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August On The Flower Farm

August 27, 2021

As we close the door on Summer days and embrace the early signs of Fall one of my favorite places to be is working on Sunnydell flower Farm. Sunnydell is my mini flower farm. But it's going to grow up one day!

Today I am sharing some observations and a little roundup of August blooms on the Flower Farm.

I have been photographing, documenting and making note of various varieties of Summer blooms that have been my favorite this year. 

There have been a few questions on what varieties of plants I have had success with and where I place my seed orders. I will include them right here too!

sunflower- teddy-bear-august-best-summer-annuals-athomewithjemma

These little sunflower darlings are the Teddy Bear. 
You can see where they gets their name.  Just look at these shaggy blooms.

Where to Order Teddy Bear Flower Seeds:


This gorgeous beauty is Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a branching sunflower and will produce several blooms per stalk.

Lovely addition to all bouquets.

Where to order Moulin Rouge Sunflower Seeds.

I have noticed that this time of the year the sun seems to me to "hang," in the same spot in our Southern sky for hours and hours.

Some days I feel as though I just need a lasso to pull the sun over.

Just a little to the left and maybe a little lower in the horizon would give my sweet blooms a slight reprieve from the intense heat.


Vibrant Pinks have always been one of  my favorite colors throughout the years and really pink complements a variety of bouquets.

This year I planted Sonata Pink Blush Cosmos, truly a vibrant and happy pink bloom.

Pink Blush germinates easily, is easy to grow and has long sturdy stems for beautiful bouquets.

Grows to about 2 feet tall and produces large 3 inch blooms.

Where to order Cosmos Sonata Pink Blush Seeds.


Magic in the Universe in the early morning hours.

In the still of the early morning hours I find such magic in the Universe. Thick dew covers lime green shrubs,  tender flowers, and vegetables.

Low rolling clouds of fog settle into the nearby creek bed seeking refuge from a gust of wind or a gaggle of geese attempting to land in the freshly mown hay.


Zinnias are one of the darlings of Summertime. 

So simple to grow and so eager to please!

They never disappoint no matter where you grow. 

While visiting Idaho they were every where there too.

Where to order Zinnia Seeds.

Cranky Summer Blooms in the Hot Days of Summer

 August in my garden is rather a mish-mash of vibrant blooming beauties and plain old tired blossoms. 

So in an effort to boost up the stragglers dispositions, I apply a generous amount of fertilizer and water. These blooms remind me of  cranky women in need of iced-tea on hot Summer days. 

With just one sip they lift their heads a little higher and seem to give me a nod of  gratitude.


Celosia is a must for every gardener!
They are a gorgeous filler and come in a vast array of colors.


Where to order Celosia Plume Seeds For Bouquets 


Thank you so much for joining me!

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  1. Your garden is growing beautifully with an assortment of flowers. The Celosia is a vibrant
    and pretty color. It must be so nice to have a bouquet on your table at all times. Flowers can be so expensive at the stores. Your Pink Cosmo could be a post card.
    Have a blessed weekend, dear Jemma.


  2. Good morning dearest Jemma! I LOVE those Teddy Bear sunflowers! I have never heard of or seen these in my area and they are just lovely. I am joyful to know that you are enjoying your dream garden on a manageable level of size so you can keep both house and farm within your reach, keeping everything going so beautifully! Thank you for always sharing the sunshine whether it's on your table with recipes, in your garden and especially from you heart. HUGS!

  3. Seeing your life on the flower farm is great. Those sunflowers are gorgeous.

  4. Thank you for this. I saw those darling Teddy Bear flowers and put them on my list for next year. I've loved having more sun in East Texas. Except for the week the well malfunctioned I've had constant blooms. What are your plans for selling your flowers? I'd love to know how to do this, especially if we move out to E.T. full time.


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