Snippets Of Fall Homemaking

October 16, 2021

Hello Friends!

Thank you for joining me today as I share snippets of Fall throughout our home and garden.

It has officially been Fall since Wednesday September 22, 2021.

However the heat and humidity in the South just refused to relinquish her grip on Summer. 

After six months of Summer, Mother Nature turned her thermostat to low and this morning we woke up to a North Wind, plenty of sunshine and cool temperatures.

I am feeling gleeful! 

This joy has brought me to this snippet of a Fall Homemaking Post, where I am sharing snippets of Fall with you!


After pouring my first cup of coffee this morning I dashed to the back porch.

The air was so cool, a flock of geese were flying overhead and I did a little jig. 

Then proceeded to set my coffee on the patio table and jumped up and down!

"Hooray," I squealed " Fall has arrived!"

Summertime was a trifle agonizing for the hubby, Sadie, my blooms and myself.

But today we celebrate the arrival of Fall and snippets of Fall Homemaking.


In an earlier post I shared my early Fall Porch and Five essentials for creating a Welcoming entry.

I had made two wreaths for our double front doors in more of a minimalistic style.

Then I had an epiphany moment and realized I am not a minimalist! 

These are my tweaked wreaths and I find them much more suitable for my style.


Benefits of Tweaking Fall Wreaths On the Door

I tweaked these two Fall Wreaths by leaving them on the doors.

I have discovered that balancing the design of wreaths on side by side doors can be a little tricky.
So...I tweaked the wreaths while they were on the doors.
It is quite easy to make one wreath more abundant than the other wreath when they are not side by side and that does not look good.
I gathered up my bin of fall stems and carried them out to the front porch along with wire cutters and went to work.


I have had most of these fall stems forever and ever so I figured it was about time I used them for something useful.
I went to work cutting the stems of the faux fall flowers, fall leaves and pumpkins.
Once the length was determined I simply inserted them in-between the gaps of the grapevine wreaths.
Seasonal picks would work as well.


Some Fall Goodness and happy blooms beside our front porch.

As the weather continues to cool the flowers in the gardens are coming back to life.
The Hollyhocks, zinnias and geraniums that I planted back in the Spring are becoming rejuvenated and taking off again.
I guess they feel like we all do!

My two sister-in-laws and father-in-law came in for a little visit this past week and we had such a lovely time.
The family went to the State Fair  one day and the following day the sisters and I went to the Canton Craft Show.
The Canton Craft Show is in one word AMAZING!
I purchased this most adorable bird house at the Craft Show.


One of my favorite spots to decorate year after year is my darling antique hutch that was my Grandmother's. 



I enjoy incorporating my Portmeirion Fish Tureen  into seasonal vignettes on my Kitchen island.
I do believe the orange porcelain pumpkin really complements the orange hues of the trout.




I am so amazed that the Hollyhocks that I planted from seed in May are beginning to bloom in October!

Thank you for joining me today as we strolled  through the garden and home for snippets of Fall Homemaking.

Wishing each one of you a beautiful and lovely weekend.

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  1. Jemma dear, good evening!!!! Like you my dear, I did a happy dance in my heart yesterday and this morning as we set out to the lakes to go walking in a cool, deliciously crisp autumn air. Even here we had too much of an intense heat that baked our peonies prematurely, we had a drought that unfortunately dried up our famous Minnehaha Creek and I had enough of the heat. It's time now to BAKE!

  2. Jemma your snippets of fall look wonderful. We are having fall here in the midwest and it is gorgeous. Cool at night blankets on the bed and sunshine and sweater weather during the day. Love it with the trees turning and sunshine. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  3. Loving all of your Fall snippets! As always, you simply amaze me with your creativity. Happy week to you dear Jenna. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. That is the cutest bird house, Jemma. From the pictures, it looks like it has a red rose
    or flower on it. I like your orange spaces and your white spaces as well. I'm always
    undecided which color pumpkin I like, but there's nothing like an orange pumpkin at Fall. The polka dot vase is sweet with the yellow/orange flowers. I hope it starts to
    get cool there for you and I'm glad Autumn has arrived. It's been pretty cold here already, in the 40's, and all my flannels are washed and ready to wear.

    It's always fun seeing your goodies around your house, Jemma. You give everything
    your own special touch, which makes it even nicer. : )


  5. Love your wreaths on your double doors. And how pretty your fall vignette is on your bar. Your Portmerion fish tureen is amazing.


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