DIY Wooden Christmas Ornament

December 05, 2016
I wanted to let you all know we have a winner for the Holland House cooking wines.
The winner was chosen by and the winner has been notified by email.
Thank you to all who participated!
I have always enjoyed creating and even though I do encounter "dry spells," I am always super inspired during the Holidays and this year is no exception. 
This is our first true Christmas settled in our new home.
Last year at this time we were in a Hotel counting down the days, minutes and hours for the magic moment when we could move into our  country home.
I may have gone a little crazy with Christmas crafts and decorating this year, but goodness I have thoroughly enjoyed every second.


Today I am sharing a short little tutorial on this  DIY Wooden Christmas ornament.
The inspiration to create my own Christmas ornaments all began when I collaborated with a fantastic group of creative bloggers for 31 Handmade Christmas Ornaments.
My contribution to this festive and crafty group were these rustic Christmas Wreath ornaments.


The joy didn't top there, the next ornament up is this primitive and yet dressy 
set of Clothespin Angels.


So here we are today with another simple and yet cute little wooden Christmas ornament that you could make with a group of many or a few.
This craft could easily be completed in a Sunday school class, girl scout troop, with children of all ages or a gathering of gals for a Christmas luncheon.

Supplies Needed For The DIY Wooden Christmas Ornament


  • 1. White Acrylic paint
  • 2. Green Acrylic paint
  • 3. Bulky red yarn
  • 4 .Wooden Christmas ornament
  • 5. Stick on acrylic embellishments
  • 6. Paint Brush

Directions For Making DIY Wooden Christmas Ornament


The beauty of this ornament is in the simplicity and minimal cost involved.

I purchased all of the materials including the wooden ornament at Michaels Craft Store.

  • 1. Remove twine from the wooden ornament.
  • 2. Lay ornament on a flat surface and tape off the lower 1/4 portion of the ornament.
  • 3. Paint the lower 1/4 portion with green acrylic paint.
  • 4. Add red stick on embellishments.
  • 5. Cut red yarn to desired length and use as ornament hanger.
  • 6. Using white acrylic paint dry brush white snowflakes on upper 3/4 of wooden ornament.
  • 7. Let dry for 30 minutes and wooden ornament is ready to hang.


I am so excited to be able to share with each of you on how to make two of these ornaments, plus one other Christmas ornament live on Hometalk on December 12th.
It's going to a nifty experience for us all!

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  1. So darling! I have a feeling that my attempts would not be a cute as yours. Have a great week!

  2. Jemma, what a cute idea! I may have to try this. My daughter loves to make things, and think she would really enjoy doing this. Thanks for the great instructions! I hope that you have a happy Monday!!!

  3. Good Morning Jemma - Love handmade ornaments and I'm looking forward to that hometalk video. You might need to remind me because I've been a little forgetful lately. Stepping over here first thing is a great way to get my day going because everything is so festive and pretty. Great tutorial on the ornament will be pinning.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Those are so cute!! You made it look very easy too. :)

  5. What adorable ornaments. They would make the perfect topper on a present!

  6. Nothing like your first real Christmas in your new home! Love all your sweet ornaments - they look fun to make!

  7. Hi Jemma! First of all, I'm thrilled for you to be in your new lovely home for Christmas! Your little Christmas decorations are darling! You're the most creative one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Good Monday Morning Jemma. Love this. What a sweet little ornament. Love those cloth clip angels too.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  9. You are so creative, Jemma! I wish I could do crafts but four thumbs here. Congratulations on being in your new home this Christmas.

  10. Good morning, Jemma!
    Your ornament looks like a Christmas cookie to me. So cute. :)
    Have a great week~ xo, T.

  11. Perfect! I can't wait to see you on Hometalk!

  12. Girl, you are in your element....a new house to decorate from top to bottom in your own sweet style which says LOVE all around.....Have you thought about posting a tour of your home decorated...I would love to see it....Hugs

  13. I was thinking about you today Jemma, and about how just a year ago it was touch and go as to whether you would be in your home before Christmas, and here it is already, one full year! I'm sure it flew by for you, and you've been busily crafting, decorating and creating so many lovely things to make your home extra special.

  14. Very fun and easy, Jemma. Love projects like that! Thanks!

  15. Good morning Jemma! The fun with ornament making is that beautiful memories can be made with minimal materials but a lot of imagination. That ornie reminds me of the cookie cutters my mom used to have, which now, are Christmas ornaments, thanks to a pretty bow from which to hang them. ARE YA HAVING FUN? I sure am! Much love sweet friend!

  16. Cute as can be. Homemade ornaments are so precious and so rewarding to make. You are having so much fun! Such a great little tutorial too. Merry Christmas. xo


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