Homemaking and Organization Using Armoires, Hutches and Sideboards

January 14, 2022

Welcome to my first Homemaking post of 2022! 

Creating a welcoming, simple, comfortable, cozy and charming home continues to mean so much to me.

The Danish would refer to this as Hygge.

Today I thought we'd chat about a few homemaking goals. Specifically organization and storage. 

Often times the word organization conjures up images of plastic containers for storing items.

However for me, my favorite way to organize is by using gorgeous baskets, antique armoires, vintage hutches and sideboards.


Don't get me wrong I have plenty of plastic tubs in the attic.
However for everyday living I love to store, display and enjoy my pretty armoire, hutch and sideboard.
Home is my special place where simple everyday rituals create security, contentness and comfort.


Organization Begins With Creating a List.

My organization list is pretty similiar to how I prepare for my planting season


Being old school I enjoy writing every detail out on a notebook to get my organization timeline going.

  • Spiral Notebook
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Budget
  • Space/Measurements
  • Timeline
  • Wishlist
The Armoire ( Solid Pine and acquired in the French Market 1992)

Armoire Storage and Organization

I snagged my French armoire in the French Quarter ions ago, it is perfect for an assortment of linens, special occasion dresses and wool sweaters.
This solid pine armoire is HEAVY!
Seriously so and in each and every move we are reminded of this!

I especially like armoire's for the following items.



Dark Winter Months are Perfect For Organizing

Utilizing these darker and cooler months of the year is a grand time to plan and prepare our homes for Spring.

As a Homemaker I feel much more motivated when I organize my thoughts and homemaking goals. 


St. James Dresser From Restoration Hardware

Years ago we splurged on this turn of the century hand carved dentil detailed mortise-and-tenon joinery dresser. 
I especially enjoy this dresser for storing:


The Importance of Home

We all know these past couple of years have been challenging for all of us.
Chances are that our homes have become even more important to us than they ever have been.
It is quite possible that some of you who are reading this may have transitioned from "going" to work to having your home become your workplace.


My Grandmother's 100 year old Hutch

Using Antique Keepsakes to Display Keepsakes

I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with keepsakes from the past and mingling with them decorative items of the present. For me this style of decorating helps to create a positive environment. 

My Grandmother's 100 year old Hutch is great for displaying and storing:
  • China
  • Crystal
  • Silver
  • Goblets
  • Porcelain figurines
  • Table Cloths
  • Napkins

Our Homes are a Reflection of our Attitudes

Our homes are a reflection of us and not just in the decorating sense, they reflect our attitudes and they also form our attitudes.

So creating an environment with a positive attitude actually helps us to have a more positive outlook. Seems to me that it is more vital than ever with most of spending more time at home in one way or another.

Organization and Creativity

Organization has always been very important to me.

Even as a child I organized my closet and dresser every Saturday morning. 

I suppose this could have been because I was surrounded by adults and I must have taken a que from them on being tidy. 


So my penchant for organization isn't so much about being extremely neat, it is about what being unorganized does to my creativity and productivity. 


A Place For Everything and Everything In It's Place

If my workspace, closet, pantry, etc...are not organized I am unable to focus on the tasks at hand.

Being unorganized is extremely frustrating for me.

My energy levels run high when I am organized.


So for me having the outlook of a place for everything and everything in it's place is calming.

Surrounding myself with vintage elements, cozy fabrics, soft colors mixed with vibrant hues is pure bliss.

My style of decorating may be different than yours and vice-versa and that is cool.

But I dare say that we all like some semblance of order.

Thank you for joining me today as we delved into hygge, organization and homemaking!

Happy January!


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  1. Enjoyed your post! I'm inspired! I need to empty our built in china cabinet that came with the 200 year old house and repaint the back and the other one, a former Dutch door made into a china cabinet. It will make a huge difference!

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for the lovely visit! I really want to paint my Grandmother's hutch but I am hesitant...I need to get up the nerve to make a decision. I hope you'll inspire me!

  2. Your French Armoire is so lovely, Jemma, and I especially loved your grandmother's 100 year old hutch, as I love the older traditional furniture. Jess just received a hutch that belonged to Brian's grandmother, and I was so pleased she has somewhere to store all her precious treasures now. I can't believe this hutch is 100 years old, how special is that? It looks like it's in good condition, and it looks beautiful in your home. I've been wanting something to store my holiday decor in, as I love all the holidays, especially Christmas. I enjoyed reading about how you organized your dresser and closet when you were a little girl. I used to organize my sister's purse that was such a mess, and she used to think that was so funky of me. Your Valentine wreath really adds something special to your grandmother's hutch. Now, I must find one and do something like that. I simply loved your post about homemaking and organization, and that blue blouse hanging with the straw purses are so stylish.

    Have a restful weekend, dear Jemma.



    1. Oh Sheri,
      If you could see the back of my Grandmother's hutch and the shelving in the bottom you'd be a bit flabbergasted! The front of the Hutch is so beautiful and my Mom had the front of it refinished in the 60's. I did paint the inside of it a few years ago. This hutch is a true treasure and I do adore it.

  3. So pretty everything is
    I love your grandmothers 100 year old hutch. Such a treasure. Enjoy your post so very much. Have a blessed week.

    1. Good Morning Judy,
      Thank you for visiting me today! Blessings to you too!

  4. Good morning Jemma! I finally got your new post notification in my email and it is a warm and cozy moment here in my studio, my fireplace heater roaring and now seeing your offerings. I LOVE that stencil on your armoire! Every item is so beautifully organized and displayed; what a joy housekeeping is when we add that touch, that personal touch to our rooms. Dearly loved friend, thank you for this warm introduction to the new year!

    1. Good Morning Dear Anita!
      Lovely of you to stop by to celebrate Homemaking 2022 with me!

  5. You always inspire me dear lady. I have decided to do some decluttering. MERCY! I didn't work this hard at my paying job! LOL! But...this is the season. Love all of the wonderful pictures. I hope your week is wonderful to you dear lady. You are precious to me. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Lots of great ideas . . . I too love using furniture for storage "out in the open". I have a stack of vintage suitcases that is a side table and that's where I store all of my seasonal folded clothes, sandals, boots, scarves, etc. Good idea to write things out and have a plan. I'm going to do that as we are just finishing a kitchen remodel and now I want everything to go back in ORGANIZED and too often I waste money on things that won't work for a space!


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