Christmas Cake Centerpiece

July 14, 2021

Today I am joining our great group of homemakers; Terrie, Tammy and Corine.

Every Wednesday we share our weekly Craft and Decorate with Us videos and tutorials on our Facebook page, along with a post on our websites.

Today we are sharing our Christmas inspiration in July with you.

I chose to make a Christmas Cake Centerpiece for my contribution to this Christmas vibe.

So please just sit back and enjoy the Christmas spirit from myself and my fellow makers, bakers and  homemakers!

 Christmas Cake Centerpiece

I chose to keep the main elements in my Christmas décor simple. 

Creating a home that is warm, welcoming and embraces a sense of well- being is very important to me. A house is not just a home it is our sanctuary from the world! 

After all these years I have discovered that keeping my home neutral and adding accessories for a pop of color suits my decorating style perfectly.

This way I am able to change out pillows, rugs, linens, art, centerpieces and other home décor with the seasons.

I love color and will you find plenty of it in my garden and on my Instagram Account

However, there is something very precious about a white backdrop for Christmas.

Not to mention the Christmas Cake Centerpiece really becomes the showstopper!

Christmas Cake Centerpiece

In this photo you can see the Christmas Cake Centerpiece, white Vintage tablecloth, linen napkins, white plates, candle holders, gold deer adorned in faux carnations, and my red rose bouquet!
I picked this bouquet from my cutting garden this morning and added lemon basil and dill for fillers. 

How To Make A Christmas Cake Centerpiece

  •  Make or buy a well decorated Christmas Cake.
  •  Place Cake on Glass Plate.
  •  Invert a glass cake stand.
  •  Place a 9-10 inch boxwood wreath around the base of the cake stand.
  •  Add various silk flowers to the wreath.
  •  Place Christmas Cake on top of cake stand.
  •  Place in center of table.
  •  Add candles and flowers to table.

Christmas Cake Centerpiece

What You'll Need To Achieve This Christmas Style

Christmas Cake Centerpiece

Christmas Cake Centerpiece

Thank you for joining us!
I post videos on Facebook and IGTV weekly for cooking, decorating, homemaking and gardening inspiration! Love to have you pop by!

Now on to more Christmas Joy!

Have A Wonderful Day!

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  1. Joyce, you had me at cake, I love it! Everything looks absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Your Christmas Cake centerpiece is very pretty. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  3. This cake looks so yummy! I love the idea of using a cake as a centerpiece. Plus, those stars are just the perfect garnish to finish off this beautiful cake. I can't wait to try ALL of these wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Very pretty, Jemma! And easy!

  5. YUM! That cake looks so good. You always decorate so beautifully. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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