Modern Cottage Pink, Gold and White New Year's Tablescape

December 29, 2019

Good Morning Friends and thank you oodles for dropping by😊. Can you believe that we are on the brink of a new year; I am looking forward to all of the new opportunities and experiences that await each one of us. In anticipation and celebration of 2020, I have prepared a Modern Cottage Pink, White and Gold New Year’s table in our breakfast nook and added a pop of red for good luck! 

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 Have you noticed how many terms there are now-a-days to describe home and decorating styles?
What is Modern Cottage style ... well, it seems that Modern Cottage Style is a mix of stark white walls and calming warm elements, reclaimed wood and a touch of rustic elegance. Guess what though, I have always appreciated this combination and I feel as though that was my Mother's decorating style as well. Maybe we have just come full circle in the world of decorating... I think we should decorate however we like and forget the labels!

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When we purchased this home all of the walls were various shades of a very tired, dreary, dull and dark yellow. I have had various shades of yellow in previous homes and I do love happy and warm yellow (just look at the upholstery on our chairs)...especially buttercup yellow, lemon yellow and light yellow.

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But for our home in the woods, we need light and bright. So, we grabbed our paintbrushes and rollers and lightened up our home with Behr Silky white for the walls and Ultra Pure White for the trim.
We also gave the Kitchen a re-do... take a little peek right here on how I refinished and painted my kitchen cabinets.

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I have always loved neutral paint shades on the walls of my home and cabinets. These natural shades create a calming, earthy, relaxed vibe. But then I say bring on the color because I lovvve adding gorgeous color in other ways especially in a tablescape!

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For this Modern Cottage New Year's Tablescape centerpiece I used bright ruffled carnations, rustic wood slice, colorful bottle brush Pine Trees, Gold jars (just paint what you have.)
Gold votive deer and my Mother's vintage Hobnail Milk Vase.
( Mama was ahead of her time in decorating.)

stars, carnations, gold, silver, white, Holiday, Tablescape, At Home With Jemma

As a dollar conscious homemaker, and I am pretty certain you are too.
I made these little white paper pompoms ( they represent snowflakes.)
I also was able to use a good bit of my Christmas décor. I have always shopped my home; it is the only way to go and the sensible thing to do.

At Home With Jemma Modern Cottage Pink, Gold and White New Year's Tablescape

 In my younger years I usually got in a bit of rush to put things away without labeling boxes/bins. I am not nearly as distracted now, no little's about . So, in retrospect I wish someone would have suggested a sharpie! Label those seasonable boxes so you will have easy access, not just during the Holidays but all throughout the year. You'll save money and time when you are decorating  and also when you discover you have some cool stuff in one of those boxes!!!

pink, white, red, gold, tablescape, athomewithjemma
We live in a forest of Ponderosa pines, where the deer, squirrel and raccoon play. So, I decided to let the inspiration of the outdoors guide me in a good bit of this New Year’s Table-setting. Notice these cute votive deer.

at home with jemma, gold, silver, white, reindeer, tablescape,holiday

With the snow and  all I have been binge watching The Great British Bake Off in the evenings. In fact I almost fired up the oven at midnight, but thought better of I waited until the next morning and  gave a Mary Berry Cake Recipe a whirl!!
My oh my it is so good and I'll be sharing my version of the recipe on my next post. 

Let's talk flowers shall we...specifically Winter Flowers. Save your dollars and invest in carnations during the Winter months, they will last and last. You can make them last longer by cutting the stems down when they begin to look tired and add fresh water to the vase. You just might be able to make them last an entire month this way. Spruce them up for the Winter months with some greenery too.

Gold, lame, runner, red, place-mat, white, paper, flowers, athomewithjemma

Little gold boxes topped with a simple handmade bow and a faux Christmas bulb dress up this New Year's gift....This would be a fun idea for Holiday Birthdays, Bridal Showers etc... you can customize them any way that you like too.

Happy New Year friends!
My wish for you is that the light will always lead your path, good health be yours all throughout the years, good friends and loving family will pamper you and that your heart will be filled with joy!

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  1. Good morning Jemma! What a treat it's been to be at home; I'm home for one more week and that means I have time to visit my favorite people. I am on board with you about the cottage look these days. Rustic elements against a fresh backdrop of clean white, FRESH FLOWERS and a few cherished items that are functional as well as fun. Your styling is lovely my friend, and may you continue to enjoy the creative process to its fullest in the new year!

  2. What a cheerful tablescape, Jemma. A delightful way to see in the new year, I think. Love the colors and the holiday touches. The Mary Berry cake looks delish and pretty -- and you're spot on about carnations. I love them in the winter! Happy New Year!

  3. I'm a huge fan of pink so seeing your table put a big ol' grin on m y face. Love each one. Happy New Year Jemma!

  4. Hi Jemma,
    I am a huge fan of carnations any time of year they are such cheerful flowers. Your table setting is beautiful. Love all the touches of pink and gold. Charming and beautiful.
    Happy New Year. May 2020 brings us all so much joy and love and less violence in our country.

  5. So bright & beautiful! I love how cheerful your table looks! Happy New Year, sweet friend! It’s going to be ridiculously fulfilling!! ❤️

  6. Jemma, your take is charming. Love pink and gold together. The little gift boxes are so sweet. The Mary Berry cake looks yummy. I love pretty fresh flowers. They light up a room. Happy New Year to you and your family. May you be blessed with peace, happiness and good health. xo

  7. Those deer votive holders are darling! What a pretty and cheerful table! I'm also a fan of carnations. I had never heard of Mary Berry until my daughter-in-law kept talking about her when they stayed with us before Christmas. She introduced her to me on YouTube and I was charmed by her.

    Don't you just love it that milk glass is popular again? I was fortunate to find a beautiful milk glass cake stand before Christmas at a big antique mall in Nashville, very reasonably priced. I had gone there to find one specifically but didn't trust my knowledge enough to know whether it was milk glass or ceramic. While I was considering it another shopper came up and was looking at the pieces on the table and exclaimed on how pretty it was. She asked to look at it and I held it out to her. She said it was definitely milk glass because she was a ceramicist and could tell the difference. Now I need to make a cake for it!

  8. Jemma, I adore this tablescape. I am loving all the terrific color that you used, it is festive and fun. There are so many pretty details to take in. I agree about carnations, they last forever and they are sometimes disregarded and don’t get the respect they deserve. Their ruffled edges make me happy. Wishing you a wonderful 2020 my friend!

  9. Ooooo, your table is so pretty, Jemma. The carnations are lovely in the Milk Vase. What a treasure this is and so special that it belonged to your Mother. The bottle brush trees and the gold jars add a special touch, and the gold votive deer are sweet. It all looks wonderful, and I like the clever outdoor theme you have going on. Happy New Year, dear friend. I hope the new year is being kind to you so far.



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