Five Beautiful DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

November 16, 2022

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There is something so joyful and jolly about creating your own Christmas wrapping designs for Christmas.

Instead of purchasing Christmas toppers, bows, gift tags and rolls and rolls of Christmas paper how about designing our own!

Join me while I share with you five beautiful DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas.

So put on some Christmas music to set the mood and get ready to be inspired!

As a bonus to this post I am joining a great group of gals who are sharing their creative take on ways to elevate your Holiday gift wrapping too!

Thank you to our host Shae from Sweet Southern Grace for hosting this gathering.

All links are shared at the end of this post.


Overview of Supplies


Wrapping Finesse meets DIY

Well, I have to admit that I am a sort of rush through it wrapping type of gal, you might even be able to relate to that mindset.

I am pretty certain my packages have never been the gifts with high quality wrapping paper and perfectly folded corners.

Oh, I always admire those personalities who churn out gorgeous and professional look packaging and even more so during the Holidays.

Seems I just tend to get so excited and thrilled over shopping for the gifts that I leave the wrapping to the last minute.

So this year what I lack in wrapping finesse is made up in DIY creativity. 

Added bonus affordability!

Yarn Christmas Tree Gift Topper


How To Make Yarn Christmas Gift Tree Topper:

Easily jazz up a rectangular box that you have wrapped in Kraft paper with green and red yarn and buttons.


  • Green Yarn
  • Red Yarn
  • Assorted Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks


  • Take a strand of green yarn and put a dot of hot glue on the top center of the box and press the start of the yarn down.
  • Add another dot of hot glue on the bottom right corner and continue the string of yarn down and cut.
  • Repeat until the yarn makes a tree shape and is as full as you would like.
  • Cut desired length of red yarn and pull it through the green strands of yarn to look like garland.
  • Add red and white buttons to look like Christmas lights.
  • Remove excess hot glue.


DIY Burlap Bow and Tissue Paper Wrapping

Making your own bow and using tissue paper for wrapping Christmas presents is a wonderful way to economically customize your Holiday wrapping!
I purchased this tissue paper from target (3$) and the wire burlap ribbon from Walmart ( 3$) I can easily get three to four small to medium size gifts wrapped for a 6$ dollar purchase.


How To Make A Simple Bow

This simple tutorial and short of list of supplies will have you making a finished bow in about 10 minutes!
*I generally work from a spool of ribbon so I don't need to cut the ribbon in long pieces and run the chance of possibly not having enough.*


  • Spool of wire edged ribbon
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue


*I generally work from a spool of ribbon so I don't need to cut the ribbon in long pieces and run the chance of possibly not having enough.*

  • Working from a spool of ribbon make a loop like a bunny ear.
  • Bring the ribbon around and make another loop on the other side, pinching in the middle.
  • Continue making loops and pinching in the middle, alternating sides until the bow is the fullness that you like. I did 8 loops for this bow.
  • Hold the loops of the bow and and wrap florist wire or a pipe cleaner in the center to secure the bow.


Chalkboard Packages

Simplicity, kraft paper or tissue paper and a chalk marker are the magic working on this DIY Christmas package.
Customized and economical all in one-this is a win, win DIY packaging system!
You don't even have to be an artist or have perfect penmanship to make this customized packing clever and fun!


Supplies For Christmas Chalk Board Design

  • Chalk Marker Pen
  • Kraft paper or solid colored tissue paper


  • This is one of the simplest wrapping designs in this post and if you are short on time and gift tags this DIY Christmas packaging design is a must.
  • I used 3-4 sheets of tissue paper for thickness for this package and secured them pretty tight with tape so the chalk writing would show up well.
  • Let your creativity be your guide on how you decorate your customized package!


Yarn Candy Cane and Button Toppers

These whimsical yarn toppers are super easy to make and really add Christmas cheer and pop to any size of package.


Supplies For Yarn Candy Cane and Button Toppers

  • Red and White Yarn
  • Red and White Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue sticks

Directions For Yarn Candy Cane and Button Toppers

These yarn toppers are pure whimsical joy and easy to make too. 
  • Twist strands of red and white yarn together to make a swirl effect.
  • You can make them in any shape you like, for the circle toppers I added a button to spruce them up a tad bit more.
  • Take a small thread of hot glue in the shape of the circle or candy cane and press the twisted yarn down to stick.

Buttons, Bows and  Cookie Cutter Topper

I am wrapping up this post with a sweet and simple gift wrapping idea for the baker in your life.
What baker can resist a snowflake cookie cutter topper attached to non-traditional colorful ribbon.
Keeping the wrapping itself neutral so that the ribbon and cookie cutter pop!


Supplies For Button, Bows and Cookie Cutter Topper

  • Ribbon of choice
  • Buttons
  • Snowflake Cookie Cutter 
  • Neutral tissue paper
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Directions For Button and Bows Cookie Cutter Topper

  • Wrap multi-colored ribbon around package and make a simple bow.
  • Hot glue buttons on ribbon
  • Attach cookie cutter to ribbon

Supply List for Creative Ways to Gift Wrap

Please drop by and say Hi to these talented and creative Makers!



Hannah From Baggott Farmhouse


Thank you for joining me today !


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  1. Jemma, all of your gift wrapping ideas are so cute and adorable! Anyone would love getting a present wrapped like anyone of these! I especially love the yarn Christmas gift topper! It is quite unique!

  2. Love these ideas Jemma! So much inspiration.

  3. Oh, these are all great ideas, Jemma. I like the Christmas tree, and the candy cane is so cute also. Using yarn is always a pretty way to decorate presents. I think the girls would like that chalkboard design idea. They are always creating holiday photos on their chalkboards. The snowflake cookie cutter is a cute idea, especially for the bakers in the family. My dear mother passed down her tradition to me for wrapping presents. She used to put a big BLACK initial on her children's presents, and when I woke up Christmas morning, I was so excited to see the presents with a big S. I still continue to do this tradition, but maybe I'll add some extra bows and yarn as you have shown so creatively here. Thank you for all your inspirational posts, dear Jemma. It's such a wonderful time of year. : )


    1. Oh Sheri, thank you for sharing these sweet and tender stories of your traditions and memories. This time of the year is truly a time to give and thanks to our Dear Lord!

  4. I love how each one turned out! So beautiful and creative!


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