan

  25. So festive! Your centerpiece puts me in the celebration mood. Great ideas!

  26. I love mason jars and I love your table and all of your patriotic ideas!
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J. :)
    Enjoy the week.

  27. Wow...this is SO pretty!! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my AMAZING Facebook Group with over 300 Members to share easy craft projects and recipes:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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