French Farmhouse Winter Tablescape

December 27, 2021

Welcome! Welcome!

Please join me for a French Farmhouse Winter Tablescape.

Today I am celebrating the season of frost and snow (although we have none!) with this Winter tablescape for any occasion. 

I set this table for my husband and myself for our candlelight Christmas dinner.

I was not heavy handed in Christmas decorations as I often enjoy keeping our tablescapes up for a week or more, so my focus remained on the essence of  Pine Trees, Candles, a DIY Floral arrangement and bow shaped napkins.


Homemaking Influenced by History, Nature and Elegance

We all have artistic passions which influence our own personal decorating style. 

For me this is combining well loved pieces, nature and easy going elegance.

I naturally enjoy incorporating the untamed beauty of nature with a dash of gilded beauty to create a certain mystery and historical charm.

I enjoy this blended harmony.


Tablescapes Are Art

As you can see I abstractly harnessed the golden sunsets in a golden mercury vase surrounded by leggy golden deer candlesticks.

Adding hayfield green Handmade pine tree soy candles then topping it all off with napkins folded like bows and secured with emerald green and golden napkin rings.


First Tablescape On The Farm

Celebrating the days of Old.

I am a farm girl at heart and holding onto my heritage is evident in the china, crystal and goblets presented on our tablescape.
They have been handed down from generation to generation.
I immerse myself in celebrating life and the days of Old around a well loved table.


Just A Girl with some Plastic Ballerina Plates

Seems I at my best surrounded by rushing rivers, gardens toppling over with hefty blooms and always purple hued mountains. 

Which brings me to my first tablescape design on my 100 year old Farm ions ago.

I designed my first tablesetting when I was five years old using my pink plastic dishes with the silhouette of a ballerina on them. 


My childhood tablescape consisted of a table runner which was made out of red crepe paper. 

I was in glee with my simple circumstances because nature swept in and filled in this simplicity with abundant colors, sounds and her nurturing essence.

I find myself continuing to harness the energy of my roots into my French Farmhouse decorating Style.


Perfectly Imperfect Décor 

What was meager in supplies was supplemented from the earth.

I imagine that the terminology "tablescape," was not even around in the early 60's.

I crafted fresh handmade truffles out of mud from the edge of the cattail lined river and lucky for me one of my favorite companions, our cat, also known loving as Miss Muffat joined me. 

Today my love of the earth, rich colors, and perfectly imperfect décor continues and is present in various spots in our home.


Pretty Bow Napkins

For our special Christmas dinner I decided to make these pretty bow napkins and I LOVE them!
These special and pretty napkin bows take just under a minute to make.
I really wanted to up my napkin game so I added these precious napkin rings too.

Bow-Napkins-Winter-Tablesetting-any Occasion

Use a Napkin Ring That Makes The Bow Pop

It is best to select a napkin ring for these pretty bow napkins that accessories the napkin as well as complements the dishes and cutlery too.


Pretty Bow Napkins Dress Up Any Tablescape Occasion



Winter Tablesetting DIY Floral Arrangement

You can just imagine the joy that designing this DIY Winter Bouquet brought me.
I really got my flower fix putting this together.


Supplies For Winter DIY Floral Arrangement

  • For this floral arrangement I used the Tape and Grid method (homemaking blog post on this easy, economical method coming this week.)
  • Baby's Breath.
  • Carnations.
  • Roses.
  • Assorted Greenery.
  • Scotch Tape
  • Gold Vase.



We are having such a mild Winter that I was able to pick just about 5 roses from the rose garden!



Winter Tablesetting: DIY  Soy Candles, Pillars and Pine Trees



Tapers, Votives and Pine Tree Candles

Be sure to add the glow!

  • I used 4 tapers of 2 different heights and in white and gray and placed them in clear and white candlestick holders.
  • Then I placed the hay - green Pine Tree soy candles that I made with Tom Daley on Pinterest TV on vintage brass coasters.
  • I randomly placed votives/tea lights in clear glass containers around the table as well ( I made votives as well.) 
  • LED votive candles placed in three golden deer.



Various Wooden and Glass Pine Trees

  • I created a small Pine Tree Forest by adding a variety of Pines in different shapes and sizes.
  • Remaining with the color theme of the Farmhouse Bouquet.
  • Glass
  • Wood


Red Glass Pine Tree and Baubles


Wishing each and everyone of you a beautiful week!
Thank you for visiting me today.

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