Handmade Snow Globe Mason Jars DIY

December 20, 2019

Hello and Welcome Sweet Friends!
In this Christmas crafting post you will find colorful photos and easy instructions on how to make a sweet home-style snow-globe mason jar and as a added bonus a homemade peanut cluster recipe too! I want you to have this information for this weekend, just in case you were need of one last hand-made gift.  I recently made these nifty DIY Snow-globe mason jars for our Bunco group, neighbors, friends and naturally my hairstylist. 

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Jars are one of the many materials that I enjoy working with. That dear Mother of mine canned every Fall and I have the best memories of colorful fruits and vegetables filling those jars. I haven't canned much myself but, I  am always on the look out for ways to make creative use out of  jars. Are you looking for more jar inspiration just click on  Bonjour DIY Jar Vases and Distressed Modge Podge Fabric Jar!

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Truly, these Snow-globe mason jars are pretty cute and once you make one, you will want to make more.  They are decorative, useful, reusable, handy and perfectly handmade. Holidays and Handmade sort of go together. Oh and I am not stopping with Christmas, I'll be sharing some creative Valentine Jars too and Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

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I filled my Mason jars with mints and chocolate kisses; however, the sky is limit, think about what treats you’d like to receive. How about candy canes, cookies, hot chocolate mix, or a brownie mix, let your imagination be your guide.

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Snow-globe mason jars are a sweet gift for hostess, mailmen, Sunday School teachers, School Teachers, neighbors, friends, coaches, the list is really endless.

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Each snow-globe mason jar is easily customized by YOU! These home-style crafted jars are perfect to create as a family.  Gather that sweet family around you, chat, laugh and create.  Just be sure that an adult is in charge of the glue gun and that you have plenty of Cookies and Milk to nibble on along the way.

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(Crafting Tip)
Before you purchase any items take inventory of what you already have in your pantry, cupboards and craft stash.  I know I am always pleasantly surprised at what I have saved throughout the years. Also please remember that this is your craft so customize it to your liking.
All of my tutorials are simply a pattern for you to work off, let your creativity shine! 😊


If you need some homemade candy to fill your Snow-globe jars how about this recipe for homemade Peanut clusters.

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  • Wide mouth quart or pint mason jar with lid and outside ring. Find them at a craft store, grocery store or here.
  • Small clear plastic fillable ornaments found here.
  • Miniature Christmas Tree ornaments that can be found at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Dollar store or here.
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors (optional)
  • Paint Brush.
  • Mod-podge.
  • Glitter.
  • Assorted miniature pompoms that can be found at most craft stores or here.
  • Ribbon, twine.
  • Yarn.
  • Small pompom maker.
  • Bells.
  • Optional Crinkle paper filler found at craft stores, or here.
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks or E6000 glue

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Instructions For Making DIY Snow-Globe Mason Jar

1.Hot glue or use E6000 glue to glue the lid to the inner side of the ring.
2.If desired paint jars and lids
3.After Paint has dried-or even if you opt out of painting the lid mix decoupage and glitter together and apply to top of the lid. 4.Let dry.
5.Glue Miniature pompoms around the edge of the rim.
6.Open up a clear plastic ornament (there will be two pieces)
7.Glue around one of the edges or glue around the edge of the mason jar lid. (Either method will work.)
8.Place lid on top of the mason jar and hold firmly in place until it is set.
9. Add a homemade pompom and jingle bell.

Thank you for joining me today and have a safe weekend!
Life is sweet and so are you!


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  1. Hi Jemma, Couldn't open the video but boy, these are cute and I'm going to remember this one for next year. This late TG really threw me off my game!

    I realized I didn't have your current address to send a Christmas card this year but shoot it to me when you have a chance. I'm so glad you are blogging again. Meanwhile, I hope you and your family have an absolutely splendid Christmas in your new home and I look forward to so much more in the new year!

  2. Oh Jemma, this is the most creative idea ever. These jars are so cute. I will have to pass your post along to the girls, as they love mason jars and putting their own goodies in them. I love hearing about your mother and all the wonderful things she used to do for her family. I especially like the snow globes, as I collect them. And the gold ribbon you added is a nice touch. I think putting tea bags or hot chocolate in there is also a fun idea. And who doesn't love chocolate Kisses? The red crinkle paper made me smile, as Jess added this to all her Christmas gifts this year. This is really a great idea, and thanks for sharing. Your creative hands always make the most beautiful things for your loved ones.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas, and thank you for your friendship all these years. : )


  3. Soooo cute Jemma!! My sister made me a snow globe in a mason jar a few years back, it's adorable also!

    Merry Christmas sweet friend!


  4. OH MY GOODNESS I thought I had commented on this post! Dear, dear friend, thank you for the beacon of light that YOU are! Your words on my blog post are welcoming songs of friendship to me.Thank you for always being a shining example of perseverance and artistic expression! Much love to you on this day!

  5. These are super adorable. Hope you had the most beautiful Christmas in your new home and wishing you lots of new adventures where you live in 2020.
    Big hugs,


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