Our Texas Home Decorated in Red For Christmas

December 18, 2014
We were blessed to have most of our family together for Thanksgiving this year, it was sort

of a mixed celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As well as a send off for our middle daughter and her family, as they relocate to California.

In anticipation of this send off  I decorated our formal areas and the guest room for Christmas before

Thanksgiving using traditional red and green.

As much as I have fallen in love with incorporating white into Christmas decorating.

There is something so timeless, warm and welcoming about adding red and green to our

home during the Holidays.


Poinsettias are such a glorious plant and I enjoy the shape of their "blossoms,"

many people also refer to them as the Christmas flower or Christmas star.

I have used them as a theme throughout our home.

You will see them in various spots of my formal areas- my dough bowl, Christmas Tree, mantle,

chandelier and front door wreath.


A few gold stars and ornaments combined with red deco mesh, red ornaments,

red and white poinsettias,  make our wreath and Christmas Tree full and abundant.


This is one of our bright stars that has moved away, his sweet spirit, and his keen mind

brought much joy to our household.

Oh, and he so enjoyed smelling the tulips and paper whites, to be two - is so precious.


We made Gingerbread and sugar cookies and I ordered this adorable gnome from

Rustic Spoonful on ETSY.

They are the sweetest folks to work with, so if you have the chance stop by their shop-

their merchandise is amazing.


Of course, every house needs at least one snowman to watch over things.


My daughter Samantha, who is the creator of  Crafty Texas Girls, made this Christmas sign

which I love ! She has a tutorial on how to make this project as well as tons of inspiration.

Drop on by to see her, she'd love your visit.


I have always wanted to decorate our dining room chandelier with garland, so this year

seemed like the perfect year to do it.

I even added little trumpets and you know what... they are actually napkin rings...


I have had the best luck with fresh flowers this Christmas Season.

From tulips to poinsettias and roses.

My tulips wilted away before their stem did, so I clipped the stems off and added them

to the rose bouquet.

I like the lighter green of the tulip stem mixed in with the darker shade of the rose stem.


I suppose these roses are not a deep red, but I was taken with the variegated blossom and thought

they were well suited to the white urn, white bead board and checked quilt.


So, Christmas is now just a week away, all of our homes are decorated, much baking has already

been done and we all wait in anticipation of the celebration of the greatest gift in human history.

Have a lovely weekend, my dears!

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  1. It's so nice to enjoy holidays with family. Your home looks amazing and I love the big wooden bowl on the table. I love the little sparkly look in your photos at the end. I need to learn how to do that! Enjoy your week! Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Oh I love all your red & green! I'm a red & green purest myself :)

  3. My dear Jemma,

    Be still my heart! You know how much I love red, and at Christmas time, it is truly radiant. How pretty all of your Christmas touches are, from the centrepiece to the chandy, and your sweet family's cheery faces, your home is bold and bright in celebration of the birth of our Saviour.

    Have a very Happy Christmas, my friend!


  4. Ooh this makes me happy to see the traditional colors of Christmas in your home! Im sad for you that your daughter and grandson have moved away but hopefully you'll be able to visit each other enough to make you happy! That was a great idea for Thanksgiving to combine Christmas in so you could share it all together and get some good photos with your daughter and grandson. Your grandson is a cutie!

  5. Jemma,
    Your post made my heart sing. Yes, red is timeless, indeed. I love your snowman, and the sign your daughter made is wonderful, love the saying. When I see bits of your home, it makes me want to decorate even more for Christmas. Everything looks so beautiful. I like how you added splashes of gold with the red. Your grandson looks precious sitting next to the tree. He must be so excited, as little ones are around this time. I love the gold star, and you always have a bit of whimsical at Christmas time too. That's so important to me also because we need to keep our hearts light and merry. You are a gem, did I ever tell you that? Merry Christmas to one of my favorite ladies in blog land.


  6. Oh Jemma - everything is beautiful - I love red and white for Christmas - that is my favorite rather than all the colors - but my favorite is that cute little guy in the picture - what a cutie pie and his mother. Merry Christmas.

  7. I think it's wonderful and beautiful that you combine the white in some rooms and red in others. It makes for a very interesting decor....Your little man is so sweet and handsome and I know you enjoyed every moment with him....
    Merry Christmas.....

  8. WOnderful holiday touches! I am loving your chandelier! it is positively stunning!

  9. I love your dough bowl centerpiece! Classic and timeless and just beautiful. Love the whole space! XO

  10. Oh my goodness, I didn't know you are Samantha -Crafty Texas Girl's mother! Talent and creativity sure runs in your family! I'm loving red and white this Christmas, of course I'm liking all your Christmas decor. Love the sign and the centerpiece, beautiful!

  11. The red and white spells Christmas for sure. That gnome is adorable, and where ever did you find that "be good for goodness sakes" sign?! Adorable!!! Wishing you a happy and blessed holiday season.

  12. This was a precious post Jemma! So pretty putting those traditional colors to use. I noticed this year people buying lots of owls and woodland themes. I did find a Merry Christmas sign at my local King Soopers grocery store that has a little owl peeking in. That gnome is precious, I must check that etsy shop out. You must have had a wonderful time. Take care.

  13. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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