Sour Cream Sugar Cookies From The Farm

December 27, 2023

Oh the delightful fragrance of a fresh baked sugar cookie just cannot be beat, except for nibbling on one!

These homemade sugar cookies are straight from my Sunnydell Flower Farm Kitchen.

Now I have shared several sugar cookie recipes throughout the years and each one is extremely delectable, however these just might be the winner, afterall who can have too many sugar cookie recipes. 😌

Here is why I am loving these Sugar Cookies this Holiday season and why I just have to share them with you.

Lets start with this incredible dough it is tender sweet.

The cookies poof up to perfection, they are delicious with frosting or without and they are Santa tested and approved!


The Baker

You see my Mom was the bomb as a baker, a true natural baker.

Honestly I really can't hold a candle to her cookie, cake or bread making.

She would always make her homemade bread on Monday.

Believe me, I have tried, however when you grow up with the best...meh...the rest is mediocre.

Mom loved to bake and making homemade breads, pies, cakes and cookies was far more economical than purchasing them from the market.

You have to know that farmers are generally pretty frugal. 

Farming is a tough physical and mental job that many farmers view as as labor of love.

Extra dollars are saved for future equipment, crops, oh and that rainy day ...

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Hospitality Around The Table

Mom believed, and of course so do I, that food is a symbol of hospitality, love and kindness.

It is really quite simple - you feed people you care about!

Welcoming family and friends home for the holidays or any day has always been embraced through homemade and homegrown food.

Truly it is the Farmer mindset.

This goes way back in History where there was the Grange.

The Grange did have some political roots, but in our farming community in Idaho it is where we all got together once a week for fellowship, food and singing.

If there was a farmer in need of something and a fellow farmer had an item to spare-well, so be it.


Quality Vanilla, Cane Sugar and Butter Make a Difference

Oh gooodness, I have tweaked this recipe in three small ways (which is included in the printable recipe. However I nearly forgot to include these adjustments in this written post.

These small adjustments make a BIG impact on Flavor.

I am obsessed with good vanilla, cane sugar and quality butter.

I personally believe that these three ingredients make ALL the difference in the flavor of baked goods.

So for all my baking recipes I used Rodelle Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and I always add  more vanilla than the orginal recipes call for.

I also used Kerrygold Irish Butter in place of American butter.

Irish butter has a higher fat content and adds a creamer texture and flavor.

Cane sugar comes from the sugar cane is less refined, and slightly sweeter.

I discovered this recipe from this great website My Country Table by Cindy, so many other great recipes too, that I'll be trying in the New Year.

Thank you for joining me today! Let's get baking!

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies From The Farm

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  1. This recipe is similar to what we made in our home growing up. Thinking I will try them around Valentines this year. Also loved your intro and sharing thoughts on the Grange. There are so many things we no longer do in this country and honestly it makes me sad because they were the heart of this country. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year.


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