5 Feminine Fall Vignettes

October 11, 2015
I am totally embracing the feminine side of decorating for the Fall season.
I am dressing my lifestyle with the softer side of everything.  
Incorporating soft hues, gentle lines, muted tones, a variety of textures and flowers!
Often times combining a small infusion of glorious color here and there.
Seasoning my life with quiet moments curled up with peppermint tea, a collection of poems or well written prose.
Extending this gentle, and feminine side of me, to the world around me, which includes
calming and feminine Fall vignettes.

Bohemian Feminine Fall Vignette

This feminine vignette reflects the sparkling Bohemian gal inside of me.
I placed an orange crinkled velvet pumpkin inside a 
fluted brass pot, then added merry white flowers along the sides.

This basic white cow creamer embellished with flowers was just the perfect touch to this
Bohemian Fall vignette, and you will not believe where I found this creamer-Walmart.
Did you know that Walmart is carrying the Pioneer Woman line of cookware-so neat.

Natural Feminine Fall Vignette

Oh goodness, I recall the days when brighter was better, or so it seemed then.
Perhaps it was youth, or having a house full of young children, or the style of the times.
But today, for the natural vignette, just a tad of vibrancy, goes a long way.

Natural wood candlesticks, weathered basket, raffia bows and for a smidgen of color 
orange pumpkins.

Ultra Feminine Fall Glamour Vignette 

I could not resist using my Mother's brooch to adorn this white fabric pumpkin which Linda made for me.
Feminine plus, for this glamourous vignette.

Just because I was in the mood to add an extra dose of femininity, and vintage.
I included this hand crocheted runner and crystal heart.
I placed this delicate collection on top of our antique pine night stand.
My furniture has aged right along with me, and now it is an antique...
does that mean I am an antique too...just maybe...smiles.

Tea Cup and Posies Fall Vignette

When I am not sipping peppermint tea from this delicate dainty polka dot tea cup, I am using it for pumpkins and such.
I enjoy using mirrors to frame a variety of vignettes, the mirror reflects light and captures images in an almost ethereal way. 
Just give it a try sometime, I think you will like it too.

When we move into our new home, I will show how I use mirrors throughout our home to
add light, interest and movement.

Pumpkin and Pearl Fall Vignette

I am enjoying white pumpkins, pearls, and posies on our dresser combined with a natural and minimalistic approach.
I placed the aged porcelain angel on top of a wooden jewelry box to add height to the vignette.

In keeping with the feminine theme, I tucked a crown alongside the white pumpkin in this vignette.
I really don't think that you can much more girly than pearls, flowers and crowns do you?

Once again I want to sincerely thank you, my friends, for your sweet words of genuine comfort, and sincere friendship.
I am home now, and I will be catching up with each one of you throughout the week. 
I am so looking forward to seeing what wonderful, interesting, and inspiring things that you have been doing.

To my new subscribers thank you too, I have been inspired by your kind comments and gentle thoughts.

-I have truly missed all of you!


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  1. Good morning Jemma! And I have missed YOU! I hope you did not get bored with my IG page....you were always there and not seeing you was sad! But you had a full and happy visit and I know your memories are great of seeing your lovely family! AND I agree about décor for fall, or for any season for that matter, that natural tones and muted colors from nature are what I am loving these days. There is just a homey, happy feel with the colors of the earth. WELL DONE! Now I must run off to school. Wishing you a happy day! Much love, Anita

    1. Hello Dear Anita,
      I have missed you as well and I will never ever tire of your IG page! I did have a very enjoyable time with my family and when I left them, I was so confident that they were well on their way, that my heart was happy for them.
      Yes, muted colors with just a little color infused is the way to go for me!
      Blessings and love to you too~

  2. Hi Jemma! Oh, your vignettes are truly gorgeous! I really love them. I have that same little cow creamer from The Pioneer Woman's collection. I bought the cake stand too and did a post about it! :) I know you're so excited about your new house and I am too. Good luck and hope it all gets finished so you can get moved in before Christmas!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Shelia,
      I thought I saw this cow on your blog and that she looked familiar!
      Well, I just thought she was too cute to pass up and I guess you did too:)
      Thank you for the well wishes on the new house-hopefully just 6 more weeks!

  3. Hello Jemma, I have missed you! Love the vignettes. The pumpkins and candlesticks is one of my favorites. It is fun decorating for the holidays. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. Eileen,

      I have missed you and what a dear friend you are to say this!
      I had a remarkable experience with my family and that new baby is just as precious as she can be, but I left California knowing that they were all well on their way to a good life!

      Oh yes, I love to decorate too and am so anxious to get into our new home and really dig in.

