At Home With Jemma|Valentine Tiered Tray Styling Tips For All Homemakers

February 09, 2020
Happy Valentine's Week Dear Friends and new subscribers, thank you so much for joining me! Today I am sharing my pink Valentine Tiered Tray Vignette on our Dining room table. I am sort of obsessed with a tiered tray. They are consistently an awesome and multi-use decorating accessory for me and you and all Homemakers. Tiered trays will fit the bill and budget for all of our varying decor styles, a tiered tray becomes whatever you want it to be!

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Loving the Versatility and Functionality of a Tiered Tray!

Friends, we get a double bonus with investing in a tiered tray. When we aren't decorating with a tiered tray, we can use them to hold just about anything; guest towels, napkins, seasonal coffee mugs, fruits,vegetables, cupcakes, quick snacks, canapes or even crafts!
Take a peek below!

A couple of years ago Stacey of Poofing The Pillows, Laura of White Spray Paint, Laura of Decor To Adore and myself had a little blog hop going on. We hosted a link up party with the theme being... you guessed it, Tiered Trays!  It was a pretty big hit, because well just about every homemaker digs her tiered tray! 

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Here are three new decorating styling tips for 2020 and just in the nick of time too! So many fun Holidays coming up....I am thinking of Easter Bunnies, Photos, Easter Eggs and Spring decor for the next tiered tray vignette., valentine, styling, tips, ideas, decor, easy, pink, holiday

Tiered Tray Styling Tip Number One

Photos, Photos, Photos!

Being a Grammy and all I have plenty of photos that I want to showcase anytime, all the time and to anyone that will take a look.
While styling this tiered tray I didn't even worry with a frame. I just popped the photos in with the other decor. I figure I'll trade them out over the course of the week so that each and every grand gets showcased!

*Thinking ahead, how cute would Easter Bunny photos be...and Easter Eggs.

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Valentine, decor, homemaking, homemaker, homedecor, decorating, holidays, flowers, wooden signs,

I don't know if you follow along with me on Instagram, but awhile ago I created an Instagram story on my Valentine Shopping trip to the Dollar Tree. This is where I picked up this most adorable wooden Love Sign, white paper garland and Valentine candles. Unfortunately I could not link directly to the wooden Love sign as it appear that it is not longer in stock. This link will take you to another craft store. However here is a link to some adorable Easter signs.

Tiered Tray Styling Tip Number Two

Small, Small, Small!

The average tiered tray typically isn't large so remember to think small and pick up some cute little candy dishes, candles, ceramic figurines, petite coffee cups, floral picks and even recycled jars. Tuck in a greeting card or two, roll up a colorful cloth napkin or add a petite Christmas ornament for added charm.

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homemaker, homemaking, tips, decorating, valentine, tiered, tray, decor athomewithjemma

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

Use items that create repetition. For my Valentine tired tray I used 3 Valentine candles and staggered them throughout the tray.

Valentine, decor, buffalo, check, red, white, pink, flowers, carnations, centerpiece,

Thank you so much for joining me today! I enjoyed sharing the love of the season with you.
I will be back on Wednesday for my bi-monthly Gardening Series.

Thank you much for joining me today!

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  1. So many beautiful and creative ideas.

  2. Beautiful Jemma! Happy Valentines Day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Great ideas, Jemma. I have a tiered tray, but it's been in use at the antique mall ever since I bought it......holding vintage hardware! Every time I see a vignette with a tiered tray, I think I should rob my inventory and bring it home, especially now that counter space is at a premium in downsized living! You get a big bang for the buck when you style a tiered tray. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's week. XO

  4. Very cute and charming Jenna! I might try this with my 2 tier tray!

  5. Very cute ideas, jemma and as always, they look darling here!

  6. I think I need one of those on my vanity to hold my overflowing selection of anti aging elixirs!!! :)

  7. Hello there, Jemma! I am unfortunately finding notification of your posts in my spam folder! How nice to see you post again! Are you enjoying all your preparations? I can tell! You make everyone's day so much brighter. I hope to hear from you when you have time! LOVE!

  8. Hey Jemma - This is so pretty, I love how you put things together. it has got to be a natural thing for you because these displays turn out detailed, beautiful and inviting every time.

    I have this one area iwth additional counter space and it's currently occupied with my seed starting box. When all that can go outside I may have to think about a tiered tray. Would be fun to have something I could change out all the time and never get tired of. Not sure if I'll ever get the hang of Tiny Living, I like it but there are things I miss... Once again great ideas!

    Hugs - Carole

  9. I love tiered trays too! So fun to update! Yours are so sweet with those precious grand kids photos!

  10. Beautiful images! I wanted to pin but couldn't get the pin it sign to come up.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  11. They do look as if they're one of the most versatile accessories ever. I love tiny objects but it is so difficult to show them off well without them looking lost.

    Love is definitely on your dining room table, happy Valentine's Day, Jemma!

  12. Jemma, love your tiered tray. I do remember your link party. We all love to decorate our tiered trays for different seasons. Yours is so pretty. The grand kids photos are a sweet touch. I happy to feature your lovely tray this week. Happy Sunday. xo

  13. Happy belated Valentine's weekend to you, Jemma! Love the tiered tray you've created!!! Hope spring is coming your way. <3

    Barb :)


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