Christmas With Stencils~Rustic Planters

December 02, 2016
Good Morning!
I have been enjoying stenciling these past couple of months.
I shared a stenciled jar candle holder back in September and today myself along with 5 other bloggers are sharing a themed Christmas with stencils project that we all hope you will enjoy and find inspiring.

Our friend Carole from Garden Up Green organized this Christmas with stencils blog hop.
You will find  links to everyone of these creative artists and bloggers at the end of this post.

This post is twofold as it is also the debut of my hand-cut Cedar Christmas Tree from our property.
I set out about 2 days ago to find the perfect Christmas Tree and here it is.
I shared the details on Instagram and just when I was about to bring the little Cedar inside an IG friend advised against it, because of bagworms. 
Truth be told Cedars are very prickly and I suspect that I have a couple of chigger bites too.
Oh well,  one might think it looks a little like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, but to me it is beautiful and jut perfect for our front porch!


For this project I decided to use some rustic planters that my husband made for me a few years ago.
I freshened them up with some gray chalk paint.
Then between the two of us (the hubby) and myself we designed, cut, sanded and painted two signs for me to stencil.

The Project Using Salvaged Pieces Of Lumber & Cedar Planter

1. Cut your salvaged pieces of lumber into the size of board you'd like to stencil.
2. Sand rough edges of board
3. Paint the board
4. Let board dry before stenciling.

Christmas-stand-diy- stencil-paint-outdoor-deocr

Stenciling The Project

1. Secure the stencil to the board with painters tape
2. Gather all of your paints together, I used acrylic paint.
3. Use paper plates to put your paint on
4. Keep scissors and various paint brushes handy
5. Remove stencil after painting
6. Attach to planter

The hubby and I enjoyed this project and the weather was positively wonderful so most of it was completed outdoors.


Now, this stencil design would not have been possible without Debbiedoos stencils.
Her stencil line includes various seasons and themes as well as being a quality stencil that is forgiving.
These stencils are sturdy, but yet flexible and they stay in place!
She is a one man show so to speak and her products are all made in the U.S.A.!


This sign started out like this.


Then to this...


Then finally to this!



Thank you for joining us today with our themed Christmas With Stencils project.

Our talented friends have links below.


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  1. Hi Jemma,

    What a pretty sign.I love how you put it on a planter. Debbie's stencils are really cute and home sweet home is a great sentiment that can be used all year round. So much fun seeing what everyone came up with. I hope you have a fabulous blessed and very merry Christmas with your wonderful family.

    1. Patti,
      It sure has been a fun project and even though I am still learning and fine-tuning my knowledge of stenciling I am more inspired than ever to forge ahead!
      It's be great working with you and thanks so much!

  2. That is so cute! I need to check out her stencil line. Love your cedar tree too. We always had one in the house when I was growing up. You just rinse it off good first!
    I'm seriously considering getting a silhouette machine so I can make my own. Space is an issue right now though...probably need to wait for the studio to be completed.

    1. Her stencil line is all about quality and selection, you won't be dissapointed.
      Thanks again and also for sharing the tip on how to freshen up these natural Cedar Trees:)

  3. Neat stencil and I love that you took something you already had and gave it new life. This project is really neat and I get it was fun sharing the experience with your hubby. I love it when Robert steps in to help out. Thanks for being apart of this Christmas Stencil working with you Jemma is always awesome!

    1. Enjoy working with you Carole and thanks so much for organizing this inspiring and creative event!

  4. How awesome! And I love our sweet Debbie! I'll go look at her stencils! Hugs!

    1. Our sweet and talented Debbie has great stencils! Thanks so much:)

  5. Hi Jemma, such a cute project using stencils and this one is unique. Love it. I too enjoy adding stencils to my painting projects when I can. It's always great fun to work with the hubby on projects like this too. Mine also helps me with many designs. Going to check out Debbie's stencils too. Your porch looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Blessings, xo

    1. I have discovered that you have to have a steady hand, good light and good eyes!
      I sure did enjoy this project and I hope to perfect my technique and make more.
      It was fun:)

  6. Your porch looks so warm and inviting and I love the cedar Christmas tree! You and hubby did a great job on this project.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    1. It was such a fun project Marilyn, I enjoy working with these professional and talented ladies. My husband was a hoot and made it all the merrier! Thanks again.

