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Flowers Are The Catalyst

June 10, 2022

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope this note finds you doing very well and embracing all those things in life that fill your cup with calmness, joy and hope.

This is the season of flowers, which truly is the catalyst for igniting my creative passion and perhaps yours too.

I welcome you to join me as I share weekly snippets of  creativty, gardening thoughts, recipes and such through photography and writing.


This is my favorite season of all!
I marvel at the intricate workings of soil and seeds as mother nature awesomely transforms each tiny tot into hardy plants that produce colorful and intricate designed flowers fit for a Queen!
Seemingly sleepy seedlings sprout gloriously fast and stretch their stalks with vigor and fervor.


As I tend to the gardens I can't help but think how these Frilled and feathered hollyhocks are like princesses dressed for a fine ball with blooming crowns of  glory effortlessly begging.

 "Pick me, pick me!"


Wild Sunflowers picked and bundled on evening walks.


Even the smallest of hands are beckoned to blooming beauties that line a country road.


Oh and then there are the mesmerizing hydrangeas that leap from a deep Winter sleep to vibrant and exotic shades of pink and blue.



Rich sunsets that close my gardening days with serenity and a true sense of well being and a very thankful heart.

Wishing you well,


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  1. Hello Jemma, I remember this is your favorite season, when all flowers are blooming abundantly. Oh, those sweet wild sunflowers that you pick and bundle up on your walks. And the hydrangeas are so pretty. I especially like the purples and blues. Nel has a big purple hydrangea bush in her front yard. I love that last photo of your garden with the sun shining down on it. And the picture of the little one is precious. I hope the Summer days bring you goodness from all sides, dear Jemma. So good to see a post from you again.


    1. Hello Dear Sheri, it has been quite awhile since I posted. Thank you for the warm welcome back. I do enjoy sharing the season of Summer blooms with my friends.

  2. Beautiful. I agree sunset and sunrises feed my soul. I love your hollyhocks. They are grand flowers. Is it true they take two years to bloom?

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Yes, it is true it takes 2 years for Hollyhocks to have consistent and abundant blooms.

  3. This is beautiful and love these words: true sense of well-being and a very thankful heart. I'm really looking forward to working with the soil again and I'm loving how you created looks like mound walls around your planting. I want to know more about that. Our soil is going to be sandy, and it's never been worked so I'm trying to figure out how to move forward for next spring.

    1. Thank you Carole. I am my best self when I am with nature and participating in the seasons of the earth.


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