7 Easy Ways to Add Americana Decor

June 20, 2016
I think I may have an Americana decorating obsession right now, and quite frankly I 

am not sure why. 

I suppose it is partially because the 4th of July is near, that my home seems to have all the 

right shades to incorporate these vibrant colors and also I am feeling a little nostalgic over 

my country.

Red, white, blue decor for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Patriotic decorating

I am thankful for my country and even though it is not quite the country that I grew up with.

It is where I was born and raised, where my Mom, Dad and all of my children were born.

So naturally I feel so much loyalty to her and how hard she fought to be America.

"The land of the free and the home of the brave." Written by Frances Scott Key in 1814.

Patriotic style, straw hat, red, white bandanna, show your patriotism

I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance, singing God Bless America, and I was and still 

am proud to call it my home sweet home.  

So here we are today with 7 of the easiest ways to add Americana decor to your home.

Decorate with American flags in and around your home to add Patriotism

Memorial day and the 4th of July were big Holidays growing up, and they always, always 

included a picnic, even if we had to eat our fried chicken, potato salad and black olives in 

the car because of inclement weather.

You know, I grew up in Idaho at an elevation near 5,000 feet so we could have snow all the 

way up till the 15th of July .

American decor in our home consisted of Old Glory, red and white checked table cloth and 

napkins and a firecracker or two.

Easy american decor with red, white and blue wreath, pillow, cushion and flower pots

I have taken my decorating roots inherited from my Mom and added a few of mine own to 

create some of the easiest tips for you to add a Patriotic theme to your home inside or out.

If you would like a little more inspiration please visit these previous posts.

Show your red and white blue using mason jars.

DIY Americana Wreath.

Patriotic Desserts

Red and white wreath, American flags, American pillows, flowers, straw hat, faux flowers, bandanna

Here are my 7 easy tips for adding  Americana decor to your home.

1. Add some red and white cushions to indoor or outdoor decor.
2. Toss in an American Flag pillow.
3. Add some American flags to outdoor planters or indoor flower pots.
4. Add a red, white and blue wreath to your door or window.
5. Add a patriotic bandanna to your hat.
6. Add a red, white or blue faux flower to your straw hat.
7. Plant red and white flowers in your garden or decorative pots.

Decorate with red geraniums, petunias, faux red vines, bandanna, straw hat

So fun, so easy and so Americana!


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  1. Hello Jemma, happy 1st day of summer to you! I love the Americana decor and the cute flag pillow. I hope you are staying cool. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. What fun ideas! I like putting little American flags into my baskets and flower arrangements. Happy summer! Hugs!

  3. I too love the Americana colors but then America is the land that I love! Beautiful decor sweet Jemma. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Very east tips to celebrate and honor our most precious country. The flag pillow is great. I do love using flags in floral arrangements too. Love the hat all decked with the faux red flower and bandana. Hope your summer is going great!. XO

  5. Love your Americana decor, Jemma! And your tips make adding it in so easy! I love adding small flags in my flower pots too. Happy first day of (official) Summer!

  6. Good morning Jemma! I finally was able to get into your blog after trying earlier to no avail!

    Happy new week my friend, and enjoy all the decorating that brings you joy! What a good weekend; I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day celebration. I must go check out your previous post that I missed as well! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  7. I also love Americana décor. Really, there's something so special about seeing a flag flapping in the breeze on a sunny, summer day. I love what you have put together, especially the hat.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  8. Your wreath is absolutely outstanding!! Fabulous!

  9. These are wonderful suggestions and I love them because they are also practical.
    Your home and your beautiful photography are such a wonderful backdrop Joyce for everything you share.

    Happy Monday!

  10. It truly is red, white and beautiful.

  11. Just perfect! I will confess that I rarely decorate for the 4th unless we are having company. Not sure why because it's fun!

  12. Your home looks so lovely, Jemma, the tips must be working :-)

  13. I always get in the mood to decorate with a little red, white and blue this time of year. I think it's one of the easiest and least expensive holidays to decorate for. I love your idea of using a bandanna!

  14. Hi Jemma, your home is filled with American pride and so beautifully decorated for the 4th. I'm pulling out my goodies too and stopping by has been an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Have a great new week and Happy Summer! xo

  15. Jemma your sweet heart beats red, white and blue! Wow you are an all America girl filled with patriotic pride! Certainly an inspiration for all of us. Tourism is peak right now in Philadelphia the birthplace of America... My extent of showing our color's is participating in Phillys fun celebrations and displaying our American flag outside and placing a few pitchers of flags on each floor. You rock my friend,

  16. You have outdone yourself, Jemma. Looks great. I like everything.

  17. These are all excellent ideas for a patriotic summer.

  18. We just got our bunting flag hung today...late for flag day but just in time for the 4th of July! I have a vintage Americana wood flag and picture I hang on the porch. I like all of your ideas. I should make a red, white and blue wreath!

  19. Hi Jemma,
    Beautiful ideas and your home will be fabulous for the 4th!
    Have a great week! xo,Tina

  20. I love it! Such beautiful pics that truly reflect the spirit of America!


  21. That my friend was beautiful and I know what you mean about the america you grew up with. I miss it so much. Thank you for this as always your decorating ideas are fantastic but for me it was the message that brought it all together. You've inspired me. This week I'm going to work on a little something, a display that will remind me that america can be great again. Parts of it still is.... there are folks out there that still get it, they're just more difficult to find. So as my husband says you just have to keep sifting.. Enjoying Freedom and american pride is a great thing!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  22. Jemma, I just love that you have sweet memories of your mom and all she did around her house to make it a home. These red, white, and blue ideas are so fun! Your patio cushions are bright and cheerful and perfect for the fourth of July. We also had big block parties growing up; it was the best time as a kid. Then, when we had kids of our own, we continued to have parties at my mom's house. Your wreath is beautiful, and something you can keep out for awhile cause it just looks American.

    So many great ideas on here today, Jemma, thank you. Love that staw hat!


  23. LOVE, Love, love all of this!! I am extremely patriotic and very concerned about this beautiful country right now. I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day in school, always respecting the flag and our military and having prayer in school. I'm so sorry these things are gone in most schools now.

    Your decor is beautiful ~ looks so festive and happy! Enjoy your 4th!


  24. Great decorating ideas for the 4th. Just the prettiest decor up this holiday. Thank you for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party. Love the decor.

  25. Thank you Jemma for sharing your lovely post. I will be featuring it at SYC Thursday! xx Jo


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