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April 23, 2020
Welcome to a creative craft blog hop hosted by my friend, Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate
Today 26 Makers have taken the challenge of putting their own unique spin and personal style on crafting, ohh how I love this Crafting camaraderie 
Here we are, all armed with glue guns, needles, thread, modpodge, and ribbon in hand ready to seize the moment and our Making community!
As makers we enjoy uplifting up one another to create and then we get to have some fun sharing the finished product with one another and you too!

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Inspired By Next In Fashion

I was inspired to make My Gardening Sunbonnet (out of necessity) and from one of the most delightful shows on Netflix ... Next In Fashion.
You might be wondering what is Next In is a delightful design series on fashion, creativity, talent, heart and personality with a winning pot of $250,000!!

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Here is the real scoop on the show!

" Next In Fashion (NIF) is a reality show and fashion design competition series debuting on Netflix in January 2020; hosted by designers Tan France and Alexa Chung. Over ten episodes, eighteen designers compete in rounds based on design trends and styles that influence what people wear worldwide."

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Thank you Mom and Home Economics for showing me how to Organize!
So, in need of a stylish gardening sunbonnet I set to work on accessorizing and glamorizing some bonnets!
When creating I have found that organization is a must
Thank goodness for my Mom and my 8th grade Home Economics class, between the two of them they showed me the joy of creating and taught me how to create in an organized manner.

Home Economics is where I made my first purple checked dress and modeled it for the Mother's Day Tea at school.
I had almost forgotten all of this until I began writing this blog post, now it brings back such sweet memories.

All of us 8th grade girls modeled our dresses, we were proud and so were our Mom's.

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Harnessing the Ideas

If you are a creator too then chances are you have colorful thoughts meandering around in your head most of the time.

It's sort of like having vision of sugar plums dancing in your head,  except you want to make most of everything that you dream of,  but gosh those ideas are all over the place.

I have finally discovered that I have to harness these ideas in, almost as if they were a wild pony and here is how I go about it.

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Mood Boards and Prototype

I always begin with a mood board and a prototype

The Pink Glitter Hat above is really my Prototype, but I like the flamboyant nature of the hat so much I have dubbed it the Kentucky Derby Hat Collection, and I might just make more of them and plop them right down in Etsy shop!

Which by the way the Kentucky Derby has been moved to September 5th 2020-so you can still make your own hat!

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I ordered this amazing sew- able, glue-able and lovable hat from Amazon
I love it so much that I ordered another one.
I hand stitched some  the lace around the edge of it, made the bow, the deco-mesh ribbon and added the feathers and flowers.

You can click on LIVE for the Craft & Chat tutorial or Jemma Olson on Facebook.

bonnet, sun, hat, straw, feminine, pretty, kentucky, derby, diy, craft, flowers, athomewithjemma

This such a fun and easy and project. 
Pick out your choice of accessories.
Place them on the hat and glue and go!

Glue Tip
I used hot glue for this project as I was demonstrating this live.
However, the second gardening bonnet that I am making I will be using E6000.
Hot glue has a tendency to loose it;s umph in the heat and cold although Chloe has had great success with Gorilla Hot Glue.

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Links to all the Makers are Below and following me is Patti from Hearth and Vine.
I hope with all of my heart that you will visit all of the amazing talent listed below and let these gals know you stopped by, I just know it will warm their hearts and leave you inspired and ready to get crafting.

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I'd like to say thank you to Linda from Life and Linda for the great blog update.

Also welcome to my new subscribers and a big Hello to the new folks that I am meeting through this blog hop and on Craft and Chat Live.

Have you ever done anything really scary? 
Well, I am Jemma, the market gardener, homemaker and the Grandmother on the first season of Making It on NBC, and being on this show was very, very scary!

grandmother, crafter, homemaker, diy, maker, athomewithjemma

And this is my handmade and beloved embroidery hoop quilt that was my shining glory on the show of Making It.
This quilt means the world to me as it has my Mom and Grandma's embroidery featured in the hoops.
It has a permanent spot in our home and always will!

Thank you for visiting me today and please remember that it all begins at home!

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Supply List For DIY Gardening Sunbonnet.
1. Straw Hat
2. Deco-mesh
3. Lace
4. Feathers
5. Faux flowers
6. Ribbon
7. Scissors 
8. Hot glue/glue gun (E6000 glue)

Up next is my talented and organized Friend Patti from Hearth and Vine she has a very timely and special craft project just for you!!

Just as promised here are the links to the fabulous Makers of our Creative Craft Blog Hop!

