Five Tips On How To Style A Tiered Tray

September 12, 2016
Welcome to five Fall tiered tray tips and a prelude to our tiered tray extravaganza link party which will be open on Tuesday September 13 at 6:00 a.m. central time.

Today I am writing this post from lovely Sunny California where I am about to hike with my daughter on a portion of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail).
Today we will be hiking 7 miles, reaching the peak of Thunder Mountain at an elevation of 9,400 feet.
The air is cool and dry and it feels SO good!
When we get to the summit today it will be a wonderful 57 degrees!


Sometimes styling a tiered tray can be overwhelming so I put together five simple tips for you today to style your own tiered tray.

I am also sharing two different ways that I have styled my vintage tiered tray.

Tiered Tray Tip #1

Tiered Trays are a perfect way to add seasonal displays, as well a food and beverages for

special events.


Tiered Tray Tip #2

Tiered Trays are a wonderful way to showcase those special dishes.

I am displaying my Grandmother's creamer, sugar bowl and butter dish.


Tiered Tray Tip # 3

Tiered trays are a unique way to display various collections, candles, vegetables and fruit.

white-orange-pumpkin-enamel ware-galvanized-autumn-fall-decorating

silver, fall-pumkin-chinoiserie-kitchen-jemma-athomewithjemma

I simply had to share this beautiful, artistic and hand painted chinoiserie pumpkin by my
dear friend Karolyn from  The Relished Roost.
She is so talented and her generosity and friendship are very dear to me.


Tiered Tray Tip #4

Tiered Trays add dimension and interest to Kitchen islands and decorative tables.

French-chair-fall-decorating-clay-pots-Autumn-tired-tray-orange-pumpkins-figs-how to decorate-jemma

Tiered Tray Tip # 5

Tiered Trays can be used to add texture, colors, and seasonal themes.
Clay pots, napkins, leaves or flowers are always appealing to the eye.

fall-decorating-tiered tray-pumpkin-how to style a tiered tray-athomewithjemma

Loving this baby doll!

athomewithjemma, homemaker, grandmother, crafter, blogger

The Ladies from Thoughts Of Home On Thursday invite you to stop by today as they share

their own Tiered Trays.

Thank you again for visiting me today and we all look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

                                                Laura from White Spray Paint

                                               Stacey from Poofing The Pillows

                                                  Laura from Decor To Adore

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  1. I love your ideas, friend. Your tray looks amazing and I'm really jealous over that pumpkin.

    Have a wonderful time with your family.

  2. Great tips Jemma! I love the pumpkin!!!! ;)

  3. These are wonderful tips and your tray is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful visit!

  4. Great tips! Love your baby doll! So pretty!

  5. Great tips, Jemma. You inspire me. Enjoy every minute of your California stay!

  6. I love tiered trays to add height where needed. Your styling photos are inspirational Jemma!

    Enjoy your time with your beautiful family and the cooler weather :).


  7. Great inspiring tips. You make me want to go out and buy another one. :)

  8. Your sweet baby doll is so adorable. Enjoy your fun family time. Love the tiered trays.
    Happy New Week.

  9. Good on you with that hike! Three cheers! And I loved your tops. I'm in need of a good tiered tray so I'm looking forward to getting all sorts of inspiration this week. (And what a sweet baby grand!)

  10. Very helpful tips. Your trays look fabulous. The air is turning crisp and I am starting to feel fall is in the air. Enjoy your family time and the hike. Xo

  11. Tiered tray tip perfection Jemma! I also adore your chinoiserie pumpkin.

  12. Good morning Jemma,
    What a sweet photo of you and your "baby doll!" Love your tiered tray! I should have ordered one....I looked everywhere locally to try and locate one but wasn't able to. So I can't join in but I am looking forward to seeing how they all turn out!

    It's a bit chilly today which is a refreshing change from the past few weeks' heat and humidity. Loving it! Enjoy your time in CA! Safe travels!

  13. Wow! Hiking the PCT...that's great. I just saw a friend's instagram of their campsite on the northern end of the Pacific Crest Trail closer to Canada and they had snow this morning. Enjoy your time and if you are done already hope all went well. Sweet baby doll! I have a tiered tray that I attempted and will add to the link tomorrow. ellen b.-The Happy Wonderer

  14. I so want to join in the tiered tray party now, but I have no tray! Maybe an improvised one using my cake stand will be in order ;) Your tiered tray is lovely, and looks so nice on your island. Thanks for all these helpful tips (I'll need them since I've not done this before!).

    Your baby granddaughter is adorable Jemma ... what a great photo of the two of you! Best of luck with the hiking today. Good for you! Seven miles (is that one way?!), gosh! you're going to be in great shape by the end of your visit! Don't forget to share your photos from the top :D happy trails!
    Wendy xox

  15. Thank you for all the lovely inspiration! Enjoy every moment of your trip.

  16. Great ideas! Enjoy your time with your daughter. 57 degrees sounds so good.

  17. Beautiful ideas - thank you! Enjoy your time with your daughter and beautiful granddaughter in CA. That hike sounds awesome!

  18. Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to the party. How nice for you to be in cool weather :-)

  19. Great tips for styling a tier tray! Yours is so pretty decked out for fall! Hope you had a wonderful hike! 57 degrees... that sounds like a dream! :) Still in the 90's and very humid here! See you tomorrow... thanks for hosting! ~Rhonda

  20. Hello Jemma! You are in California! Enjoy yourself and I hope that you enjoy both ocean and forest! Your little dolly is sweet as can be! Beautiful trays!!!

  21. Okay, I am going to need at least one more tiered tray! They are so versatile and fun to play with-I love all the special things you used to style yours Jemma! A 7 mile hike is impressive, hope you had fun!

  22. Thanks for sharing these & for planning such a fun linkup this week! Pushed me to get finally decorate my tiered tray (and now I think I'm addicted)!

  23. Thanks for the tips, Jemma!! Think I'm going to have to make myself a tiered tray...

  24. aww what a cutie.
    loving your tips. thanks

  25. This party was such a great idea. I was pushed for time but couldn't get it off my mind so I made time to do a tiered tray.

  26. I am lovin' all the Fall goodies around your house, Jemma. Pacific Crest Trail in California!! Are you near Auburn area? It's so lovely there. I like how you added a bit of blue to your Fall d├ęcor, and your grandmother's sugar and creamer is a treasure, indeed.

    Have fun hiking the beautiful trails. Some of the finest in California.

    love, ~Sheri

  27. Hi Jemma, beautiful styled tiered tray and the painted pumpkin is gorgeous. Love the pic of you and baby doll. Have fun and a great week. xo

  28. This was the greatest idea for a party. I love your tips for styling a tray.


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