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Gardening Tales and First Flower Seed Order of 2022

January 07, 2022

Welcome To Gardening Tales!

If you are a gardener and have been following along for awhile you know my penchant for growing many things, but flowers have my heart. So when I mention that I may have just done a little happy dance, you might guess that it is because I have placed my first flower seed order of 2022!  


Floret Flowers

Then to top it off, I placed my New Year seed order with one of my all time favorite flower growers Floret Flowers


Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

I signed up for email notifications on her website so when her seeds went on on sale I'd be right on it! The anticipation of placing my seed order was exciting for me and now I feel quite "rich," in knowing that I have some awesome packets of Flower Seeds coming my way.



Pacing Myself on seed Orders

While I wanted to purchase as many as I pocket book was lean so I practiced restraint and didn't give in to greed!

I went for assortment over quantity of a particular color or species.

I am totally satisfied with my 12 packets of assorted seeds and I have budgeted well enough to purchase more seeds next month from Johnny's Seeds. (another favorite too.)


A few other seed companies.

Floret sold out of most everything quite quickly.

However do not dispair because there are other seed companies that are equally wonderful.

I am jut partial to Floret because I have watched her blossom and grow into a dedicated business. 

Sweet Pea Gardens

Eden Brothers

Swallowtail Garden Seeds


Flower Seeds That I purchased.

Documenting The Flower Garden

I have come to realize the importance of documenting what I grow in the garden from year to year. 

However actually writing it all down has not been my strong suit. 

I always think that I will remember exactly what I planted and of course I don't.

I remember shapes, colors and the beauty of the flowers but most of the time the exact name eludes me.

Oh and of course I bask in the joy of the grandchildren in the gardens with me!


I am improving...

Seems I did somewhat better in the Fall of 2021. I kept a little ledger so that I could properly plan on what I would need be planting this year and what seeds I would be ordering in January of 2022. 

Now is the time to begin preparing for the growing season.


In this lull between the seasons is the perfect time to collect our thoughts on any adjustments which need to be made for this years planting, specific crops and organizing our sheds, materials and tools for planting season 2022.


Thank you for you for joining me in celebrating my first flower seed order of the New Year!

Cheers to 2022 and a year of beautiful gardens!


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  1. That's exciting, Jemma - I get so excited every January placing my seed orders! I have a Johnny's catalogue next to my chair and a pack of sticky notes so I can mark off what I want to try this season....but first I have to do my annual seed inventory! Thank you for the inspiration, maybe I'll get that done this weekend!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Wonderful to hear from you!
      Truly an exciting time of the year for us passionate gardeners to begin our quest for finding new and beautiful varieties of seeds for our gardens!

  2. Those sunflowers are gorgeous. And there's the yellow tea pot that I so love. How fun to start thinking of what to plant for the Spring. Your grandchildren are so sweet in the field of flowers, and look at lovely YOU! Happy gardening, dear Jemma. Can't wait to see all the different flowers with all their beauty and color. : )


    1. Hello Dear Sheri!
      Oh what a neat time of the year it is to begin the planning of our gardens. These seed catalogs and online resources sure give us so much to look forward to.
      Thanks for the cheery visit too!

  3. This is so exciting Jemma! I have long said that I plant vegetables and herbs for my body, but I must plant flowers to feed my soul {smiles}. I love Floret Flower also, and have watched her videos, she shares amazing information and knowledge. Your flower garden is going to be glorious!
    Because I live in the northwest, I've learned that perennials are my favorites because they come back year after year. Lavender is highest on my list next to peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, daffodils...well the list goes on and on! My favorite annuals include zinnias and sunflowers which I start from seed every year in my greenhouse. I just placed an order this year from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Friends of mine here love them so I am giving them a try. Happy gardening dear friend!!! 😊❤❤

    1. Hi Marilyn!
      Oh how I enjoy reading about your Northwest gardens! I know these beauties that you speak of are exquisite. What a neat mantra you have-vegetables and herbs are for your body, but flowers feed your soul! I am going to remember this:)

  4. Very exciting, as I am thinking of what I may want to plant in my small landscape. Almost every one of your choices are sold out already, I checked! I love the salmon zinnia!

    1. Rita,
      What joy you will receive to be working in your gardens. I remember that you have a green thumb!

  5. I am excited for you Jemma. What a beautiful growing season you will have. I cannot wait to see future posts about what those seeds become. As it is freezing rain and only going to be in the single digits for temps the next couple of days here in Illinois I am basking in your pretty pics and hopeful for a new grow season in a few months. xoxo

    1. Hello Dear Kris,
      We are having a dreary rainy day here today-but mild. It is even a little challenging to imagine anything blooming here right now as well. Flowers seem to give me hope in the future!

  6. How exciting, is that your garden in background with all those sunflowers. Amazing

    1. Hi Maria,
      Very exciting indeed! Looking forward to planting season.

  7. Good morning SiZZle SiSTaH! This is what January and February are PLAN! Unless someone truly is not accustomed to growing, tending to or even purchasing flowers, then I just don't understand why anyone would wish that January would not exist. It's a time to sort out our gardens in our mental planners, make our lists, you are making some fun choices and also teaching those precious souls (both are so darling but that little chappy...he looks like a doll!) to have patience with hope. To see seeds miraculous change into flowers, that is a wonder for all ages!

    1. Hello Dearest Sizzle Sistah!
      My thoughts exactly! These darker months of Winter are the perfect time for us to focus on our goals, organize and prepare to execute our plans! Thank you for your kindness and thoughtful sentiments!


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