How To Host a Themed Let's Pawty Birthday

November 05, 2021

I recently made my ritual October pilgrimage to visit my darling daughter and her family in Florida. 

We began this yearly tradition to celebrate two Birthdays and Halloween about ten years ago when my daughter first moved to Oklahoma.

Many aspects of life have changed since then, but gathering together as a family and celebrating the joys and milestones of life together has not! 

Today I am delighted to share my granddaughter's Let' Pawty Birthday Party!


Rebecca has always enjoyed hosting party's for her family and friends.

In fact one year she threw a surprise Birthday Party for me at one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas.

Another year  she hosted a Donut Grow Up Birthday Party.

But for today let's take a closer look at these pawty essentials that are perfectly suited to fill anyone's party space.


Plenty of paw print balloons, bunting banners, adoption papers and sweet fuzzy puppies looking for a home make this pawty oodles of fun.

Puppy Adoption Supply List


Supply List For DIY Let's Pawty


Lot's of vibrant color makes this pawty stand out even more. 
By adding jars of colorful snacks and finger foods for youngsters makes for an overload of cuteness too!
These marshmallow twists were a major hit with kiddos and parents too!

Make certain to have assorted markers to fill out the adoption papers, we don't want any puppies left behind!


You can never have too much cake or for that matter too much puppy cake!

Rebecca went with a custom made puppy cake and cupcakes from Publix

Their prices are reasonable and their bakery is fabulous!


Naturally little Brother (Easton) was in the middle of all of the fabulous fun!


Every party needs a craft and I really think that an old fashioned pipe cleaner and bead craft fit the bill for the variety of ages that attended Kennedy's fifth Birthday party.
Each guest made a customized puppy collar using pipe cleaners and beads.

Supplies For Customized Puppy Collar


The party was set for noon so that way all of the party goers came with an appetite.
All of the food preparation was done in the morning.

What To Serve At A Let's Pawty Birthday

We made ham and turkey sandwiches on butter croissants, had a fruit and veggie tray, pickles, condiments, and paw shaped "Cheetos," served in a puppy bowl.

Pretzel sticks were drizzled in melted candy bark.


Let's- Pawty- Birthday-themed-puppy-children-ideas

Pretzel sticks drizzled with candy bark are truly the bomb!
For idea zing and fun sprinkle with edible glitter.



Kennedy is in the middle of this photo surrounded by big sister Molly and little brother Easton.


Mimi( thats me!) helping Easton with his puppy!


Birthday-Party-Puppy-themed-diy-how-to kids-children

Happy Birthday Kennedy! Mimi and Gramps Love YOU!


Thank you for joining me today as we celebrate the blessings of family!


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