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Five Gardening Benefits For Your Body

April 14, 2017
My husband and I recently returned form a rejuvenating trip to Colorado, and even though we were terribly sad to be leaving our Mountain views behind us we were delighted to find our organic veggie and flower garden flourishing and producing.


After hurriedly unpacking my suitcase and starting a load of wash I immediately headed out to the garden to begin weeding and watering. As I was bending, twisting and tugging at those pesky weeds I began thinking of all of the benefits that our garden was providing me.
Today I am super excited to be sharing those five gardening benefits with you!


The simple act of gardening has so many physical and mental benefits. Gardening provides moderate exercise that can take us right from our twenties and well into our eighties. Want to reduce anxiety, tension and stress just try spending an afternoon cultivating, weeding or watering your garden.
So whether you garden on your patio,in containers,a community garden or in your own backyard you are about to be amazed at the marvelous, wonderful and incredible benefits your body is receiving!
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Gardening Benefit  # 1
Create  A Positive Change.
Did you know that Gardening for just 30 minutes a week lowers cortisol levels and improves our moods.
Seems that nurturing a plant helps promote well-being, positive outlooks, reduces heart disease and fights off memory loss.


Gardening Benefit # 2
Increase Your Immunity.

You know those "good" bacteria that we all hear about...well good news they live in our soil.
Those little organisms are called Mycobacterium vaccae and we absorb them when we are working in our gardens by breathing them in and we ingest them when we eat our veggies.
These working bacteria have the potential to alleviate asthma, psoriasis and allergy symptoms.
(These bacteria might even make us happier and smarter!)
Healing Landscapes

Gardening-Dahlia- organic-sleeping-better-Jemma

Gardening Benefit # 3
Sleep Better.

I don't know about you, but for me there are times that sleep can be very elusive.
Tending to the garden can truly help aid in better sleep. Physical activity is tiring, but even more than that, that sense of well being gained from gardening can really help us to have sweet dreams!


Gardening Benefit # 4
Healthier Diet.

Once you experience the joy, satisfaction and healthy eating from growing your own food, you'll never turn back to eating any other way.
From garden to table is the freshest, healthiest and one of the most rewarding ways to bring excitement to food.
"When you grow it, you own it." That's my Motto. We are what we eat...

Grow your Own and Create a Legacy-Jemma

Gardening Benefit # 5
Gardening Is Good For All Ages.

Gardening transcends age and helps to create meaningful family connections.
Whether you are a young Mother or a Grandmother gardening with your family and children or grandchildren is a fabulous way to ditch the electronics and get back to nature. Not only do the kids learn concepts from gardening they also see first hand how to take care of our planet.
"Grow your own food and create a legacy."  ~Jemma Olson


Stay healthy and plant something wonderful, beautiful and maybe even edible this weekend!



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  1. What a great post, Jemma! I like your thinking. We all need exercise and I completely agree that gardening is so good for your soul. I always feel such a sense of calm when I'm out working. One more benefit...Vitamin D! We all need it. :)

    1. There is nothing quite as rewarding as tending to the garden and you are right about that good old fashioned way to get a natural dose of vitamin C!

  2. I enjoyed this and number 5 speaks volumes.. I honestly believe all those years at my grandma's house learning how to garden among other things is why I have such a passion for growing. I'm already making plans for my new garden, raised beds are built and ready to be delivered to the new property. Oh and number 2 - I love the scent of good soil... I will always be that freak who asks "can I smell your soil?"

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Carole,
      You and I share that childhood gardening experience and it stuck with us. Now you will pass that on to your Tiny Home Community too.
      I suspected that you would be all ready to plant on your new place:)
      The scent of good soil is like perfume to me too!

  3. Great post Jemma . We love to tinker in our little garden as my man calls it . We just ate the last of our fresh collards last night . I've got a few veggies planted and hoping to see something sprout from the ground before long . Happy Easter dear friend . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

    1. Well if my husband was reading this right now he would be thrilled over your collard green patch. I need to check in with you on a good way to cook those greens.
      Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Fabulous post. I love gardening as well. It keeps me happy and centered and also it's a place where I can escape from every day stress. I'm hoping to do a lot of herbs and some veggies again this year now that I am getting my backyard back.