  4. These lovely vignettes are so YOU Jemma! I adore the touches of 'girlyness' and the jewelry, especially the pearls draping casually over the pumpkin.

    You've been missed, and now it's time to hunker down and keep us in the loop about your new, gorgeous home!

    1. Doreen,
      I have missed you and I think I saw you do a post on a fig recipe, I am visiting you in just a bit to see what you have cooked up!

      Yes indeed it is time to get up to speed with that home of ours:)

  5. I have missed you - I know you had a nice time. I love your vignettes. My favorites are the one with the two candles - love white and orange and I love the one with the white pumpkins - I think that is so pretty.

    1. Hi Sandie!
      This really warms my heart:)
      I did have a lovely visit and oh that baby!! She is a darling and just as good as she can be:)

  6. Love the little pumpkin in the tea cup!!!

    Love mirrors. Look forward to seeing how you will use them, in your new home....

    1. Your vignettes are so pretty, Jemma! I love the white pumpkins and lighter Fall decor, but I still like adding in tons of color. Maybe I just haven't grown up or maybe it's because we don't actually have Fall here.....it takes a lot of color to fake Fall!

    2. Hi Ladies,
      Thanks so much and it's always fun to add Autumn zest to our homes:)

  7. All of these are beautiful but I think my favorite is the one with the angel and pearls....That combination is hard to beat. I hope you have a great week...

    1. Nancy,
      Just visited you and we are both creating various vignettes-a great thing to do on a glorious Autumn day.

  8. So beautiful...love the styling and feminine look. It is so fun to change things up. xo

    1. Opps Jemma, this is me commenting, Linda. I forgot I was logged into my other account....xo

  9. Love all of your feminine vignettes - what lovely touches you add to your home! I can't believe that cow creamer is from Walmart, of all places. It is so cute! I will have to keep telling myself next time I go to WM (I limit my trips, though sometimes that place is an evil necessity), "I don't need it, I don't need it." :-)

    1. Melanie,
      I am with you on the business of shopping overall. I am actually a poor shopper, usually get overwhelmed especially if I leave my list on the kitchen counter, which happens way too often...

  10. Awwwww, all so pretty, Jemma. Really, you are a super decorator! Susan

  11. Hi Jemma, your home is an inspiration. I love all your beautiful vignettes and the soft side of elements and treasures. Linda's pumpkin is beautiful with the pretty brooch. Love your cow creamer and I must go to Walmart for a look. I saw the same little sweetie on Shelia's blog. I started a little collection myself and this is too cute. So glad you are back home. I sure missed you sweet friend.
    Have a wonderful week. Blessings, cm

  12. Your vignettes are full of the soft side of autumn loveliness. The pumpkin in the polka dot cup is my favorite. All the white you've included is great. Happy Autumn!

  13. ok, I had to warm my tea up, so I can sit and enjoy this post for awhile. First, I have to tell you that I love feminine in all seasonal décor. These vignettes are so pretty, Jemma. The cow with the rose is so sweet, and I really like the orange velvet pumpkin with a string of pearls. I love that cute blue and white tea cup, and the orange pumpkin is a nice contrast. I have that same glitter pumpkin on my post today. Did you get it at Michaels? aahh, the white pumpkin with the angel and the pearls draping from her, so beautiful.
    This is such a girly post, and I loved every bit of it. And just so you know, I am a bit of a bohemian gal myself. : )

    Enjoy these Autumn days, Jemma. I am taking it all in.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. I could have sworn I left you a comment before....grrrr.... anyway- it is all just beautiful, Jemma. I love feminine in any seasonal decor. Your take on fall is just gorgeous. Love the blue and white china with the pumpkin, too. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  15. You always put things together so well. I got my Fall decorations out today but now I think I've put too much together. Hmmm...I may have to look at your photos again and see if I can make some improvements. Enjoy your week sweet friend! Diane

  16. Everything is so pretty...very soft. I love the pumpkin in the teacup...a very clever idea! I like your ideas and as I tweak my fall decorations (which stay up till Thanksgiving), I'm going to try to emulate some of your pretty vignettes.

    Jane x

  17. Oh Jemima, I am impressed how you continue to decorate with the majority of things in storage! Beautimous.

    you know who (:

  18. Jemma, so glad you are back! I love all of these vignettes and the little touches that make them feminine! Sometimes, that one little touch is all our decor needs to set it perfectly for the season! I'm so looking forward to seeing all of these beautiful things in your new home! Hugs to you sweet friend!!

  19. Everything is so pretty and I love the colorful addition of your Pioneer Woman little milk cow. :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment today. I could live in a tree house too. In a heartbeat!


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