Five Essentials for Creating a Welcoming Fall Porch

September 11, 2021

Welcome to my early Fall porch tour and a few homemaking tips on five essentials that will easily transform your Summer porch into a welcoming Fall porch.

Come on over, sit a bit and let's have some salted Carmel chocolates and coke zero!

As with any home there are certain features that are super appealing and others that are just okay. One of the big wins for this home is all of the wonderful windows and glass double doors that sing Welcome come on in! These big glass doors need décor and I believe that wreaths are one of the many fabulous ways to welcome seasons, friends and family to our homes.


Decorating Essential Number One For Creating A Welcoming Fall Porch-Plants

Plants-a-plenty are a must on my front entry at least until the first frost, and then who is to say that I won't be adding faux mums, sunflowers and other seasonal elements to create a natural warmth and inviting vibes.

Come on over and visit my IGTV Welcoming Porch Video!


I will be changing these Vincas out as soon as the weather cools a bit more.
I have been eyeing the Mums but with temperatures in the 90's they would just tire out way too soon.


Decorating Essential Number Two for Creating a Welcoming Fall Porch-Bouquets

Fabulous Early Fall Bouquets decorating  patio and porches.

I might just have worn everyone out with my Zinnia obsession both here on Facebook and on my Instagram feed.
But goodness who couldn't love a zinnia!😊
I am serious these flowers are unstoppable in just about every region of the country.
I have added several fresh from the garden Zinnia bouquets throughout our home, our patio and front porch.


Decorating Essential Number Three for Creating a Welcoming Fall Porch-Pillows, Rugs, Throws.

When the evenings become seasonally cool and time spent out on the porch is even more wonderful, we all love to cozy up with comfortable pillows and cozy throws.


Decorating Essential Number Four For Creating a Welcoming Fall Porch-Pumpkins

  • Oodles and Oodles of Pumpkins in all shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Tuck Pumpkins in potted plants.
  • Place pumpkins on decorative outdoor tables
  • Place pumpkins in baskets.




Decorating Essential Number Five for Creating a Welcoming Fall Porch- Door Décor.


Wishing you a fabulous early Fall weekend and thank you for joining me in my Fall Porch tour.
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  1. Very pretty. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. Good morning my dearest Jemma! Wreaths are a MUST all year 'round for me. In spring and summer, my front door wreath has a swath of tulle hanging from the bottom. In early fall, a white metal, chippy wreath of acorn leaves circles around my speak-easy window on my front door then comes Christmas and grapevine warms the entrance. It is comforting to know we can fabricate a tone and spirit with just a few of the things we love.

  3. Jemma, your porch is so charming with so many goodies to look at. I love all the pumpkins, and your cozy chair with the plaid throw really adds a special touch.
    I finally have a porch in the mountains. Nothing fancy, but it's a long one where
    I can put so many things there. Your post gave me the idea of Mums! I forgot about those and how they really represent Fall. I like the brick on your porch. It all looks so nice Jemma, and it truly says "welcome" to me. : )

    Wishing you a sweet month of September.


  4. I hope this beautiful porch helps fall show up quicker! It is festive & stylish!! ❤️


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