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An Uplifting Christmas Story For My Grandchildren

December 24, 2020

Hello friends it is comforting to be with you during these final hours of this Christmas season. You and I have marched through the twilight hours of 2020 hand in hand. While there have been times when I personally just wanted to sit, sulk and smolder like an old smoke stack, out of the blue I would receive an email, package, call or text from you. 😀

2020 has been the year of Uplifting one another as never before and what a Christmas Story this is. 

Christmas Story, At Home With Jemma

I have always loved a good Christmas Story. As a child I would sit next to my Mom on our yellow and red floral velvet sofa while she would recite Twas the Night Before Christmas or The Little Match Girl. 

As tradition would have it, I write a Christmas Story on my blog ever year. This year I am writing one for my Grandchildren. 

Christmas, story, children, athomewithjemma

My darling Grandchildren,

It is Christmas 2020 and you have just gone through a year like none-other. Certainly like one that I cannot recall and I am old! ( How old...well I won't say.)

There have been many times throughout this year that I just wanted to rent a colorful retro VW bus, fill it full of sweets, gather each and everyone of you up and run away with you to the tallest mountain I could find. I wanted to  keep you safe, protected and away from the world.

But then I saw how you are thriving! You really do have wonderful parents and please remember that when you become a teenager.

story, jemma, Christmas, athomewithjemma

While the naysayers and media would like to convince you and I that America and it's citizens have totally unraveled, I beg to differ.

You and your parents are living examples that this simply isn't true! You have truly made the best of what has been a bad situation, by keeping things in perspective and embracing change.

Of course there are the facts; we sadly have a pandemic and we have lost precious lives, we had an election that has been most disagreeable. 

athomewithjemma, Christmas, Story

However we are America. 
Keeping On.
Doing what we do best.

The American spirit is alive, well, thriving and blossoming, you are all a living example of that and you ignite an energy in me and make me very proud.

We are our neighbors keeper and as the new generation of upcoming young adults, you know that best of all.

Christmas, story, Jemma

I simply adore how you all embrace colorful creativity, new styles, funny anecdotes ( that I often times don't get.)
I love how you spin with joyful glee and how you remind me that being young, old or in between is of little consequence in the scheme of life.
You've got this diversity gig well under control. No shoulda, or coulda and I love this about you.

At Home With Jemma

You and your parents navigate through Virtual Learning! Can you even begin to imagine how bizarre that sounds to me? You do know I did not grow up with a computer.

Truly this sounds like a version of the Jetsons and yet you and your parents adapt, plough and plod through that every school day. 

grandchildren, Christmas, story, athomewithjemma

So rather than view these changes as negative (which I still sort of do, but I am trying, honestly I am!) you rally to the call, just like a stalwart soldier and fight the fight for education!

You and your parents navigated to plan B!


You are brave pioneers in a changing world, let your youthful light shine brightly.

At Home WithJemma

Christmas, Story, athomewithjemma

As your Grandmother I have a couple of things that I'd like to pass on to you about life.
(You know I couldn't write this without adding a little how to..😉)

Always be kind even in your darkest hour, in other words agree to disagree sometimes...but at the same time don't sell out your values.

Think before you speak, and it isn't always easy and your probably won't consistently, but at least try.

Always muster up empathy and attempt to truly see how the other "guy," feels.

Don't believe everything you read or see. Use that keen mind to discern truth from fiction.

Hold on to your dreams no matter how old you are, they are like high octane fuel for the soul.

Be the magic maker in your own life.

Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

You know I love you and your parents to the Moon and back and then some.

But did you know that my generation was the first generation to send a man to the moon?!
July 20th 1969!!

Christmas, hope, love, athomewithjemma

Merry Christmas to my precious family, treasured friends and to you my sweet readers!



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  1. Dear, dear Jemma.I am holding back tears, the rivers of golden memories that I truly cherish about life and all the friends I've encountered along the way. One the one hand, my life is (thankfully) the same: healthy, happy and still plugging away at my dreams. However, on the other hand, adapting and learning how important that is has been presented to me, to all of us, as a gift from God. I always tell my husband that I am grateful that I am living long enough to be able to look back just 10 years ago and acknowledge that I've grown. I pray that if I live another 20+ years, that I can look back on this moment in my life and say, "I've grown so much since 2020." May your children and grandchildren read your words and start their journey with your wisdom as the key to their hearts.

  2. Made my heart sing to read this Jemma. What a blessing you are to your family and especially those sweet grand kiddo's. Your wisdom you share is love, trust and oh so wise. Merry Christmas sweet friend. Let's hope and pray that 2021 will be a better year. Love will overcome hate and we will win the war on this virus and lives will be spared. What a true blessing it is with everyday being here and being healthy to venture forward.
    Happy Happy day today and tomorrow. With love and friendship. Kris

  3. Beautiful.. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Jemma - this was absolutely beautiful - you truly capture the essence of the heart and those grand kiddos are so blessed to have your example to follow.
    See you in 2021 - Merry Christmas and peace be with you...

    Love and Hugs,

  5. If the measure of ones life is how much they are loved, then you have indeed lived a fabulous life my friend. Your family, your values, and your spirit are alive and well and will live on long after you depart this earth

    I wish you many more years of blessings Stay well, stay happy, and above all, stay loving and compassionate ❤️

  6. Loved this so very much. Melted my old heart and what a wonderful treasure you have given to those sweet grands. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I know I am late reading this but gosh, it touches my heart. Thanks for sharing this story. Happy New Year Jenna.

  8. Oh, wow, Jemma, what a lovely message to your grandchildren, and all of us! Wishing you a wonderful 2021!


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