Ten On The Tenth Hop| Recycled Mother's Day Watering Can

May 10, 2020
Welcome friends and new subscribers, how blessed I am to have you join me for our once a month 10 on the Tenth creative blog hop
As we enter into another month of Stay Home, I thank you for sticking in here with me. 
This has been a long haul in uncertain times and in order to maintain a positive outlook I have had to guard my mindset through Bible study, prayer, homemaking, gardening and yes crafting!
Today 7 homemakers 😊 are going to be sharing their version of up-cycling things you might just have at home.
I thought that I would share a cheerful and multi-use watering can makeover.

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All of the links to the other Crafty Homemakers are at the end of this post, please stop by and say Hi to them.
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Giving a watering a makeover is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
I am a market gardener who loves a good metal watering can.
Trouble is my watering can is on the brink of rusting out and I just could not bear the thoughts of tossing her out.
Today I’ll show you 5 easy steps on how to paint and stencil a vintage watering can for yourself or for gift giving, home decor or garden decor too!

garden, decor, vase, watering, can, craft, homemaker, decorator.

stencil, watering, can, paint, garden, decor, craft, maker, homemaker

Supplies for Painting and Stenciling A Watering Can

1.       Stencil
2.       Stencil Brushes
3.       Assorted Acrylic Paints
4.       Tape
5.       Paper towels, cup, paper plate, water

paint, watering, can, stencil, craft, easy, simple, garden, decor, maker, homemaker

How to Paint and Stencil Watering Can

Prepare the watering can first by washing well and allowing plenty time for it to dry before applying paint and stenciling. 
I painted my watering can prior to stenciling for a couple of reasons. I wanted the lettering to really stand out and stenciling on paint is easier than stenciling on galvanized metal.
Allow paint to cure over night before stenciling.
(More about that at a later date.)
Tape the stencil to the watering can.
Apply a VERY small of paint to the stencil brush. (Almost like dry brushing).
Remove Tape and stencil from watering can.

paint, stencils, recycle, watering, can, metal, galvanized, decor, homemaking, crafter

I will be giving a LIVE demonstration on how to Paint and Stencil a Vintage Watering Can on my Facebook Page at 2:00 p.m. Friday May 15th.

I hope that you will join me! 😊

recycle, projects, home, easy, simple, metal, galvanized, watering, can, homemaker

Thank you so much for joining us all for 10 on the Tenth and we hope to see you back next month for more Maker inspiration.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of my family and friends and blessings to each and every one of you!


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  1. Jemma your watering can looks wonderful! I love the little details it has. Great job. Happy Mother's day Jemma!

  2. I'm so glad you didn't toss that watering can, Jemma. It's so nice to see it have a new purpose! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Well, this is absolutely adorable! And such a good reminder to be kind to each other in these uncertain times! LOVE it!

  4. What a fun project - there is nothing like a cheery watering can to brighten up the chore of watering plants (I am not a gardener at all and find it all as a challenge to grow anything!!). But I also have a cute watering can!

  5. I LOVE this... so pretty. You do have a way with flowers. Now I just need to find an old watering can to work with. Thanks for such wonderful inspiration!

  6. Jemma, I love stenciling and using a watering can is a wonderful idea. Then you can use it for cute decorating. Happy Mother’s Day sweet friend.

  7. I have an old watering can, so I might just take you up on a redecoration, Jemma. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Happy Mother's Day Jemma- Love the creative vibe of this project. May have to consider something similar for my traveling garden. Would look cute sitting on a shelf in my traveling garden. Which needs my attention so I'm headed outdoors now. Hugs - Carole

  9. So cute. I love gardening to keep my mind off of current events. I love the fun fresh feel to your watering can. Stay safe.

  10. ❤️❤️❤️ Adorable! Love the recycling!

  11. Dearest Jemma, good morning and a belated Mother's Day wish! First of all, the color of the can is PERFECT for this phase of spring for me. Our city is purple! Lovely display my friend, and I wish you a happy, sunny day!

  12. This is just darling, Jemma! I hope your Mother's Day was a very happy one!

  13. Jemma, I LOVE your watering can now!!! It is beautiful as a vase outdoors... <3 I forget about stenciling and how cute anything turns out with a little stencil magic! Great job!!!

    Enjoy your new watering can,
    Barb :)

  14. This is lovely! Wish I were more crafty but I love to at least get ideas just in case:) I'm dropping over from Patti's Pandora's Box and am enjoying all the recycled/upcycled things you ladies are creating. It's wonderful to save things and help the environment. Please drop by my blog if you are ever looking for something new to read!


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