Homemaking| Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

June 29, 2021

Summertime, Summertime!

Has Summer arrived in your neck of the woods?  Well, I know for certain it has hit the state of Mississippi, so we are just a chilling with some lemonade, eating some peach pie and doing a tad bit of decorating too. Today I am sharing my Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemon décor that is perfect for any style of Kitchen. I hope this Lemon Tiered Tray inspires you to make one for your Kitchen too. For more details on how I put this cheery Tiered Tray together please visit my Face Book Page where I have put together a 15 minute video just for you.

Homemaking With Jemma Summertime Tiered Tray
Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

Meet the other Makers On Decorate and Craft With Us

What better time of the year for you and I to join some creative Makers for decorate and craft with us. Let me introduce them right now. I have known Tammy and Terry  for ever. Well, maybe not forever but for a good while! Corine is a new Maker to me and she is as creative and delightful as can be. Just click on the names to be taken to their websites as we share our Decorating with you.

Homemaking With Jemma A Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

Why I Like A Tiered Tray :They make a statement.

Tiered trays are awesome for displaying smaller décor items and for making a statement without saying a word!

How's that for communication....Seriously though, it's kind of  nifty to get vibes about someone's home right away and for me a tiered tray is wonderful accessory for sharing funny anecdotes, little keepsakes and keeping the kitchen island organized too.

Decorating Tip:
Word of caution BIG tiered Trays can get pricey and also it can get pricey to accessorize them too.

Homemaking and A Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

Themed Tiered Trays:My Pinterest Board

Having a theme helps keep me stay focused and truly it makes them all the more adorable.
For this tiered tray I chose real lemons( because I am making Lemonade) pigs, (I love pigs) greenery and cooking accessories ( I love to Bake!) along with some anecdotes on finding humor in life, and that is always a good thing to remember! 

Homemaking and Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons
Lemon Oil Decanter From Italy!

How To Style A Tiered Tray

  1. Choose a theme.
  2. Select items.
  3. Choose complimentary colors
  4. Choose your tiered tray based on size and style of accessories to place on tiered tray.
  5. Add largest and tallest pieces first.
  6. Fill open spaces with smaller pieces.
  7. Layer.
  8. Add greenery

Homemaking|Summertime Tiered Trays With Lemons

When I style a tiered tray I tend to go with a theme that includes what I already have in my home.

Homemaking With Jemma A Tiered Tray With Lemons

Decorate With Us A Homemaking Series

Thank you for joining us today! Now let's get decorating!



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  1. Good morning Jemma! I just saw your IGTV post and it's always so good to see you in action. You are such a beloved friend who I admire for so many reasons, but your GET UP AND GO (that "sizzle!") shows you are so full of life. Bravo my dear for creating such a beautiful display. I have a three-tiered platter that I think I'll do something with!

  2. Happy July 4th weekend Jemma - Really love this it's simply you and perfectly put together with love.

  3. How fun Jemma. I love the look of tiered trays. They are the rage and you can personalize each one for a season look. Love the lemon and the patriotic tray. Happy 4th to you and your family. Xo

  4. Jemma, This is such a cute little tiered tray! I have two different ones and I find they are a great way to add some seasonal decor to my kitchen but keeping it in one small spot. I love the cute little grass you added to this one! Lemons are always perfect for summer decorating, aren't they? It brings a smile to my face!

  5. What a cheerful post, dear Jemma. I like your tiered tray with lemons. Lemons are just wonderful in the Summertime. Your tiered tray is a nice addition to your kitchen, and I also enjoyed seeing all the festive holiday tiers that you created, especially the Christmas one. I think I mentioned to you before, but I have that same "it's a hot chocolate kind of day" sign that I put out every Christmas.

    Happy July days to you, dear Jemma. May this month bring you so much goodness.



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