Cinderella's Carriage and Neutral Pumpkin Vignette

September 27, 2021

Who can resist the tale of Cinderella and her golden carriage? I know I cannot!

The story line is simply too enchanting to resist. Cinderella's dreams come true with the help of a few mice friends and her fairy Godmother.

 A tap of a wand and a simple pumpkin is magically turned into a beautiful carriage so Cinderella is able to attend the ball.

I am keeping this whimsical enchantment alive in our entry by creating a soft, neutral and simple Cinderella Carriage and Pumpkin Vignette on a well loved family heirloom-my Grandmother's Vintage Dresser.


I have always enjoyed combining gold, ivory, gray and natural wood. 
These hues are easy on the eye, mind and soul and complement one another beautifully.
Pairing metallic gold (which falls on the warm side of the color wheel) with warm deep-tone neutrals such as gray, rich olive green and dark tan or beige creates a pleasing palette. 

How To Create a Neutral Pumpkin Vignette


While I certainly do enjoy pops of color all throughout my home (I will be sharing more Fall vignettes with a definite color theme throughout the season.) I went with a tad bit of neutral and classic charm for our entry.

The gold carriage and lamp brighten this neutral and nature inspired color themed Vignette that will easily take me all the way through Thanksgiving with some minor tweaking.


Keeping Cinderella's Carriage and Pumpkin Vignette hues in calm, neutral and classic colors allows for Cinderella's golden carriage to be the focal point. 

With all of the charming details in this carriage it would have been a sad shame to distract the eye with too much color and too many elements.


These ceramic pumpkins are the sweetest with their little lights that give off the warmest glow. I adore the tear drop cutouts which mirror the tears shed by Cinderella as the clock chimed midnight and she hastily ran down the castle steps loosing her glass slipper.


Cinderella's Carriage and Neutral Pumpkin Vignette is quick, easy and simple to assemble and isn't that a refreshing option in our hurry scurry worry world.

Thank you for joining me today as we celebrate beautiful and wonderful Fall!

May your day be refreshed with the things that please you the most.


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  1. Lovely vignette, Jemma! The coach can be a good heirloom to pass down to granddaughters along with your grandmother's dresser, which must be a real treasure to you. I do love Cinderella pumpkins so her carriage seems fitting for this time of year.

  2. I love your vignette. I had a given my mom a metal pumpkin carriage at one time. Loved it! I did my mantel in a fashion that it will take me through fall and Thanksgiving easily too. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. This is amazing. It is unusual and a nice break from all of the fall colors. It is very sophisticated and yet seasonal! Good job! You are amazing & I love it!!


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