Assembling An Embroidery Hoop Quilt

August 20, 2018
Hello friends I am back this week just as tickled as I can be with the results of my Embroidery Hoop Quilt. I am sharing some photos and information so you can begin to assemble your own embroidery hoop quilt this week. The full tutorial will be available for download in my newsletter at the end of this month. There was just too much information, so I am going with the thought process that a "Picture speaks a thousands words!"

The Beauty Of Preserving History

Last week I shared with ya'll my struggle with fabric. This week we will be focusing on assembling.

If you look closely at this photo you can see the tenderness of the fabric and the very old stitches from my Grandmother! (thrilling isn't it!) This is History my friends, just as real as if you and I were reading a History book, maybe even more, because my Grandmother's hands worked these stitches.

Since I knew that I was going to be hand embroidery around some of the pieces for this quilt I went with a fusible product to attach the fabric together. However if you would rather use a sewing machine this will work very well too and might even be quicker.

Using Pinking Shears

1. Using pinking shears cut vintage embroidery from pillow case, dishtowels, tablecloth. (whatever it is that the embroidery has been stitched on.) Cut the pieces that you want to use and cut approximately 1 inch away from embroidery being careful not to cut any of the stitching.

2. Set aside pieces of cut embroidery.

3. Cut (16) 12 x12 inch squares for “quilt blocks.” Suggested materials are cotton, muslin, canvas, new linen.

4. Preheat iron to cotton setting and iron all fabric that has been cut. If you are having difficulty with wrinkles you can use the steam setting.

How to use A Fusible Product.

1. Heat iron setting to cotton/wool and do not use any steam.

2. Remove fusible product from package. Measure the correct size and either cut or tear the fusible product to fit. Place the piece of fusing under the embroidery that you are attaching to the “quilt” block.

3. Place a damp cloth over the embroidery, making certain the embroidery is directly over fusible material. Place the iron flat on the damp cloth that is on top of the embroidery and hold for around 20 seconds.

4. When you lift the iron, the embroidery is now attached. If it does not feel secure you can re-iron the area for a few more seconds. Make certain the top cloth is still damp.

Embroidery Hoops

For this project I used 16 (7) inch wooden embroidery hoops and then spray painted them. ( I love the teal!) However, I have been looking for more wooden embroidery hoops for my felt ball wreaths and there seems to be a shortage of 6 inch hoops...seriously?? Anyway it seems to me that if the 7 inch will work for me I think it will for you too. I have include some links below and also from Crafty Wool Felt-one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Why I love This Project

I love this project because it has given me the opportunity to display heirloom pieces in a functional and decorative way. I also love this project because it has the flexibility to be totally customized.

Let's get to crafting!

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  1. Such a beautiful piece of art and family history, Jemma! And displayed so well, people will stop and look at this when visiting, I'm sure. I love the little chains they hang from, excellent touch and the blue hoops are a wonderful color choice!

  2. Indeed, what a labor of love! Your quilt is so charming, and I absolutely love the history. A truly unique and wonderful project to be cherished!

  3. Jemma, this is really beautiful! I love the color you chose to paint the embroidery hoops. It really draws out the colors in the embroidery. Such a special project!!


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