Stained Cedar Planters - DIY

July 01, 2013
Loving gardening as I do, I always have

a little wish list.  Cedar Planters has been

on this list for a just a bit.  

I was ever so thrilled when I came home and

found these two delightful Cedar planters 

waiting for me!

I would really like to be able to provide 

you with very detailed and accurate 

directions. But this is the best I can do... 

Hopefully you are a visual 

person and don't really like to read 

directions anyway-

My husband is the talent behind these 

planters. He purchased cedar planks from his

favorite store in the entire world. 

Directions For Cedar Planters

1.  Measure and cut the cedar planks to 

resemble a picket fence.  You could make 

these any size you would like. Using a nail 

gun or a hammer and nails attach the cut 

pieces together.

2. Insert desired size of plastic flower pot 

into the base created.

3.  Attach wooden dowel.

4.  Add decorative moulding.

I wanted them to have a weathered look so

I applied a very light coat of white paint. 

Over the top of the paint I rubbed in Minwax

Jacobean Stain. 

I was torn between planting a trailing vine 

or compact flowers.  I chose Pentas and 


I still think I will add a vine, maybe ivy.

Because of their size, they seem a bit 

bare to me.  

What is on your Summer wish list?

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  1. ADORABLE! What a nice surprise, cedar planters are also in my wish list. Have a great Fourth of July, Jemma!

  2. Hi Jemma,

    Beautiful planters filled with pretty petals! Yes, I think the ivy would add some texture. These planters remind me fences, what a bonus that you can move them around! Enjoy them and happy 4th!


  3. Love them Jemma and wonderful tutorial! I am a visual learner and don't like to read directions;) Yours look so pretty! xxL

  4. What a wonderful wonderful wonderful gift from your husband. Something that you really wanted and he knew it. Love what you did with them - you are so talented. Sandie

  5. What a sweet hubby Jemma. The planters are so cute and will be gorgeous after they fill in a little more. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  6. I LOVE these planters and they look amazing with that weathered look. Perfection!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green


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