    1. Christine,
      What a fabulous way to put it, centered. I agree it is nearly a form of meditation when we are able to work in our gardens.
      Sounds as though you have some great crops ready to plant.

  5. All really wonderful benefits and good to be reminded of. I'd add that the beauty of it all and the feeling of satisfaction as it begins to bloom or harvest adds to a sense of self accomplishment or self worth/esteem. Sometimes you think, "I can't seem to do ANYTHING!" and within a few weeks you are eating a salad from your garden or arranging some beautiful blooms. "I did that." (With a little help from my friends!)

    1. What a fabulous benefit to include in our list! Yes! Self-esteem. Seems as though a garden is just as forgiving as a faithful pup.
      A garden is for all ages and lifestyles and the benefits just seem to go on and on. Sounds like those friends are mighty fine too:)!

  6. Wonderful post Jemma. Gardening does wonders for people. You have mentioned so many benefits while gardening. There is nothing better than home grown fruits and veggies. I do find it relieves stress while working in the garden. It gets your mind off your worries, while you are doing something very beneficial. Enjoy your lovely garden and be healthy. Xo. Happy Easter to you and your sweet family.

  7. This post makes me wish I had more land! I started a tiny garden last year in a raised bed and loved it. It's so rewarding to see those little seedlings sprout!

    Enjoy your weekend my friend!


  8. I love this!! So true, I definitely sleep better after I've spent the day in the garden, whether it be from complete exhaustion or from doing something I love so much, who cares as long as I get a good night's sleep! :)

  9. I think I read somewhere that digging in the dirt even increases seratonin.

  10. Great tips and all so true! Can't wait to get out in the garden this year!

  11. Truth! I love the work outs that I get working in my garden. It's my therapy too. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  12. This is all true. I feel calmer as soon as I am out in the garden. It is my happy place.

  13. GOOD MORNING happy gardener! Oh Jemma, first of all, I love that shot of the lavender, the second photo of the plant. Beautiful "Bokah" effect! And, welcome home! I know you had a refreshing visit and I hope you will now enjoy more relaxed days ahead as spring truly is coming around. I have to tell you, I wrote a poem last year about mycobacterium vaccae when I learned how the compounds, when entering the bloodstream through the skin, act as serotonin! I am going to be sharing a pared-down version on my Instagram.

    Wishing you a happy Resurrection day and a wondrous time in your garden my dear!

  14. I agree 100%. Gardening is good for mind, body & soul! Happy Easter friend!

  15. Great post and your garden is lovely. I have to wait out the tree pollen before I can get outside and play. and I don't have a green thumb, but I do love getting my hands in the dirt. Meditative, for sure.

  16. All your list is so true. I could stay out in my garden everyday if my hands would hold out. I'm resting my hand today from working too long this week. So much to do and I love it but I've have learned I must take care not to over do.
    The weather is so beautiful it is hard to go inside so now I'm sitting on the porch catching up reading blogs.
    Have a great Easter.

  17. Great post ... and I certainly agree.
    Gardening is so good for all ages, and can be a great pastime to do and enjoy together ...

    All the best Jan

  18. Jemma, I agree--garden therapy is the best! I too, have nights when sleep is elusive and time in the garden is the healthiest sleep aid! Your garden looks beautiful, Friend! Blessings, Cecilia

  19. You know I'm a garden girl and love to garden.

  20. All very good reasons to garden! I'll always love gardening - just being outside and knowing my hard work is going to produce beautiful results are so inspiring! Glad you had a good time in the mountains. Enjoy your garden!

  21. Thanks for sharing! #DIDI
    I'm so excited to start gardening soon. I've started saving my coffee ground for fertilizing, which I have never tried before.

  22. I am yet to buy a house (though currently I'm actively searching), but I already have plans about the garden. I even thought of putting up a vertical one inside the house. All for aesthetic purposes. But reading this makes me more inspired. There's more to it than adding beauty. This is a wonderful and informative read. Thank you!


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