Holiday Homemaking Tips and Creating A Family Friendly Charcuterie Board

December 04, 2019
Hi Friends! Today Dave and I are just driving home after finishing up our marathon 3000 mile plus drive from Colorado to North Carolina and then on to Mississippi. Whew...we are tired!
We so enjoyed our Southern family time so very much! So today, I am wondering what you are all up to? Finishing up decorating, Christmas shopping... All of this wondering has lead me to this blog post. I thought I'd share with you a few tips on Homemaking. These tips truly do help to simplify the Holiday season. Today I am also adding a little DIY  Family Friendly charcuterie board!

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Charcuterie Board includes olives, nuts, cheese, crackers, pickles, meats and jams.

Successful Holiday Hosting Is Planning
As we begin to visualize, plan and implement a Holiday event it can easily become overwhelming and lead to anxiety. Whether it is a cookie exchange, luncheon, Christmas Eve dinner or your favorite friends and a play date. I have been there friends and I still am, when I don't plan and prepare in advance.
I recently hosted our Bunco group and realized how overwhelmed I was beginning to feel. So, I called upon my inner self. I reminded myself of my 40 years of experience, got out my pen and paper and began the first step in successful hosting and that is planning.

Bake pies ahead of time and freeze.
Holiday Homemaking Tip #1
*Did you know that when we plan ahead our homemaking skills appear effortless and that is exactly what we are going for.*
 After all as homemakers, we are the hot glue that holds the household together! You know I love my glue gun:)

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Always include Fresh Flowers in Table top Decorating. Carnations and Baby's Breath are always an economical and showstopper choice.
Holiday Homemaking Tip #2
*Planning during the Holidays is extra important. Keep a running grocery list a minimum of 3 weeks out. I keep a notebook and a pen in a Kitchen drawer. Usually the one that holds the foil and sandwich bags. I write down groceries that I will need, decorations, any special order items that I  know I will need.*

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Add Cute Accessories to a Holiday Tables To Elevate The Experience

Charcuterie Board
I love a charcuterie board! However whenever I look at all the fancy ones, I feel as though they are out of my league. But boy was I wrong.
We do what we can do and we enjoy it!
If we want to go all out then we should, but if we want to keep it simple and cute, we should do that too! If you would like to click on the link above you will be redirected to definitions and guidelines for creating a true French Charcuterie Board.

Wood Board, Serving Board, Christmas Board, At Home With Jemma
Charcuterie Boards Come in All shapes, sizes, materials and prices. You can also use a cutting board!

Holiday Homemaking Tip #Three
*Stock up on baking supplies while they are on sale; flour, sugar, butter, spices. *

Make Cookies Look Extra Special By Placing Them On A Cake Plate and Adding A Paper Doily. Short On Sprinkles? Use what you have in your cupboard!

What Type Of Board To Use For Use For A Charcuterie Board?

 A charcuterie board can be wood, slate, marble, metal. This board came from good old Target.

Typically a charcuterie board will include a variety of crackers, toast, fruit, spreads, jams.Selections of meats such as salami, sausages, ham, duck, goose. Pates, spreads and cheese. Something salty such as pickles, olives and a variety of nuts.

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Holiday Homemaking Tip #4
*Maintaining Sanity- Calendars are our best friends and essential to planning, organizing, schedule keeping and knowing when and where we and our families are supposed to be! I keep a calendar in my purse, on my desk, in the laundry room and in the kitchen.*

athomewithjemma, Holiday, Table
Dress up The Holiday Table with Chargers and Polka Dot Plates

A Charcuterie Board Is Finger Food

However, I daresay that for most homemakers we truly enjoy creating a personalized version of a charcuterie board and one that we know our guests will truly enjoy and actually eat.
I want to see fingers and hands diving into the food I have prepared and I am pretty sure you do too.
So whether you are 6 or 106 most everyone enjoys finger food and that is exactly what a charcuterie board entails.

