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August 22, 2021

We recently returned from visiting my 100 year old Farm in the Upper Snake River Valley in Eastern Idaho. Our time was well spent as we visited friends and placed flowers on the gravesites of my family. As we walked the farmland and watched the early Fall Harvest I felt renewed, centered and inspired. The amber waves of grain, sweet scent of fresh cut hay, mountain streams gushing into the snake river and gentle memories.

On this trip "home," I realized just how much my farming roots continue to influence so much of my lifestyle today and decorating our home is one of them.

Decorating Inspired by my 100 year old Farm


Farmgirl Essential #1 Fresh Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are part of my daily living, they are without a doubt a Farmgirl essential.

A day without several bouquets of fresh flowers throughout our home is like a day without sunshine. 

Forget purchasing bouquets at the grocery store, just plant a few of these old time favorites and you are going to have armfuls of fresh flowers all Summer long, no matter what planting zone you live in.

Short on space, just toss some in a big ole flower pot and watch them grow.

The good news is this, anyone can grow celosia, sunflowers, lemon basil and zinnias


As I tip-toe into Fall decorating in our home I will be using cream, gray, muted orange, soft brown and blue.
There will be splashes of red and yellow in my floral bouquets as I will be using what the garden has to offer me and as of now the zinnias, celosia and sunflowers are still giving me all they've got!


Farmgirl Essential #2 - Gingham and Checks

Gingham is a classic country pattern and pretty much an American favorite.
Way back when, gingham was associated with picnics and tablecloths. 
Now gingham and checks are used just about everywhere including in high end fashion.

Looking for more gingham and check inspiration you might enjoy my home tour.

Shop The Look and More!


My 100 Year Old Farm Influences Me

Low and behold in August of 2021 I suddenly realized this is my 100 year old Farm.

Hello??? I finally get it now - on just how much my Farming roots continues to influence my life; decorating, dressing, cooking, growing, thinking and living too. 

My Farming roots are the foundation of my life.

My homemaking skills, crafting abilities and gardening ventures were acquired in youth and continue to sustain me today.

 I absolutely love creating a home that reflects this passion, design and attitude.





Farmgirl Decorating Tip

Discover real inner harmony and gentle beauty for the home by tapping into the natural hues of the land and sky for decorating inspiration.



Farmgirl Essential # 3 - Wood & Blue Glass

All farmhouses have their fair share of vintage blue bottles, jars, and wooden keepsakes.
In fact I have fond memoires of wooden shelves brimming with mason jars, some were filled with colorful preserved vegetables and fruits, others were carefully curated pickle jars, jelly jars and other glass vessels of various colors and shapes
I enjoy incorporating a variety of jars, glass vessels and milk bottles as vases and as accent pieces in our home.


This wraps up today's homemaking segment on some of my favorite Farmgirl Essentials for Home Décor. 
I want to leave you with this vibrant red geranium inspiration.
Just about every Farmgirl and Country girl needs herself a fine bright red geranium on her doorstep to welcome her family and friends.

Oh and a Farm Dog-my Sadie girl!


Happy Homemaking friends!

Looking for more Fall joy?
Take a peek at my fun Vintage Flower Truck Centerpiece too!



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  1. Love your new blog look and your farm sounds like it gave you some renewed energy! It's always nice to go "home"!

  2. This is darling. Great tips. This farm suits you perfectly.

  3. You set such a pretty fall table and I love the new blog look!


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