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Planting a Zinnia Garden for Wellbeing

July 19, 2021
Did you know that gardening has wonderful natural health benefits as well as being a rewarding hobby for any age, lifestyle or location.
Gardening truly transcends time and age.
So whether we choose to plant in one container or two, on one acre or many, there is always a way to garden. 
Gardening is such an easy way to incorporate well being into everyday living.
Today I am sharing a short checklist for planting a Zinnia Garden for Wellbeing.

Planting a Zinnia Garden For Wellbeing

As long as I can remember I have always felt such a sense of well being among the leaves, blossoms and nature.
Take me away to the seasons of emerging seedlings and budding blossoms!

Planting a Zinnia Garden For Wellbeing

How To Plant a Wellbeing Zinnia Garden

  1. Know when your last frost date is in your region of the country.
  2. Plant after all danger of frost is gone.
  3. Gather up a variety of colors and heights of zinnia seeds.
  4. Zinnias can be purchased at local garden centers and online resources.
  5. Amend garden soil if necessary.
  6. Plant zinnias in a sunny location. (They love heat and can tolerate dry and poor soil too.)
  7. Plant about 1/4 of inch deep.
  8. Keep seeds moist but not drenched.
  9. Zinnias should begin sprouting in about 5-7 days.
  10. Zinnias should begin blooming in several weeks to about 2 months.
Gardening For Wellbeing

A few zinnia seeds scattered with intention can produce a small of army of blooming delights!

Planting a Zinnia Garden For Wellbeing

Zinnias Beg to be Cut!

  • Cut and Come Again Flower.
  • Zinnias thrive on being cut.
  • The more they are cut the more they bloom!
  • Long seasonal blooms.

Planting a Zinnia Garden for Wellbeing

Vase Life Of a Zinnia Bouquet.

Many varieties will last from 5 to 10 days. 
For my home bouquets, I change the water every few days and clip the ends of the zinnia stems to increase their vase longevity. 

Planting a Zinnia Garden for Wellbeing

With zinnia flowers being one of the easiest annuals I truly believe everyone should have a few in their gardens!
Zinnias are happy, showy, bright and delightful flowers and even the Butterflies and Hummingbirds know it too!

Happy Gardening and thanks so much for joining me!

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