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Holiday Homemaking Tip #Five
*Little folks love, love to help. Whether you are the Mama, Papa, Auntie, Uncle or the Grandparents schedule several hours throughout the Holidays for the little's to dive into the thick of Holiday baking and making! Oh it's so fun! By doing this you will be able to enjoy the one on one time and create those very special memories too.*

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Thankful for Family

This year we spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina with our youngest daughter, Rebecca and her family. Rebecca is a young Mother and she chose to make her charcuterie board child friendly, after-all she does have 3 children under the age of 6. Not only did the grands love the food they helped in the preparation.
One of our family values is that a house should be a home and the little's should be included too:)

Homemaking, Simply, Holidays, Christmas, athomewithjemma
Use a Holiday Throw instead of a Tablecloth!

Holiday Homemaking is when we as homemakers get to shine!
We've worked all throughout the year fine tuning our skills, even though we may not even realize it. Staying organized will help soothe the worry and angst and help us to enjoy this most remarkable season.
I will share this with you, after all of these years of homemaking I just don't believe that we should allow our sparkle to be dulled by anxiety and worry. Been there done that, and there was no earthly reason why I did.
No meal will be perfect, no package will be wrapped "just right," But we do have the opportunity to give the gift of loving each person we meet just as they are!

Homemaking, tips, Holiday, athomewithjemma

Remember YOU are sweet and so is life!


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  1. I like Charcuterie Boards …
    Lovely post and great photographs.

    Happy December Wishes

    All the best Jan

    1. Charcuterie Boards are wonderful, aren't they! So easy to customize too. Thanks so much Jan and Happy December wishes to you too.

  2. I love a good charcuterie board, and at times we will have that for dinner rather than cooking a 'proper' meal....we even eat it in the living room in front of the tv, which we nearly never do!!

    1. Yummm! Thank you for sharing this wonderful way to incorporate a Charcuterie Board into daily living. I will tell you this much, we are going to do this many times over the Holidays and beyond! Thanks Debbie!

  3. Great Tips Jemma. I keep paper and pen close by. My mercy I have been know to get up in the middle of the night to write something down in fear I would forget it if I waited. LOL! I too like to plan ahead to save time. I love the simplicity of the Charcuterie boards and have honestly found...ANYTHING works and we don't have to pay out of our league as you said. Don't we all love finger foods? YUM! And girl, you took the words right out of my mouth! NOTHING has to be perfect! Hugs and blessings to you. Cindy

    1. Hey Cindy!
      I just wish I hadn't been intimidated by a Characuterie board in my younger years. I'd look at them and think oh dear, they are so fancy. Boy you are entirely right we don't have to break the bank to create one that our family will love. Create what you love, with the people you love!

  4. A delightful post, Jemma, and the best part is that you are writing it and we get to see you blog again! You are always, always missed!

  5. Wonderful suggestions and reminders, Jemma! Thank you so much for sharing! Merry Christmas to you!

  6. I love that Charcuterie board and especially what it says, Jemma. So many wonderful ideas on here today. And those red carnations, one of my favorite flowers. Their scent is so nice. What a lovely Thanksgiving you had with your daughter, Rebecca. I love that name, as it was my Mother's. : ) The dish looks so Yummy next to the orange pumpkin. Your grandchildren are darling in their matching jammies. It sounds like you are enjoying this beautiful and special Christmas season. I am savoring it myself. : )

    Your post has given me some ideas for when I go out shopping today. Jess loves wooden boards to use in her kitchen. : )


  7. The board is beautiful. Love seeing the littles in their jammies. Adorable.

  8. JEMMA!!! I am finally here. I am reminded of my first love: HOMEMAKING. Since working as a full time teacher, the more and more or rather I should say, the less and less I cook and entertain. I'm just too worn out to plan the kind of dinner parties and get-togethers I used to do. However, seeing YOU back again on the blogging scene and sharing your warm and homey ideas is such a treat my friend. Many hugs and wishes to you and all of these fine ladies here for a sensational holiday with the loved ones!

  9. Finally found the time to sit down and read this and I'm so glad I did. So heart warming with every tip. Jemma you get it right everytime.


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