DIY Red White and Blue Door Decor

June 10, 2020
Welcome to our creative gathering of Ten on the Tenth.
We are a group of friends and bloggers who share our individual spin on creativity for the home for under Ten dollars on the 10th of each month.
With our theme challenge for June being red, white and blue I wanted to create something Patriotic for our front door in preparation for the 4th of July.
So, I headed to my craft closet and Hobby Lobby and here I am sharing my  DIY Red, White and Blue Door Decor.

DIY Patriotic Door Decor For Ten On The Tenth Challenge At Home With Jemma

I had fun with this challenge for a couple of reasons; one I love the 4th of July, I always have and always will and two, Hobby Lobby is open and they had some great deals on their Spring collection!
I picked up this adorable galvanized rectangular olive basket for $6.00. 

Decorating for the 4th of July with a DIY Galvanized Patriotic Themed Door Decor At Home With Jemma

Knowing my budget was $10.00 I had taken an inventory of my craft supplies before I went to Hobby Lobby. 
I was short on patriotic themed ribbon and I was in need of blue flowers.

Red, White and Blue Door Decor Using flowers, galvanized bucket, ribbon and patriotic embellishments At Home With Jemma

Staying within my thrifty budget was doable with the ribbon being on sale and using my 40% off coupon, which I almost forgot to use, because I hadn't been shopping for sooooo long!
Thank goodness the gal in front of me whipped out her phone to have her coupon scanned.

DIY Thrifty Patriotic Door Decor For The 4th Of July At Home With Jemma

Supplies Needed for Farmhouse Style DIY Red, White and Blue Door Decor

1. One Bunch each of Red and Blue Daisies
2. Patriotic  Ribbon
3. Florist Foam
4. Flag of your Country
5. Patriotic Embellishments
6. Galvanized Rectangular Container
7. Hot glue gun/glue sticks

DIY Farmhouse Door Decor

Easy Farmhouse Style Red, White and Blue Door Decor Using a Galvanized Container

How To Make This DIY Red, White and Blue Door Decor
(Total time for this project is 20 minutes)

This is going to be one of the quickest DIY projects that you will ever make and here you can see the entire LIVE tutorial I did on my Jemma Page, or just keep on reading!

If desired hot glue florist foam into the bottom of galvanized olive basket or simply place into basket.
Cut individual florist stems off of the flower cluster.
Place Flag into the florist foam then insert florist stems and the rest of Patriotic embellishments.
Weave patriotic ribbon around the flowers and patriotic decor.
Hot glue bike onto the front of basket.

Hang on front door!

Ten On The Tenth Challenge Using Red, White and Blue themes for Door Decor At Home With Jemma

Easy, Simple and Fun Handmade Patriotic Door Decor

Now, wasn't that just the easiest, and most economical DIY door decor you've ever made!
Here is one more red, white and blue door decor craft for you too!

DIY American Wreath For A Patriotic 4th Of July At Home With Jemma

For more American Decorating Ideas just hop on over here.

seven simple tips for adding Americana Decor To your Home At Home With Jemma

Thanks so much for joining us all today, we loved having you!
You just visited my Texas friend Carol from Blue Sky Home and saw how she made that awesome
American Flag.

Now you are heading on over to my sweet friend Barbara from French Ethereal where she is sharing 10 inexpensive red, white and blue Summer Decor Ideas.

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  1. Lovely 4th of July decoration, Jemma. The addition of the bicycle is so cute and whimsical. Glad you didn’t forget your coupon!!

  2. What a cute way to welcome your guests and share you patriotism! Isn't it great that HL is open again? I have a friend who has a similar door pail and just swaps out the bouquet by pulling out the foam with flowers attached and storing it for the next year, then she just shoves in the next season's arrangement all in one piece - easy peasy!

  3. I just love red, white and blue all together. Puts a big old smile up on my face, which we all need that, right? I love your door decor. Looks beautiful.

  4. Oh wow! This came out beautiful. I love it.

  5. Good morning darling Jemma! You are getting ready for JULY! Oh I just want June to last longer, however! HOw is your garden doing?I am very thrilled that my rose climber is finally offering more flowers than ever!

    Enjoy your crafting my sweet friend.You always inspire!

  6. OMG love it all. The little bike with the flag piece is so cute. I do not think our Hobby Lobby is open yet. This post made me smile with all your cute creative things in Red White and Blue.
    Big Hugs,

  7. Oh, wow, so creative! You are so talented, Jemma.

  8. That galvanized pail is just perfect for a door and I love how you decorated it. So pretty!

  9. Oh Joyce! I watched you make this on your video last night and I have to say I love it! What a great find in the galvanize bucket/ olive bucket. I'm definetly going to have a Hobby Lobby run in my future. Great job!!!

  10. Super cute Jemma! You are ready for a party!

  11. I never think about decorating for July 4. I'm just lucky to get dinner together! These are so pretty!

  12. This is adorable. I bought that same bicycle ornament. It's very fun for the holiday.

  13. Hi Jemma! I like the patriotic ribbon you found and the other goodies from Hobby Lobby. I don't know why when I go to stores I forget to pick up little supplies for the future ~ guess I don't get to those aisles, lol! Love your sparklers and how you've put all your Americana door hangers and other decorations together!!! <3 Very festive!

    Enjoy your summer decor and have a safe move!
    Barb :)

  14. You are all ready for the 4th of July, Jemma! I love Hobby Lobby, and you can always find what you're looking for there. I like that door wreath that you made with the red, white, and blue flowers. It's simple and very nice. Your straw hat is delightful, Jemma. And the red, white, and blue chair cover is perfect for Summertime. I'm excited this year to be with family and watch Mia do the sparklers on the 4th. I didn't do much in the previous years, so this will be a special one.

    Always enjoy seeing your wonderful projects you're working on, dear friend.



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