DIY Holiday Felt Pompom Wreath & Crafting With Tom Daley

December 07, 2021

 Happy Holidays Homemakers!

This is my first DIY Holiday project in a three week series of handmade gift ideas for the Holidays!

I am happy to be sharing my Whimsy and Joy DIY felt pompom wreath just in time for gift giving or for yourself. 

This DIY project is quite delightful, colorful and playful.

With 11 simple supplies and a couple of hours of free time you can easily make one too! 


Handmade Gift Giving Suggestion

Throughout the years I have shared gift giving suggestions during the Holidays.
This year my focus will be on sharing handmade projects for gift giving, next week we will be making DIY candles.
I will be providing complete instructions, supply lists and photos of the finished product for all DIY projects that will be included just in time for you to make your DIY pretties too! 

Tiny felt Balls, stars and Candy canes make this wreath very special.

Crafting with Tom Daley on Pinterest TV

In the spirit of creating and celebrating the season I am thrilled to be sharing some fantastic news.

I will be crafting with Tom Daley Virtually on December 20th  at 5:00 pm on Pinterest TV for a DIY Holiday craft that will be most certain to add a warm glow to any home!

It's easiest to watch Pinterest on your phone.
Simply go the Pinterest app- sign in and click on the little TV icon in the left hand corner of your screen.

Tom Daley is an avid knitter and a British Olympic Gold Medalist in the Tokyo Olympics!

Tom discovered that knitting was calming and now he has launched his own online knitting shop.


What is a Felt Pom Pom Wreath

Felt pom pom wreaths are petite and lightweight which makes them wonderful for indoor décor or outdoor décor as long as they are protected from the elements.

The pom pom's are actually made out of felt and are about as cute as can be!

Pom pom wreaths are wonderful DIY projects to do with older children who can easily work with a hot glue gun and epoxy glue.

Adding the Layers of felt Pompoms and Felt embellishments 

Gift Giving Suggestions

I think these DIY Felt Pompom wreaths would also be quite adorable for gift giving too. 

Just add them to a decorative basket filled with homemade cookies, a candle, and a soft throw and presto no more wondering on what to give a dear friend, a neighbor, or an older child.


7 inch wooden embroidery hoops for base of DIY pompom wreath


Supplies For Making One DIY Felt Pompom Wreath

Top it off With a Bow!


How long does it take to make a felt DIY Pompom Wreath?

  • 2 hours or less
  • When making DIY pompom wreath with children be sure to supervise.

Felt Candy Canes and Pompom DIY Wreath


How to make a felt DIY Pompom Wreath

  • Before ordering felt pompoms design the color of your felt wreath.
  • Before gluing felt pompoms on embroidery hoop lay the pattern of the pompoms out,
  • Begin placing felt pompoms on top of wooden embroidery and securing with a small amount of hot glue.
  • Work around the embroidery hoop.
  • Repeat the process by placing pompoms on outer rim of embroidery hoop and then on inner rim of hoop.
  • Once all pompoms are securely attached, place a small amount of epoxy glue in between felt pompoms to completely secure the wreath.
  • Dry overnight before hanging.
  • Using scissors clip off any glue "threads," or felt that has glue on them.
  • Attach ribbon and enjoy!

Stars, tiny felt balls and candy canes!

I have made these sweet, whimsical, and petite pompom wreaths for years and sold them on Etsy too.
Always a top seller and now you can make your own!

whimsical-easy-DIY-Felt-Ball -Wreath
Whimsy and Joy DIY Felt Holiday Wreath

I was also happy to see that my Texas daughter had her DIY felt pompom wreath hanging on her front door! (Front door is protected these wreaths cannot get wet!)
Looking for another wreath option? 
How about DIY Grapevine Christmas Wreaths for you front door!


Thank you for joining me today!

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  1. That is so cute, Jemma. You know, I never thought of these colors working together until I saw them on a dear friend's blog post many years ago. Ever since then, I really like the colors. The red polka dot ribbon and candy cane and pompoms are so delightful on this felt wreath. I love everything about it. You did a fantastic job, dear Jemma.


    1. Hi Sheri,
      Agree with you on these non-traditional colors and how well they complement one another. I love this wreath because of the whimsical joy it brings to the season.
      Thanks you so my sweet friend!


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