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Oklahoma| Hybrid Tea Rose

June 16, 2022

 Hello Dear Readers,

I hope this note finds you all well.

Today I am sharing with you a few quick facts and tips on one of my new favorite roses of the Summer season the Hybrid Tea Rose Bush.

I have been having such great results with this newly discovered variety of roses, well at least they are newly discovered for me!

I have always been a true-blue fan of roses in the garden, I love being able to go to the garden and snip a few stems for a quick garden bouquet.

For me they are the quintessential all American flower and in 1986 they were actually designated the official flower of the United States of America!

 I planted these charming Hybrid Tea beauties in my garden last year and I have had tremendous luck with them. Let me introduce you to the Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose.


Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose Fragrance

I am totally smitten with the beautiful Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose; such a sweet blossom with an old fashioned fragrance, vibrant beauty and a gorgeous deep red hue of red that does not fade in the sun.


Oklahoma Rose/State Flower Of  Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Rose also happens to be the State flower of Oklahoma and is very well suited to heat, as well as a variety of soil conditions.


In fact, these photos had to be "tamed, down because the natural vibrancy of these rich red blossoms with blood red undertones popped off the page of this post!


Interesting Facts On Hybrid Tea Roses

  • The hybrid tea rose is the rose which all other types of roses are judged.
  • A tea rose is familiar to most of us as the long-stemmed rose which is given as a gift for special events such as Valentine's Day.
  • Tea roses grow with a single flower at the top of each stem.
  • The pointed bud that opens into a large voluptuous bloom is the true epitome of beauty.
  • When cut, the long straight stems of these roses look positively gorgeous as an elegant bouquet in your favorite vase.


Beautiful deep red blooms that unfurl each tender petal with an intoxicating fragrance.


Size and Zone Facts of the Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose

  • Choose a space large enough for your Oklahoma rose as they will grow quite tall for hybrid tea roses, often times reaching heights up to 8 feet tall at full maturity.
  • Oklahoma roses will spread out to widths of around 4 feet across, so choose the location wisely.
  • This rose is very resistant to diseases although it is not overly fond of extreme temperatures.
  • Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose grows best in hardiness zones 7-10
  • The strong fragrance of the Oklahoma rose makes a wonderful choice for cut flower arrangements.


For those of you who do not garden in hardiness zones 7-10 and you are searching for a highly versatile rose that is suited for a variety of hardiness zones I highly recommend English Roses.

I was able to grow some lovely David Austin Roses in Colorado in our challenging microclimate and they truly were show stoppers. 

English roses are grown in nearly every nation in the world!

Roses-English-Garden-Tips-Hardiness Zones

It was my pleasure to have you join me today!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Well, you know how much I loved this post, as red roses make my heart sing. And this tea rose is a beauty. They look so pretty lined up on your table in the colored glass vases. I noticed your light fixture also, that's so unique. Roses are such sturdy flowers, and my peach rose bush made it through the cold Winter and snow, and the first one blossomed today. There is something so special about the Rose, and they go so far back in time. Enjoy the roses in your garden, dear Jemma. Your English roses are lovely as well.


    ps.....I have to tell you, when I scrolled down to the fifth picture, the red rose in your garden, it was magical. Such a fantastic photo.

    1. Hello Dear Sheri, as I was writing this post I naturally thought of you and Red Rose Alley! I am happy that you enjoyed my post. For us seasoned bloggers sharing and connecting is what it is all about!

  2. Jemma, your hybrid tea roses are so pretty and look so nice in your colored glass vases. They make a lovely statement.

  3. So lovely. Made my day. Regine

  4. Jemma the hybrid tea roses are so sweet and pretty. I had great success with the David Austin Roses in Illinois. They did very well. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  5. Good morning beloved friend and SISTAH! I can see that our sizzling skills of researching, gardening, cutting and home decorating are vibrant this summer as are these amazing roses. The perfume must be enchanting to no John Davis climber that gave me an abundance of flowers last year won't be giving me any this year since I had to prune it hard last fall for some renovation work on the garage wall against which is grows. But I'm getting good and healthy new growth from below so I'll nurse that until God willing, next year I see even more growth. How fun it is to know that you are striving and thriving on your patch of land to bring a giggle and a tickle to the soil. She will yield her abundance for YOU!


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