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  1. Jemma, what a fun idea. I too love the Netflix series Next in Fashion. I've watched them all. Both seasons of Making It and every Project Runway. They are so inspiring and make me want to create. I know I have some good choices for faux flowers. Now I just have to find a hat.

  2. Adorable Jemma and such a pretty photo of you in your bonnet holding your bouquet of flowers! Happy Making ♥

  3. This is so sweet and fun! I am all about wearing hats here in Florida do to all of the sun, and I have a few in the dainet that I could dress up with flowers. I don't know if I have any feathers to add, but I have plenty of ribbon! Thanks for joining in!!

  4. Adorable Jemma! What a great idea, and I have all the stuff!! We were planning to have a Kentucky Derby party this year, and I am so bummed we had to cancel, but at least I can make a proper hat!

  5. This is so cute and fun! Love the colors and perfect for spring and summer. Thanks for sharing

  6. What a cute party hat. I have never been to a Kentucky Derby party but if I was going I would sure be making a hat like yours. So cute.

  7. Hi Jemma,
    This is super cute and so much fun. Love all the garden party hats especially yours. Love all the fun ideas. Have a great Thursday.

  8. I love hats and your's turned out so pretty! And I still love that embroidery hoop quilt a lot, I remember it from the show! So special.

  9. I loved seeing you on Making It! Wished you had stayed til the end! Your hat is adorable and looks like you had lots of fun making it! What a fun idea and occasion!

  10. So many great tips in this post... Love the hat, my grandmother was hat gal with gloves and purses to match. When she passed the reception tables included a centerpiece with one of her hats and a pair of gloves. When I see hats of any kind, I smile... She loved to dress up, she loved to sew and garden and was a true homemaker. Perhaps now more than ever people will understand the value in learning from home...

  11. Your bonnet is really cute! Smart move on the E6000. My cousin was telling of a cute summery wreath her daughter in law made for her. It was great till the temps in Cleveland got in the 90s and the flowers fell off because the glue melted in the sun.

    I loved you on Making It and I thought you should have gone the distance!

  12. How beautiful and I love all your tips! For the past few years, I have been attending Kentucky Derby parties and it's always fun to wear a pretty fact, I think it's required! Love how yours turned out. Stay well!

  13. Jemma, I adore your works and how you work it! Your bonnet is so cute, and that embroidery hoop quilt! No wonder you made the cut to be on the makers program. You are such a natural! xo

  14. Such a beautiful hat. I don't even know when the derby is, but this would be a great hat to wear.

  15. Love this. Your hat is darling and the picture of you is so cute. You look great. I'm amazed how you get so much done.
    You were great on the Making it show. I was watching and so proud of you.
    Looks like a great blog hop.

  16. What a fun and easy way to add sparkle and a hop in your step with that cute hat. Great tutorial. Happy hopping with you.

  17. Your hat is so lovely, Jemma! So many wonderful tips too! I watched you on Making it and you rocked, sweet lady! My favorite project was your embroidery hoop quilt too! A family treasure for sure and I'm so glad to hear you still proudly display it in your home!

  18. Jemma, we both chose a millinery project —- great minds think alike lol? Such a fun idea and stylish result. I have never heard of the show ad will definitely have to check it out! Would love to join you in our hats and fascinators for a garden party.

  19. First time on you blog Jemma. Everything you make is so bright and cheerful. It makes me happy to read your post.

  20. I don't watch much on Netflix, but a craft show sounds perfect!

  21. Good morning Jemma!!! I missed coming here yesterday; I had lots of work to do for online schooling and it was my birthday, though I didn't do anything for it!

    THIS CREATIVITY MAKES MY HEART SING! Oh I have so many ideas but no time for it! I love the hats, everything!

  22. Dear Jemma, your floral hats are as pretty as can be! I'm pinning your lovely creations! Hugs, Cecilia

  23. Jemma, I have fond memories of Home Economics class, too. It’s where I learned how to sew and developed a love of fashion. I’m definitely going to check out Next in Fashion! Your Kentucky Derby hat is beautiful! I love the feathers and pops of pink. You’ve inspired me to make one with my daughter. I’ve enjoyed your Craft and Chat videos too :)

  24. Such a beautiful hat and a lovely idea! This is my first time visiting and I am enjoying your blog! So happy to connect with you!

  25. Isn't that the cutest hat! The Kentucky Derby Hat is so charming too. When Nel watched the Kentucky Derby on tv, she got all fancied up with her BIG hat and black ribbon. I loved the story of your purple checked dress in your 8th grade Home Economics Class. The feathers on your straw hat adds a special touch. And there you are looking lovely as ever on the show Making It. : )

    I hope you have more creative days in May coming up, dear Jemma.



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