Fall And Floral Dough Bowl Centerpiece

September 08, 2020
My goodness friends, it seems to me that we haven't chatted in such a long time and we seriously do have so much to catch up on. However, for today let's cut to the chase and get busy decorating for Fall!  Today I am going to share my beautiful hand scraped dough bowl all dressed for Fall. I chose to style her with faux pumpkins, succulents, and real living roses, carnations, ferns and other flowers leftover from my beautiful Birthday Bouquet. Mixing these two elements (faux and real) is perfectly acceptable and a great way to up cycle a wilting floral bouquet.


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How To Style A Dough Bowl For Fall

Oh how I love a dough bowl! 

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Dough Bowls Add a Stylish Aesthetic to any Space in our homes!

Dough bowls come in all sizes, styles and shapes and make the ideal decoration for displaying our Fall decorations.
Really, the sky is the limit for filling them with all sorts of beautiful items and special treasures and customizing them for our own particular style.

If you love Farmhouse style you are gonna love my Daughter Rebecca's Farmhouse galvanized dough bowl with white pumpkins!

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If you are like me, you might like to have your dough bowl out for most of the year and you also might just be wondering what to put in it.
Here are some suggestions that I have found helpful.
If you have any more suggestions, please share them in the comment section.

How To Style a Dough Bowl for any Season

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I am just wondering where Summer went, now mind you it is still warm in Southport Florida.
But the mornings are just beautiful and often times there is a beautiful fog bank that rolls around on the lake.
I need to take some photos of that and share them with you all.

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Everyone in our little adorable neighborhood has a wreath on their front door and I am so anxious to see what decorations will be going up for Halloween.

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Did I tell you that I found an awesome ceramic pumpkin at Lowes? 
Well I did and I think it's going to be just perfect all lit up for October. 
I may even add a couple more and put them on our sidewalk.

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Oh, and I have seen some lightening bugs and naturally they delight me.

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I have been decorating our patio table too and sprucing things around the swimming pool.
I can't wait to show you some of the cute little vignettes I've created for this outdoor space.
I even found a beautiful white pumpkin with just a touch of perfectly tasteful seashore beauty added to it.

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Thanks for joining me friends.

Happy Fall decorating!


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  1. Jemma I love this, simple and elegant and the misty lamonium filler flower mixed with the alstro and carnations is one of my favorites. Research that one, I bet you could grow it there. Looking forward to seeing more as you have such a great way of creating a warm and inviting home. It's one of your many amazing gifts...


    1. Hello Carole,
      Thank you so very much. You know how much I value your upbeat view on life and our longtime friendship! I must also thank you for clarifying the flowers in this arrangement. I do know that the florist in your heart is alive and thriving!

  2. Oh Joyce that’s very pretty! I like the mix of flowers and pumpkins! Your neighborhood sounds delightful!

    1. Hello Liz,
      It's a sweet low key neighborhood with a delightful mix of ages. I do love seeing the children riding their bikes and at the same time older folks walking their dogs. There is quite a bit of Southern Charm going on! Thanks so much.

  3. Hello dear Jemma, I am finally getting your recent posts on my side bar.
    Your creative bowl is so nice and festive for Fall. I feel a nip in the air
    and I'm so ready for it. I especially love those orange pumpkins. I would
    love to see all your neighbor's wreaths on their doors. I've always loved
    door wreaths. I'm so happy for you that you're settling in and enjoying
    your new place, Jemma.


    1. Good Afternoon Dear Sheri,
      Thank you for the visit! So sweet of you to stop by and say Hello.
      There is no nip in the air here...at least not yet. But I have acclimated very well and continue to make the most of where I live. This is a sweet Southern neighborhood and I am thankful for our home and to be closer to some of our family.

  4. I like how you’ve styled it! So cute! I have something similar I use a lot on my table, but haven’t used it for the summer. I’m inspired to get it out again and use it!

    1. Hey Deanna!
      Thanks so much. Aren't these dough bowls the most useful decorating gadget ever!

  5. Good morning sweet friend, I am so happy to be at your place on this Wednesday morning. The dough bowl is beautiful and all of the elements work together so well. It says fall will be officially here soon! I love the little vases (??) that your used for your flowers, they add a lovely and graceful touch with your orange pumpkins. BTW, your gallery wall is stunning. Wishing you a joy-filled day in your new home!

  6. Good morning Jemma! This is an area I need work in: styling. I always get nervous when I've bought or gathered all the things I envision in my imagination and I need to style them. I literally get super nervous since I don't know what I'm doing! You always have these effortless-looking designs that say, "HOME." Gorgeous!

  7. Good Morning sweet friend. This is sooooo pretty. Love all the items you picked to make your arrangement. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  8. Love this beautiful centerpiece--elegant but simple. Look forward to seeing more ideas for fall. Saw comments from Carole West. Haven't seen her posts for while. HUGS

  9. I love your dough bowl filled with all your pretty elements.


  10. I love how your dough bowl turned out! Putting a container inside is a wow factor for sure! Rebecca's is so cute as well. Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is 09/14! Love me a good birthday month! Glad you are loving your new Florida life and I'm looking forward to seeing what your neighborhood looks like in the fall. Hope you show us!

  11. Happy to see you seem all settled in, Jemma! The dough bowl is wonderfully styled. They are great for all the reasons you mention. I'm sure fall is a long way in Southport, FL, but you'll be ready when it does come. :)

  12. Love your dough bowl Jemma. I have a very old dough bowl I fixed with a pumpkin centerpiece for my dining room table. Hope to post it next week. It was handed down to me from my grandmother. Her mom. my great-grandmother gave it to her and my great-grandfather carved it. YES....holds so much love! I am glad to hear you are getting settled. Now if us Floridians can just get some cooler weather! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. This is pretty, Jemma. I love the white. I don't have a dough bowl -- and sure wish I did!

  14. Your fall and floral centerpiece looks so pretty on your dining room table. I like how colorful it looks and it's just perfect!

  15. Just beautiful, as always! I love my dough bowls too!

  16. Jemma, I love your dough bowl all decorated for fall. Adding real flowers is a great idea. I have not seen anyone do that and as much as I like flowers I love your idea.
    Have a wonderful day.

  17. Hi Jemma. I love that you mixed flowers with pumpkins. So pretty. I like the softness of the colors too. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Kris


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