Donut Grow Up Birthday Party

November 13, 2017
Good Morning Friends and welcome to a "Donut" Grown Up Birthday Party. A super fun birthday party perfect for celebrating the sweet youngsters in your life. This party can easily be customized into a Donut Grow Old Birthday Party too. Don't you think that would be a fun gathering to celebrate girlfriends.

Who could resist coffee and donuts.

Birthday, Party, Celebration
Donut Grow Old Birthday Party

It is hard to believe that we are celebrating Kennedy's first birthday. It really was just a little over a year ago that we celebrated the soon to be arrival of Kennedy with a Woodland Baby Shower. How time flies. You can see Baby shower post by clicking on the link.

Baby, Shower
Woodland Baby Shower

Seven Fabulous Reasons To Host A Donut Birthday Party

  • Minimal set up time and clean up time.
  • Variety of themes for Donut party. (Donut move, Donut grow old, Donut be unhappy) I am sure you can think even think of more.
  •  Donuts can be purchased the day before to cut down on prep-time. (Tip) Keep donuts at room temperature-prevents frosting from become drippy.
  • Colorful and fun accessories.
  • Donuts are not messy.
  • Great morning themed party. (Dads and Grandpas like donuts too!)
  • Colorful and morning light for great photos.
  • Everyone is well rested and at their best.

donuts, frosted, pink, white
Assorted Donuts For Colorful Party

The Party Table

  • Keep your party table super colorful and interesting by layering.
  • Begin with a sprinkles tablecloth add on a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of serving dishes. 
  • Next up a glitter number, letter or saying to the mix.

I have a variety of letters and numbers in my shop and will custom make them too. A few wooden donuts and don't forget the paper pompom's!

donut, cake, birthday
For an added focal point include a Donut shaped Cake.

It never occurred to me that cakes can be made to look like donuts, I need to get with it!
I just love this cute little chocolate Donut shaped Birthday cake, it was Kennedy's smash cake and she had super time squishing it between her fingers.

Birthday, party, table, dount
Birthday party table and sprinkles table cloth

I hope this Donut Grow Birthday Party inspired you as much as it did me.

Up next this week-Pom Pom Wreath

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  1. Good Morning Jemma. This is awesome. I have my annual Girlfriend Charity Christmas Party and this year I am doing a donut theme for my desserts. Who doesn't love donuts and how festive and pretty they can be.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  2. Hi Jemma,

    This looks so fun and festive. What a great idea! Everyone loves donuts and your play on the word is precious!

  3. Oh, how delightful, colorful, and fun!! Who would have thought of such a thing? You, of course! You are so creative and make this place such a happy, joy-filled spot to visit! God bless you and your sweet, little Kennedy!!

  4. So adorable! I love it!

  5. I love the ambiguity of that saying Donut Grow Up! What a great theme, and how fun celebrating Kennedy's first birthday! I have a great niece who will be celebrating her 1st this month too. So sweet.

  6. This is so cute! And it's a great idea. It would be such a fun morning party -- you're right about that! I love all the colors -- it has charm and life and love!

  7. This is so darling! After I saw photos of your party on Instagram, I spotted doughnut decorations in Target. I'm definitely going to remember this theme. :)

  8. Very cute idea! I still have little ones around that would love a Donut party! So easy too.

  9. Well how cute is that? And so creative!

    (I love Kennedy’s name btw.)


  10. Oh my goodness! What a fun theme for a birthday party (or all the other ideas). Too cute and who doesn't like donuts? :)

  11. Your posts are always colorful and happy, great theme for a birthday! I want a donut party too! Hugs Maria

  12. This looks like it was soooo much fun. Who says we have to have boring cakes?

  13. This is a wonderful birthday celebration, and I LOVE DOUGHNUTS! I try not to eat them that often, but I can't help myself sometimes. There's nothing like a doughnut with a hot cup of coffee. : ) The pink doughnut shaped cake is delightful. Happy Birthday Kennedy!



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