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A Farm Tale For A Gentle Christmas

December 16, 2019

December 16, 2019

Hello Dear Friends, how is the month of December treating you, I do hope very gently, tenderly and that you aren’t under too much stress.
The Holidays are often a roller coaster ride of emotion, both good and not so good.
My hope for you today is that you will sit back, relax and enjoy this Farmhouse Tale and a few photos of our 2019 Colorado Christmas Home.

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Mother, Father, Sandra and I were farmers living the American dream among the towering Cottonwoods, waving stalks of golden wheat fields in a gentle valley along the snake river in Southeastern Idaho. The rich farm land, trudging prehistoric looking grain combines and Mother's vegetable garden seemed to provide a thick insulation from the political unrest in the early 60’s.

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News of the outside world came via to us through two modes of technology; radio and television.
On Mother's yellow Kitchen counter top sat a rectangular blue radio with a long brown cord that swirled about on the cabinets. Crackly voices blaring out commodity prices and fading melodies sung by Frank Sinatra and Patsy Cline combined with Mother's voice hummed cheerfully throughout the day. 

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 Of course just like most of middle America, we had our faithful black and white RCA television.
She sat with a certain amount of authority and rather impatiently on 4 slim yet sturdy legs in the West corner of our living room. 

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Ms. RCA was framed by vibrant red and green drapes, and remained there all day long with a blank look on her screen while she waited anxiously to be turned on at 
four-o-clock where I would watch Lassie, Rin- Tin- Tin, and Felix The Cat.

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Ms. RCA caused us little trouble, it was the crooked metal Television antenna attached to the roof that caused the most trouble in our television viewing.
Quite often the antenna would spin and twist, with no known cause. When that happened Ms. RCA would make offensive sounds and her screen would go fuzzy and often times blank.

Naturally Dad would mutter that he’d have to get up on the roof if the “darn,” antenna kept spinning, and yet I never remember him doing so. So perhaps this balky yet fabulous technical gadget righted itself and continued to bring the outside world into our protected nest on the Farm.

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Family conversations around our yellow kitchen table generally consisted of speculation on farm prices, weather, crop insurance and machinery parts. 
Mother sharing updates on her sewing, quilting, canning and upcoming Church news. My parents framed my life with love, security, hope, farming and making.

The news I received was filtered and protected information that my Parents mindfully shared.  So even though Ms. RCA brought in the Nightly News, the news in our home was relevant to our lives.
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Consequently, this method of managing conversations, thoughts, emotions and what I select to see, hear, think and speak continue to be a useful tool.
I really hope I never loose sight of the importance of living mindfully and thoughtfully.

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Just like everyone else, I have at times, let my thoughts get the better of me and having been there I know for a fact it did not improve my disposition or situation.
However, when I reflect on the strength of my parents and how they chose to share carefully, I feel empowered and I hope that this Farm Tale along with my festive Christmas Tour will leave you feeling more relaxed and empowered too. 

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Am I burying my head in the sand? Am I living in Candy Cane Land?
Not at all, I am choosing how to frame the world I live in.
I firmly believe we become what we think and we have the power to wire our minds to think well, healthy and mindfully.

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Friends, the Holiday Season is here so if you are feeling the pressure of it all, 
I encourage you to not believe everything you hear, read or think.

Fine tune your own antenna by shifting a little this way or that way and sift through the information that you are receiving internally and externally. Surround yourself with your Tribe.
Take a deep breathe, go for a walk, listen to music, bake, craft, read, garden, swim whatever it is that soothes you. Then make the determination on what works best for you and your trusted inner-circle of friends and family.

Be Good To Yourself For Goodness Sake!

Life is Sweet and so are you!

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Reading is always a good practice for positive thinking.

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  1. This is a beautiful post. It is gentle and kind and I think the world can always use more of that. Your storytelling is so detailed. I can see the farm in my mind! What a nest of security! We should all be so lucky to experience or create that in our lives.

    Love the yellow in the kitchen. We had that too! It was my Mother’s favorite! Gentle and loving Christmas to you & yours, my dear friend.

  2. What a wonderful post! Memories are so important and I do also cherish my past memories and think about them often

  3. I love that story of your simple farm life as a child, Jemma! Your home looks wonderful - what a gorgeous tree!!!

  4. This was so good and the closing is simply awesome. Beautiful pictures too and you have to be the best home maker ever. Jemma you have a great soul... Here's to wishing you a Merry Christmas and being real... Hugs!

  5. Jemma, this is such a heartwarming post. I loved reading of your life growing up. It is so similar to mine, except my Dad wasn’t a farmer, but a letter carrier. Your vivid descriptions made me feel like I was there. Your home is dressed so beautifully for Christmas. Everything include the tree is stunning. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories. Wishing you the most joyous Christmas Season my friend!❤️

  6. Hi Jemma, I loved reading about your childhood memories in Idaho. Your home looks lovely decked out in holiday decor. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

  7. So beautifully written Jemma. Thank you for sharing a piece of your childhood and all the wonderful memories. P.S You antennae story made me smile. Ours did the same

  8. A beautiful tale Jemma. childhood stories and memories are the best. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous. Happy holidays and a bright new year. Xo

  9. Jemma, this is a wonderful post. Visually stunning -- I love your holiday home and all the vignettes, your elf wreath and of course your dazzling tree. But equally dazzling are your words, so thought provoking and honest and well worth remembering, each and every one. I send you a glorious Merry Christmas and so many wishes for the new year! (And by the way, my dad -- a Ham radio operator -- spent so much time one the roof with his antennas, one time my mom stood in the yard and yelled, "Kendal, you come down! You have responsibilities!")

  10. Dear Jemma, first of all, I have to ask you where you got the "be good for goodness sake." I kept smiling every time I saw that in your post, I love it. Your home is so charming, and it just made me have a good feeling when I was reading along at your story of your mother and father and the old blue radio and the black and white television. I love how you add red in your Christmas d├ęcor. It's such a beautiful and vibrant color for the season. It reminds me of beautiful and vibrant YOU. Your little pom pom elf wreath caught my eye too, that's darling. I do think your parents left so many wonderful things behind, and they were such grand role models. Your Christmas tree is so pretty, and I am lovin' that red plaid throw. Everything looks so cozy and nice. I must come back and see it again before Christmas.

    Have a wonderful week, Jemma. Stay warm and cozy in your Colorado surroundings. : )


  11. Hello Sweet Jemma. Your home looks so beautiful for the holiday. Sweetness, kindness and caring should be about this time of year. It is about gift sharing, food sharing and gathering but it should be done in a soft and reasonable way so everyone enjoys. Loved that message in your post. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and lets see what 2020 brings for all of us. Hope it will be health, happiness and lots of new adventures.

  12. Jemma, not only is this a farm tale, but it is a good farm lesson. Your mindful living and reflections are duly noted. Thank you for sharing this and your beautiful home in Christmas style. Merry Christmas and may you be richly blessed in the new year.

  13. Good morning dearest Jemma!

    You brought back many memories for me such as FELIX THE CAT! Oh you and I are about the same age, so we both remember that era of feeling secure, thanks to our home life, in a world that was not sure where it was going. Today, it's no different; the world is changing once again and if we only look outward at the negative, the future could be very doubtful. However, thanks to our mindsets formed by our faith and the love we create AT HOME, we can do this. Happy holidays to you dearest and most beautiful friend.


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