  7. Great job on this holiday project, Jemma! I can imagine the grandkids being so happy to see this on your porch! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend...the cold is coming!
    xo, T.

    1. Hi Sweet Tina!
      We have a set of grand-kids coming in on Sunday, so the hubby and I have been feverishly working to get our Christmas house ready! Thank you sweet friend.

  8. Jemma, what a fun and welcoming addition to your porch! I love the cedar tree, planter, and sign. You did a lot of work to pull all those together! That's a super cute stencil, with the antlers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Hi Jemma, I think your planter turned out really pretty. I like the idea of a stenciled sign instead of stenciling on the planter itself. That way you could add a different sign for all the Seasons and different plants or decorations to match the seasons. I live in Northwestern Pa. so we have different trees, but I think your Cedar is just right for the planter. I am very glad I got to visit all of you ladies, I am feeling very inspired right now, ready to take down my million Scare Crows that I have decorating the house for Fall and start making my own home made Christmas Decorations. Thanks, Donna

  10. What a pretty display for the holidays, Jemma. I am a huge fan of stenciling. You get that hand painted perfection without having to actually hand paint! ;) Perfect!

  11. Hey, Jemma! This is such a fun project! I love the addition of the little LIVE tree and agree with Donna - adding a sign instead of stenciling right onto the planter leaves you lots of future options.

    It's always a sweet pleasure to work with you and this was no exception! Wishing you a joy-filled Christmas season (and enjoy those babies!!!) :)

  12. Jemma, I could not be more smitten with your awesome planter idea..of course the stencil just tops it off. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing and using my stencil. I know there are a ton of choices out there today and I feel honored you chose mine:) xo

  13. Hi Jemma, you have the perfect stencil! Home sweet Home...isn't that the truth! Loving the addition of a real tree in it's own little planter.

    I learned about chiggers not long ago...not growing up here I had no idea what a gal was saying to me one day. I had a laugh when I was reading your what are bagworms...Lol!

    It is a joy working with you Jemma

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, xo

  14. Debbie's stencils are great, and you found the perfect one for your project. It would be perfect for my cabin :)

    I've always wanted a silhouette machine. I think it would be fun to create my own stencils!

    Enjoy your weekend creating Jemma!

  15. Good morning my friend! Double the pleasure this morning: It's Saturday, and I am here with YOU.

    The holidays continue to fascinate me, keeping me and making me feel younger every year. Why? Because of the constant discovery of the wonder of celebration, of hope, of creativity and LIGHT. We are a people of festivity. We must make meaning of life with our rituals, with our symbols, and I find that BEAUTIFUL. May the joy of Jesus constantly fill your creative spirit, for it shines forth SO beautifully. LOVE YOUR TREE!

  16. Those are so cute!! You are getting your craft on. I'm proud of you. ;)

  17. It's beautiful, Jemma, and I don't think your little cypress looks like a Charlie Brown tree at all! Didn't know that about bagworms - wondering if the same issue is prevalent with cuts (which I purchased for indoor decor)? Hmmm.....nonetheless, your stencil turned out great too.
    Merry December!

  18. Stenciling sounds like a wonderful way to add Christmas cheer with words and delightful sayings. This planter is charming, and "home sweet home" is always a great place to be. I used to do stenciling many years ago on the borders of my walls, and it looks like it's coming back and getting popular again.

    Have a blessed weekend, dear Jemma. Thanks for all your inspirational posts.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. This is fun, Jemma and as always -- great instructions!

  20. Very sweet! I did not know there were holiday themed stencils! I must check Debbie's stencils out!


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