Easy DIY Frosted Jar Candle

December 18, 2021

This is the second in my series of DIY gift giving series and home décor.

Do you enjoy upcycling jars or discovering new crafty ways to use the beloved mason jar?

If you do, hang out here with me for just a little bit longer.

Today I am going to show you how in just a few short steps you too can make your own easy frosted jar candle using Epsom salts, mod-podge and of course a jar!

This easy DIY project is especially great for this time of the year and all through the Winter Months too.

DIY Frosted Jar Candles are not only easy and beautiful they are a super quick project.

 Perfect for seasonal decorating or gift giving too! 

Beautiful Frosted DIY Jar Candle

I have been eyeing these frosted jars for several years now.

Seemed I never quite got around to truly delving into the design of them.

Once I discovered how pretty and easy this craft project is I became a believer in the power of mod-podge and epsom salts combined together!

Who knew that there are so many wonderful DIY projects to make with Espsom Salts!

Frosted Jar Candle With Espom Salt, Twine and Pinecones

These Epsom salt and mod-podge jars are great for adding a warm and economical glow during the holidays but also throughout the winter months ahead. 

So perfect to add a special glow for a table set for two or add several DIY Frosted Jar Candles to the table for a party of many!

Perfect for a New Year's Eve Celebration too!

Supplies For Easy DIY Frosted Jar Candle

Supplies For Easy DIY Frosted Jar Candle

Instructions For DIY Frosted Jar Candle

Instructions For DIY Frosted Jar Candle

  • Pool about one cup of the Epsom Salts and desired amount of faux snow onto a paper plate.
  • Using a Paint Brush paint the mod-podge onto the jar.
  • Roll the painted jar into the epsom salts and faux snow.
  • Tap off excess.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Lightly spray with polyurethane.
  • Avoid over saturating or espom salts could turn yellow.
  • Wrap twine tightly around ridge of jar and tie faux greenery or berries or attach with hot glue.
  • Place votive in jar.

Epsom Salt Frosted Jar Candle

Presto! A beautiful Sparkly Frosted Jar Candle!

Beautiful and Easy Frosted Jar Candle Holder

I hope you enjoyed this easy and pretty DIY frosted Jar candle project!

Up next is DIY SOY Candles and live demonstration with Tom Daley on Pinterest T.V. 

Monday December 20th 3 p.m. Central Time! 

See you Soon! 

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